Happy Senior Living tests concepts for the elderly

As the issue of the ageing population is set to become critical, we have only a vague idea of the future housing preferences and needs of millions of elderly people. The project intends to sound out their housing preferences and experiment with test locations.
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So proud! Our Faculty ranks 3rd in the world on the subject of Architecture and the Built Environment according to the QS ranking.

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Wanna be a part of this great Bouwkunde community in future? See which Bachelor or Master suits you.
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On Tuesday 7 March, the documentary "Betoog & Beton" will be screened at BKCity, Room A, 15.45. The documentary about iconic urban projects and the struggle between the architect, developer and politician. All TU Delft students are welcome to join the screening and the discussing afterwards together with architects, local politicians and developers.

Betoog en Beton Trailer

Regie: Hans Busstra en Marguerite Meijer Productie: Spiegelfilm

Check out the National Archiprix 2017 exhibition at the BK Expo:

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Photo: Parkway Drive, Jan Willem Terlouw
It's not too late!
Today an interesting day filled with lectures, if you are in the neighbourhood, join and start to make a difference today. Architects against Climate Change.

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INTL - It's Not Too Late

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The faculty starts a new MOOC: Urban Design for the Public Good: Dutch Urbanism.

Are you interested to learn a unique Dutch approach to cities and landscapes? This course will broaden your scope and diversify your take on the field. Practice at home with the unique Dutch approach of designing landscapes and cities in response to social and environmental challenges.

Course starts 1 March...
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MOOC: Urban Design for the Public Good: Dutch Urbanism | TU Delft Online

Veel oud studenten van de generatie '80-'90 bij het alumni event. Debat o.l.v. Andrea van Pol over het onderwijs van toen en nu. Keep in touch! [ Bit.ly Link ]
Congratulations to the Master graduates of January and February 2017! Welcome to our alumni community.
PhD candidates Faidra Oikonomopoulou and Telesilla Bristogianni received the Innovation Award from the Society of Façade Engineering for the Crystal Houses in Amsterdam.

‘Fat glass is our baby’

Wanna feel part of the 'Bouwkunde' community? Tune in to the 'pop-up' radio booth of D.B.S.G. Stylos. Providing mental musical support to our students who are working very hard on their deadline this week. Follow the live stream [ Ustream.tv Link ]
ECOWEEK is about education, networking and expanding knowledge, acquiring experience and practical training with a special emphasis on Green Buildings and Sustainable Design.

They organise international conference and sustainable design workshops in cities around the world, bringing together professionals and students of Architecture, Design, Landscape Architecture, and Environmental...
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ECOWEEK in The Netherlands, 2017

The ancient Greeks believed earth, fire, water and air were the basis of all things. Bricks contain these four basic elements and though brickwork can be considered primitive and low tech, its potential is by no means exhausted.

Conquering the tyranny of brickwork

People working together can achieve more than individuals. Columns of light symbolise this in the interactive light installation 'The whole is greater than the sum of its parts' that celebrates TU Delft's 175th anniversary.

Many hands make light work

Check out the 'show-box' exhibition in the Oostserre

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In the neighborhood? Drop by and leave your mark at the D.B.S.G. Stylos pavillion in front of the TU Aula.
Er is de afgelopen tijd hard gewerkt door Bouwkunde studenten aan het paviljoen ter viering van de 175ste verjaardag van de TU Delft. Studenten, medewerkers en iedereen die een kijkje neemt bij het kunstwerk wordt uitgenodigd om een boodschap achter te laten in het kunstwerk. ”Kom kijken en leave you mark!
Friday 13 January the D.B.S.G. Stylos pavilion, build by our students, will be opened in celebration of the TU Delft's 175th birthday! Leave your mark.
Humans of TU Delft

Maura Henkes – Master’s student, Architecture

“A while ago there were a lot of protests in the Netherlands over refugee housing centres because people didn’t want them in their towns. People are always afraid of what they don’t know. Watching the news there was something not right about the living conditions for refugees and I wanted to see if I could do something about...
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