By choosing Fairtrade products & supporting Fairtrade campaigns, you create change through your everyday actions. It enables farming communities to improve their lives & invest in their future.: [ Link ]

About Fairtrade - Fairtrade Annual Report
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Despite education being a fundamental human right, 70% of the world’s rural poor struggle to access education or training opportunities. Fairtrade is equipping cooperatives to support rural communities to access education. Read more: [ Link ]

Small Farming Communities Disadvantaged by Poor Access to Information
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Many countries which depend on coffee exports as a main plank of the economy are also among the most vulnerable to climate risk.

Fairtrade has been working with farmers to to reduce carbon emissions & become more resilient to the impacts of climate change: [ Link ]

From biogas to carbon credits, Fairtrade helps farmers cope with climate change | Sustainable Business - Fairtrade partner zone | The Guardian
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Rural women are on the frontlines of ensuring food security. They play a large role in global agriculture but often don’t receive the full benefits of their work.

Three Fairtrade women farmers, pushing for greater rights, share their story here: [ Link ]

A Salute to Rural Women
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"Consumers can change the workers' lives, because they have the power." - When she was just a teenager, Nazma Akter began organizing her fellow workers to demand better conditions. Read her story here: [ Link ]

What A Woman Producing Your Clothes Wants You To Know
A multi-stakeholder approach is required to improve the livelihoods of farmers & workers. Find out how Fairtrade can help deliver Goal 8 of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: [ Link ]

Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade: The case for partnership
Trade can & should be used as a vital tool & catalyst to help close the gaps that exist across society. It's only by changing trade that we can change lives. Learn about Fairtrade's five-yer strategy to 2020: [ Link ]

Fairtrade International: Our Strategy
The international Fairtrade system brings consumer markets together with producers to push for change to the way global trade is done. But we are still far from our ambitious goal of inclusive trade for all: [ Link ]

Stronger as a System - Fairtrade Annual Report
Sharing a cuppa with your Valentine today? Make it Fairtrade to share the love with farmers like Jesús and Cecilia. This farming couple are Fairtrade coffee producers at Cooperativa de Caficultores de Manizales in Colombia.
Fairtrade aims to help management and employees work better together to strengthen workers’ rights and ensure safe and productive workplaces.

In this blog by Fairtrade America, Wilbert Flinterman - Fairtrade's Senior Advisor on Workers’ Rights - discusses how Fairtrade pushes for mature industrial relations: [ Link ]

Fairtrade Working to Ensure Workers' Rights
Of the 1 billion people classified as food insecure by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), about 500 million are smallholder farmers in developing economies.

University of York Professor, Bob Doherty, looks at how Fairtrade can alleviate food insecurity for smallholder farmers: [ Link ]

Food security: how Fairtrade helps level the playing field for small producers
We're building a learning organization to evaluate our progress towards enabling farmers & workers to move up the value chain, build stronger businesses & fairer workplaces. Read more: [ Link ]

Building a Learning Organization - Fairtrade Annual Report
UN projections put the world's population at 10 billion by 2050. So how do we ensure that future generations will be well-fed?

Professor of Soil Science & Agroecology, John Reganold, says organic agriculture has an important role to play: [ Link ]

Can we feed 10 billion people on organic farming alone? | Guardian Sustainable Business | The Guardian
In the Dominican Republic, half the bananas that are exported are Fairtrade certified. More about Fairtrade bananas here: [ Link ]

Fairtrade Bananas Facts & Figures
Last October, sugarcane growers across Fiji came together to discuss gender equality, child protection & good governance: [ Link ]

Fairtrade Pacific Stakeholders workshop held in Fiji
By choosing Fairtrade products consumers enable farmers & workers to take control of their lives. This powerful connection between producers & consumers remains a fundamental pillar of Fairtrade: [ Link ]

Power in Partnership - Fairtrade Annual Report
More than 800,000 Fairtrade farmers & workers are located in Eastern Africa. Read more Fairtrade facts here: [ Link ]

Fairtrade in Africa & the Middle East
Fairtrade works to enable women to participate more equally in farmer & worker organizations. Businesses can partner with Fairtrade to generate real and lasting progress towards Goal 5: [ Link ]

Sustainable Development Goals and Fairtrade: The case for partnership
Our decisions on what to buy can have a significant impact. But what is Fairtrade? And how does it work? This little animation about the Fairtrade system has some answers for you: [ Link ]

What is Fairtrade?
Fairtrade cotton producers are affected by increasingly unstable weather patterns as a result of climate change. More on Fairtrade cotton here: [ Link ]

Fairtrade Cotton Facts & Figures