Mobile World Congress - Creating a Connected Future: Bravery in Creativity
Mobile World Congress: The Power of Personalisation
Consumers understand the power of mobile. The time is right for businesses to catch up.

Mobile World Congress 2017: Why We've Only Scratched the Surface of Mobile
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#SheMeansBusiness Live
Betsy Harrison started Betsy Boo's Boutique in her basement. Driven by her mother’s legacy, and through her success on Facebook, she now employs 6 other women and is building a 10,000 square foot warehouse. Celebrate #WomensHistoryMonth and other inspiring women like Betsy at
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The IAB Annual Leadership Meeting brings together leaders of the digital world to talk about the most pressing topics in interactive advertising. Many of this year's most discussed topics have been top of mind at Facebook as well.

4 Ways Digital Marketing is Changing in 2017
Facebook Blueprint webinars series: Get the latest Facebook marketing tips and strategies to help take your business to the next level.

Facebook Business
Read about the biggest tech trends to pay attention to this year, and how you can tap into their potential with Facebook.

4 Consumer Electronics Trends that Matter for Marketers in 2017
Businesses can now connect with over 1 billion people through audience network.

Audience Network
Learn tips on how to grow your sales by reconnecting with the people who are more likely to purchase from you—your leads, website visitors and mobile app users.

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CES: C Space Storytelling with Andrew Bosworth
Facebook is the official social media sponsor of #CES2017! Join us live as Facebook’s Brad Smallwood, VP of Marketing Science, discusses the future of people-based measurement and how to drive real business value at the C Space Studio.
Facebook is the official social media sponsor of #CES2017!
Join us live as Facebook's Andrew Bosworth, VP of Ads and Business Platform, and Josh Greenstein, Sony Pictures Entertainment's President of Worldwide Marketing and Distribution, discuss video made for mobile, how that's different than TV and why these learnings helped Sony Pictures see success at the box office in 2016.
Facebook is the official social media sponsor of #CES2017! Join us live as Facebook’s Paul Peterman, US Head of Industry-Tech/Connectivity, Garmin's Carla Meyer, Global Digital Advertising and Social Media Manager, and Starcom Mediavest Group’s Clara Flikstein, SVP Global Strategy, discuss marketing trends in the tech industry, including how to drive real business results on mobile.
Facebook is thrilled to be the official social media sponsor of #CES2017! Join us and experience inspiring presentations and exhibits from the world’s best tech manufacturers and marketers. We’ll be there to help you harness the power of mobile, tell compelling stories with video and drive the most value across our family of apps and services. We’re excited to show you what’s possible!