The World Economic Forum produced a short video about our effort to bring connectivity to the currently unconnected.

The high-resolution settlement layer (HRSL) data is released through Columbia University's Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN): [ Link ]

You can learn more about this project here:

[ Link ]

[ Link ]
Stephenie Ward
ღآسٍْــفيـــٍـنْ إحْنٍـُِـا نَـٍـاِسْ مَجــانًَُِيــــٍنُღ
Adem Yakoubi Yakoubi
Our recent note on cross-country friendships in Europe, which have been growing and display an interesting annual pattern: [ Link ]
Our recent note on crosscountry friendships in Europe which have been growing

Facebook Friendships in Europe
Rene Tra
Bjoern Sjut
Bjoern Sjut