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The Facebook and Instagram content strategy teams are offering undergrad and graduate students 3 opportunities to discover what it's like to shape digital content for people all over the world.

Facebook Content Strategy Fellowship

Learn about content design at webstock from Facebook content strategist Jonathon Colman in a rare full-day workshop! [ Buff.ly Link ]

Workshops • Webstock 2017

Instagram CTO Mike Krieger on the technical details behind Instagram's leap to wide color.

Bringing Wide Color to Instagram

Looking for strategies on how to prioritize work in the new year? Facebook designer Jasmine Friedl gives us four tips on how to do just that.

Getting Work Things in Order

We've designed new tools to help address hoaxes and fake news on Facebook.

News Feed FYI: Addressing Hoaxes and Fake News | Facebook Newsroom

Start prototyping for VR with Facebook's free VR Prototyping Template for Sketch and Unity.

Facebook Design — VR Prototyping Template

The next step in building natural human-machine interactions? Christophe Tauziet on designing hands for VR.

Designing for Hands in VR – Facebook Design

Interested in designing for VR? Maheen Sohail shares her insights from being a VR intern at Facebook.

Becoming a virtual reality designer – Facebook Design

Facebook photos come full circle. Gabriel Valdivia shares design lessons learned from upgrading the panoramic photo.

Design Lessons Learned from Upgrading the Panoramic Photo – Facebook Design

What's it take to design Live 360 videos for Facebook? Stephanie Engle tells us it's about being in the right time and place.

Designing Live 360 videos: Right time, right place – Facebook Design

Announcing new stories and resources from the VR and Immersive Media design team at Facebook.

Facebook Design — VR Resources

Which popular design tools can handle adaptive design? Facebook's Charlie Deets gives us the details.

The Current State of Adaptive Design

Facebook's Cameron Ewing shares an inside look at the company's process for creating personalized films, like the 2016 Year in Review video!

Facebook’s Personalized Year in Review

Watch Facebook VP of Product Design Julie Zhuo talk on how a Facebook Designer thinks, starting with three key questions.

Julie Zhuo: How a Facebook Designer Thinks [Entire Talk] | Stanford eCorner

Facebook Design Manager Christian Palino shares seven practices for building remarkable teams.

Building Team Culture, One Artifact at a Time

We redesigned our Search to solve a complexity problem, learning a few lessons about changing products at scale along the way.

Simplifying Facebook Search

Get an inside look into a design critique at Facebook with our latest post.

A Design Critique with Facebook – Facebook Design

"We hope these insights are useful not only to new enterprise researchers, but also to anyone finding their way in an unfamiliar domain."

Finding Our Way: Four Lessons About Enterprise Research – Elegant Tools

In partnership with Adobe, Facebook's iOS 10 GUI is out now for Adobe XD [ Buff.ly Link ]

Facebook Design — iOS 10 GUI (iPhone)

Introducing Origami Studio — A new tool from Facebook for designing modern interfaces. Get it for free at: [ Buff.ly Link ].

On the design team at Facebook, we think a lot about the tools that we use every day to help us build great products. Our tools inspire us, allow us to dream bigger, and create things that were unimaginable before.

Earlier this year at F8, we announced that we would be...
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Origami Studio — Design Prototyping