The World Economic Forum produced a short video about our effort to bring connectivity to the currently unconnected.

The high-resolution settlement layer (HRSL) data is released through Columbia University's Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN): [ Link ]

You can learn more about this project here:

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Our recent note on cross-country friendships in Europe, which have been growing and display an interesting annual pattern: [ Link ]

Facebook Friendships in Europe
Our latest collaboration with researchers at UC San Diego and Yale shows that online social interactions are linked to longer life, much as offline social interactions are.

Online social integration is associated with reduced mortality risk
In honor of International Cat Day we researched a few questions about the people who like cats and those like dogs: Who has more friends, cat people or dog people? Who's more likely to be single? What TV shows do we curl up to watch together? [ Link ]

Cat People, Dog People
Data Science + AI + HCI = A more accessible world! We conducted a qualitative study with Cornell University last year to understand blind people's experience online, especially the challenges they have and the strategies they take for interacting with visual content. These findings informed how we designed automatic alternative (alt) text technology that we are releasing today!

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How blind people interact with visual content on social networking sites
Our latest study at the Journal of Labor Economics shows that both strong and weak ties are important to finding a job. Weak ties are important for their quantity, and strong ties for their quality.

How strong and weak ties help you find a job
Do jobs run in families? Are twins more likely than siblings to choose the same profession? [ Link ]

Do jobs run in families?
Our latest study at CSCW shows that when people share more difficult feelings on Facebook using the feeling annotation tool, like "feeling upset" or "feeling frustrated" they get far longer and more supportive comments.

Support when you're feeling blue
Where do friends of Broncos and Panthers fans live? Which team's fans have the most fan friendships? We looked at patterns in the three billion friendships shared by 35 million NFL fans. Happy #FriendsDay and #SuperBowl week!

NFL Fans Friendships on Facebook
How connected are you to everyone else in the world? You've heard of "six degrees of separation"? The average is actually 3.57. Find your own score and read more here.

Three and a half degrees of separation
The Internet's effect on your well-being depends on how you use it. In a new paper, we compare two sets of longitudinal studies fifteen years apart on the effects of Internet use on well-being. In these two very different contexts the results are the same: Talking with close friends online is linked to improvements in well-being while talking to strangers is not. We also discuss some...
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Online or offline: Connecting with close friends improves well-being
Neighborhood "flavors" according to Instagram hashtags. For when you need to find the artisanal hipsters (#saison, #upcycle, #chickens).

Instagram's Neighborhood Flavors
The diversity and unity of India, as reflected in data.

Diversity and Unity of India
Happy 4th of July! For your reading pleasure, a post about how people communicate with their Congressional representatives on Facebook.
Our latest data science research, released today in Science, quantifies exactly how much individuals could be and are exposed to ideologically diverse news and information in social media.

Exposure to Diverse Information on Facebook
Single and secretly wondering which of your friends might be able to introduce you to your future soulmate?

Cupid in your network
Wanna learn about how data science is being used to help cities, governments and non-profit organizations? Read our latest post!