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Through Fairtrade, farmers & workers have the power to tackle obstacles such as child labour, gender inequality, labour rights & environmental abuses. In 2015-2016 we expanded our programmes in these key areas: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Tackling Tough Obstacles - Fairtrade Annual Report

Fairtrade’s practical approach supporting smallholder farmers & workers to attain robust livelihoods through organization and trade alongside value-added research into policy and sustainable practice can support government and private sector efforts to achieve the outcomes articulated in Goal 2: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade: The case for partnership

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Fairtrade tea farmers cultivate their tea on very small areas. Smallholder farmers in Africa grow tea on an average plot size of just 0.3 hectares. More about Fairtrade tea producers: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade Tea Facts & Figures

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"Now, we just take our phones out and Google the price. We didn't know it was so easy. We were silenced by the middlemen, but now we're organised - we're not so easy to manipulate."

The Telegraph's Guy Kelly digs into Uganda's goldmining industry and the conditions faced by artisanal gold miners: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Inside the makeshift goldmines of Uganda: where poverty, child labour and exploitation reign

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The Deutsche Post DHL (Living Responsibility) project in Lesotho is the first to become fully certified under the Fairtrade Climate Standard, supporting rural communities in their fight against climate change. Read more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

First Climate Project Certified Under Fairtrade Climate Standard

Rodolfo Peña Alba is managing director of Café Orgánico Marcala (COMSA), a coffee cooperative in Marcala, Honduras.

Rodolfo features on the cover of our 2015-16 Annual Report - Driving Sales, Deepening Impact: [ Fairtrade.net Link ]

Photo © Santiago Engelhardt / TransFair e.V.
In Vietnam, Fairtrade coffee producers are expanding into local markets to boost sales and supplement their income. Read more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Locavore Coffee: From Bean to Cup « Fairtrade Asia Pacific

While ageing farmers are grappling with the issue of farm succession, ABOCFA (Aponoapono Biakoye Organic Cocoa Farmers Association) is motivating youth to consider farming as a viable venture.

Read how this Ghanaian cocoa cooperative is using their Fairtrade Premium: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Novel Incentives for Young Cocoa Farmers

What’s the first thing you do when someone you know faces a struggle or challenge?

Lewis & Clark College professor, Elizabeth A. Bennett, says we are most successful in helping people when we work by their side - as a team. See why she thinks the fair trade movement needs to include producers in the most important governance bodies: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Empowering Producers means Sharing Power with Producers

Want to be part of a team enabling sustainability through assurance? Then FLOCERT is looking for you! The independent certification body of the global Fairtrade system is recruiting now: [ Flocert.net Link ]

Join the FLOCERT team in Bonn, Germany

By choosing Fairtrade products this year, you've enabled 1.6 million farmers & workers to take greater control over their trading & working relationships, build fair & sustainable businesses, & contribute to more resilient communities. See what you've helped achieve: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Driving Sales, Deepening Impact

At Fairtrade we're working to enable small-scale farmers, workers, & consumers to become powerful agents of change in their communities - 1.6 million farmers & workers, 1,800 Fair Trade Towns, thousands of businesses & traders, & countless consumers working together to build a more sustainable future for all. Thank you for supporting Fairtrade in 2016!
Have some last minute shopping to do for the holidays? Choose Fairtrade products to contribute to a more sustainable future for the farmers & workers that produce them.
US Fairtrade sales generated nearly $5.28 million in Fairtrade Premium for farmers & workers to invest!

Click to read 9 more fast facts from our 2016 report→ fairtr.de/10things
This holiday season, we're delighted to share the stories of some of the outstanding Fairtrade producer organizations driving change in their communities: [ Vimeo.com Link ]

Fairtrade Awards 2016 on Vimeo

The countdown to Christmas has begun and the Fairtrade Foundation has gathered inspirational top tips for you to step up your shopping game: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Seven tips for a sustainable christmas

Farmers in low income countries are among the least responsible for climate change but have been bearing the brunt of it. In Kerala, they are taking the initiative to mitigate the effects of climate change. Find out how: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Farmers in Kerala are fighting to save their farms | Sustainable Business - Fairtrade partner zone | The Guardian

Why is the appetite for fair trade higher in some countries than others?

Experts at the Univeristy of Zurich and the Institute for Social-Ecological Research in Frankfurt studied the factors influencing this ethical consumption. Read more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

'The ethical urge' powers fair trade in Switzerland: Study

The agricultural industry in Ghana is not an easy sector to work in.

Fairtrade Foundation's Leena Camadoo visited a banana-producing community there to see, first-hand, what difference Fairtrade makes to workers’ lives in Ghana. Read more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Negotiation with workers bears fruit in Ghanaian banana-producing community | Sustainable Business - Fairtrade partner zone | The Guardian

Are you our next Head of Communications and Brand? Or perhaps you'd like to join Fairtrade as an Evaluation and Learning Manager. We're also looking for a Student Assistant for the Communications and Brand team in Bonn, Germany. Find out more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade International: Vacancies