Tracking products along every stage of the supply chain can be difficult and costly. Fairtrade operates a traceability programme known as ‘mass balance’ to ensure farmers and workers have maximum opportunities to sell their certified crops.

This short animation has some answers for you, using orange juice as an example: [ Link ]

Fairtrade and Traceability - how does it work?
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Each small positive commitment can mean a decent income and better working conditions for farmers and workers around the world. We all can be involved: [ Link ]

Support a Fair Deal for Farmers in 2017
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The World Fairtrade Challenge campaign mobilized more than 1.8 million citizens across the world in favour of better living conditions for coffee farming communities. Find out more about the campaign and its latest recognition as a "Sustainability Project 2017": [ Link ]

“World Fairtrade Challenge” wins Award for Global Mobilization
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Deforestation can lead to temperature increases, which in turn contributes to climate change. Members of Kabngetuny in Kenya help in the fight against climate change: [ Link ] #IntlForestDay

Kabngetuny Farmers Cooperative - Fairtrade Coffee - World Fairtrade Challenge
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Do you have a background in Communications and want to be part of the Latin American Network that gathers and represents all Fairtrade certified small producers’ organizations and workers associations? CLAC is looking for a Coordinator of Communications. Apply before 31 March: [ Link ]

CLAC: TdR Coordinador/a de Comunicaciones
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Farmers face difficult conditions due to the effects of climate change. Find out how we aim to support them to mitigate the impacts of this phenomenon: [ Link ]

Fairtrade International (FLO): Climate Change
Building women's power and agency is at the core of our Gender Strategy. Find out more of our approach to tackle unequal power relations at: [ Link ] #CSW61
The Fairtrade Premium has proven its worth in spurring improvements in the social, economic and environmental spheres. Giving producers a voice is our goal [ Link ]
Rosemary is a flower worker at Panda Flowers, a Fairtrade certified farm in Kenya. Her story shows the role Fairtrade has played in gender equality on the farm. [ Link ] #CSW61

Strengthening Women's Rights on Flower Farms
Food security is a basic human right. But on one side we have massive overconsumption and on the other side we are fighting to end abject poverty - Perhaps this is our real life hunger games.

For Fairtrade, getting this right is far from a game: [ Link ]

The Hunger Games: Achieving Zero Hunger Requires Making Trade Fair
The Fairtrade Climate Standard enables farmers and rural communities to access the carbon market. Partnering with Fairtrade can support delivery of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: [ Link ]

Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade: The case for partnership
Goal 1, of Fairtrade's strategy to 2020, is to build benefits for smallholders & workers. Find out how we plan to achieve this: [ Link ]

Fairtrade Strategy: Changing Trade, Changing Lives
Want to collaborate scaling up the impact of Fairtrade International? Check out our call for an Independent Board Member. Apply before 2 April: [ Link ]

Fairtrade International (FLO): Vacancies
Rosemary Achieng is all too aware of the challenges women face balancing the demands of work and family. Read her story here: [ Link ]

UN Women #WomensDay
Brazil grows about a third of all coffee, making it by far the heavyweight champion of the coffee-producing world.

Carlos Renato Alvarenga Theodoro from Fairtrade certified coffee cooperative CAFESUL reflects on how Fairtrade has helped farmers find their fortunes by investing in top quality production: [ Link ]

A taste of real Brazil: coffee from Fairtrade cooperative CAFESUL
Fairtrade Foundation are asking you to think about where your food comes from. Could you unconsciously be feeding exploitation? Find out more: [ Link ]
There’s something brilliant brewing in North-Western Honduras! From farming improvements to community services, coffee cooperative COCAFCAL have been busy. Read their story here: [ Link ]

Cultivating Coffee and Community in Las Capucas
Does Fairtrade matter? It does to the lives of 1.6 million farmers & workers around the world.

This short film offers a glimpse into the lives of two producers at the heart of Fairtrade. View the full 13 minute short film on our Vimeo channel here:

Fairtrade Matters (Trailer)
Fairtrade provides a clear proposition to enable consumers to choose sustainable products, allowing businesses to better communicate their ethical credentials.

Businesses can work with Fairtrade to generate real and lasting progress towards Goal 12: [ Link ]

Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade: The case for partnership
Gender equality is one of Fairtrade’s top priorities. In Kenya, the societal challenges facing marginalised women in the cut flower industry present opportunities for empowerment: [ Link ]

Empowering the women of Kenya’s cut flower industry | Sustainable Business - Fairtrade partner zone | The Guardian