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Some wise words to kick off London Fashion Week...
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Why is there cow walking around in Kenya named David Finlay?

In the words of Kenyan coffee farmer Grace Maritim: 'My husband passed on three years ago, and I was left to be the sole breadwinner of our seven children. Realising the gravity of the situation with all these children looking up to me, I decided to re-direct all my energies towards the only resource I had and I could do well -...
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If Fairtrade Gold becomes the norm, it could break the poverty cycle for millions of miners. As one miner put it, ‘I would ask the people in the UK to understand that when they buy our gold, they’ll be doing a good thing.'

If Cupid's arrow was golden I bet it would be Fairtrade

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Zavedi Kagoki is one of about 70 employees at Oserian flower farm in Kenya who are deaf. She has worked there for over 10 year.

‘I am happy to be here. Here there is no discrimination, we are getting equal opportunities.’

The farm has trained interpreters to help with communication and has rolled out a program to train department heads in Kenyan sign language.

With the extra funds...
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Fatima says it all really.
Fairtrade isn't just about a fair income, or social programmes and initiatives, it's also about protecting the environment and making the production of the foods and drinks we love sustainable over time.
Christine is a Flower Picker in Kenya.

Her big smile doesn't tell you: the rainy seasons she's had to endure with just a grass roof. "I didn't have a proper home, only a grass roof, which was a big stress."

Her big smile does tell you: the farm she works on, Harvest Limited, is Fairtrade certified. "Through (Fairtrade) I was able to take a loan for iron sheeting, I have a home with a roof...
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For those struggling first thing on a Monday. #MondayMotivation
Jackson has three children who all have received funding through Fairtrade to help with their schooling. Two of them are now at university studying medicine and business. The youngest is still in high school. ‘Without (Fairtrade funding) I could never have afforded to fully pay for their education.’

Jackson is a primary school teacher at the Oserian Flower Farm in Kenya. Everything – the...
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Celestina Kalongo is the breadwinner in her family. She sells coffee through Fairtrade from the Bukoba region of Tanzania.
The extra payments from Fairtrade helped develop the Hakima Girls Secondary School. It was the first school in the region to support girls from the very poorest families and give them real opportunities.
Isn't it about time some world 'leaders' pulled their heads out of the sand?

Dominican banana producers at sharp end of climate change

We couldn't have said it better ourselves.

Teerawat Phantumas is a member of the Organic Jasmine Rice Producer Group in Thailand.
Switching your tea or coffee to Fairtrade might not feel like it will make a big difference but when we all do it the impact is huge.
Sifting quinoa in Bolivia, stitching the final piece of a football in Pakistan, plucking tea leaves in Kenya and fermenting cocoa in Ghana – a few of the many hands of Fairtrade hard at work.
In a male dominated industry these AWESOME women are all members of the female led Koperasi Katiara coffee group, in Aceh Indonesia. Over half of the 1979 members are women. Many of the women have survived armed conflict and natural disasters.

They produce 100% organic coffee and have used the extra money they received though Fairtrade to buy farming equipment, improve productivity and create...
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It's simple. When you choose Fairtrade you're choosing to give farmers a fair wage and a bonus payment that's used to build things like schools such as the Future Academy, in Asunafo, Ghana.

47 children currently attend the school, and the teachers are volunteers from the community. It has helped the community as parents now have a safe place to leave their children when they go to work.
WARNING: Dangerously high levels of cuteness below.

This is the grand-daughter of Fairtrade pepper farmers in Asan Kaval district in India. When disease struck her grandparents pepper trees they were able to buy two goats thanks to a loan program supported by Fairtrade funds. They used the goats for milk before selling the goats for small amount of cash to get them through the lean times.
'It really boils down to this: that all life is interrelated...Did you ever stop to think that you can't leave for your job in the morning without being dependent on most of the world? You get up in the morning and go to the bathroom and reach over for the sponge, and that's handed to you by a Pacific islander. You reach for a bar of soap, and that's given to you at the hands of a Frenchman....
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While we are all thinking about the weather... a little note on climate change.
You can vote three times a day for a fairer deal for the farmers who grew your food.