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Small scale mining is a hard, dangerous job with frequent accidents and hazardous chemicals but millions of people have no choice but to take the risk. Often there is little reward for the hard work with middle men taking an unfair share of the profit. Since 2012 Comic Relief has provided funding for a programme working with nine gold mining groups in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania to help them...
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This year's Comic Relief: Red Nose Day t-shirts are made with Fairtrade cotton from Uganda. With the extra funds generated through Fairtrade the farmers who grew the cotton were able to buy first aid kits, personal protective equipment and spray pumps. They also received training in first aid and health and safety.
The t-shirts feature photos by Rankin and there is still time to grab one...
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Grace Simon and her five children are very happy because they don’t have to walk 7km to get water anymore thanks to water fountains funded though Fairtrade. Happy world water day everyone.
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SIGN THE PETITION: tell Liam Fox our post-Brexit trade deals must work for everyone.
Liam Fox is already in trade talks with over ten countries. These new deals could be make or break for millions of farmers and workers in poorer countries who grow the food we love.

Sign our petition | Change trade for good

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Do you think that it's not okay that the people who grow our food are still struggling to make ends meet? You can help to change this. #ChooseFairtrade
Why is it so important to choose Fairtrade? Watch this:
As a widow and a mother of three sons, Rosemary Achieng is all too aware of the challenges women face to balance the demands of work and family. The 47-year-old is a supervisor at Panda Flowers, a Fairtrade certified farm on the shore of Lake Naivasha in Kenya.
"Being a single parent, a permanent employment contract and a secure income is incredibly important," says Rosemary.

This is...
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Katoli Primary School was constructed with the extra funds generated through Fairtrade.

Before the first building was put up, all the children in the neighbourhood had to walk the 3 km journey to the nearest school. Many parents in village were reluctant to send the youngest years (children start at 6 years old) to school because of the distance, causing very high levels of absenteeism....
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And now for a sing along....

Thanks to Ilminster Fairtrade
The average Facebook user has 338 friends. It would cost us £15 to show our Fairtrade Fortnight film to that many people through advertising. You can reach them for free; give us your share.
Greggs visited coffee farmer in Peru who grow their coffee to find out how Fairtrade is helping. This is what they had to say:
Oxfam is Live with Fairtrade producers Linda and Victoria from Kuapa Kokoo cocoa co-operative, and Roxy from Divine Chocolate. #SheMeansBusiness #IWD2017
Rebecca’s ambition is to be an engineer or an electrician. It’s not an impossible dream because she was able to continue her education into secondary school scholarship through Fairtrade. She is now employed at the Fairtrade certified Satemwa Tea Factory.

‘I chose Satemwa because it was one of the companies that takes care of its employees. There are good working conditions protective...
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Tell our international trade secretary that you want trade deals that work for developing countries as well as the UK. SIGN THE PETITION: bit.ly/TradeForGood
Only a model where people are paid a fair wage for their hard work and where they have a say in their future and that of their communities is acceptable. [ Fairtrade.org.uk Link ] #ChooseFairtrade
If you haven't seen our new campaign that's got people talking here's your chance. Would this make you think more about what you buy?

The home delivery service they weren’t expecting.

Truth! Get involved [ Fairtrade.org.uk Link ]
This Fairtrade Fortnight we are asking you to think about where your food comes from. Could you unconsciously be feeding exploitation? Find out more: fortnight.fairtrade.org.uk
Tsala Mwale, 28, was the first in her village to bring solar power to her home through Fairtrade. It meant she could save money on fuel costs and spend it on essentials. She explains, ‘We are now able to buy things like soap, sugar and other necessities we could not afford.’

Read more: [ Metro.co.uk Link ]

Fair Trade is changing lives and this is how

We're were live with Leonard Zimbehya, a coffee farmer from Tanzania, taking a break and having a chat about Fairtrade.