The Vietnamese jeweler used video and link ads to promote its new wedding ring collection, achieving a 3.6X increase in sales.

Huy Thanh Jewelry: Sealing the deal
The online shopping platform used a blend of Facebook products to entice Malaysian shoppers to visit its website, resulting in a leap in online sales and 5X return on ad spend.

HaWooo: Wooing the Malaysian wallet
The Indonesian online fashion retailer used photo and carousel ads to showcase its products, resulting in a 40% growth in online sales.

Berrybenka: Popping up in style
“It’s creativity with technology,” says Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg of the company’s efforts to develop ad products that drive sales.

Why Facebook Is One Of The Most Innovative Companies Of 2017
Vaseline Men Thailand achieved a 21% increase in y-o-y sales by reaching Thais on Facebook outside city centres with video stories. Learn more.

Promoting sun safety countrywide
During Lunar New Year, nearly 9 in 10 Facebook posts were on mobile. Read tips on how businesses can connect with audiences on-the-go this festive season.

Lunar New Year: Family, mobile video and shopping take centre stage on Facebook
Volkswagen Malaysia launched its new Vento model on Facebook with mobile-ready video stories, reaching 7.5 million and achieving a 10-point lift in awareness.

Turbocharged awareness
Whenever it rained, household brand Wipol used weather-based marketing to share messages with Indonesians. See how they achieved a 23-point increase in ad recall.

Winning in the rain
BEAR BRAND Powdered Milk Drink reached Filipino mums in rural and urban areas to raise awareness of its new, better value pack size. The result: 2x sales growth among low income mothers.

A winning formula
Ecommerce brand 11street MY increased sales by 10x when they retargeted customers using dynamic ads on Facebook. Within days, they uploaded 8 million products from their catalogue onto Facebook.

Winning at retargeting
One of Indonesia's largest ecommerce companies re-branded itself on Facebook and Instagram while appealing more to female shoppers, achieving over 57,000 incremental in-app purchases.

Brand-building for increased checkouts
Everyone’s turning to their phones, again and again. Find out how you can turn every unlock into a potential purchase.
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Stop thumbs, drive action and achieve the best results by optimising ad placements across Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network.

Shopping season best practices: Optimise & Win
GO-JEK reached 61 million Indonesians on Facebook and Audience Network to drive mobile app installs on a massive scale. Learn more

GO-JEK: Shifting into high gear
Break through the festive clutter on Facebook by winning at bidding. Learn more.

Festive best practices: Bidding for success
“When we think about video ads and what platform they run on, we really believe that over time the dollars will shift with eyeballs and our goal is to be the best dollar and the best minute people spend measured across channels,” says Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

Video is paying off big time for Facebook
Learn about creative that inspires on Facebook and spurs action on mobile this festive season.

Festive best practices: Cracking out the creative
Read tips on reaching people who matter to your business with Facebook's targeting tools.

Festive best practices: 'Tis the season for targeting
"The economics of retail has been catering to the rule of stores. Everything is organised around large areas where there is a lot of inventory. But the rise of ecommerce is disrupting that and mobile is now becoming the most important touchpoint," shares Nicolas Franchet, Facebook's head of ecommerce global vertical marketing. Read more

Facebook’s mobile pitch to retailers in SEA
McDonald's introduced its new burger to 3 million Malaysians on Facebook through video storytelling capturing the Rio experience. Find out how they achieved an 11-point lift in customer recommendations.

McDonald’s Malaysia: An Olympian burger launch