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Fairtrade International
12/02/2016 at 15:00. Facebook
Are you our next Head of Communications and Brand? Or perhaps you'd like to join Fairtrade as an Evaluation and Learning Manager. We're also looking for a Student Assistant for the Communications and Brand team in Bonn, Germany. Find out more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade International: Vacancies

Fairtrade International is delighted to welcome Darío Soto Abril as its next Chief Executive Officer.

"Darío has a long history of working with producers, civil society, governments and business to achieve inclusive economic growth and wellbeing. His experience will strengthen our role as a global movement for change." Read more about Darío here: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade International Welcomes New CEO

El café es, después del petróleo, la materia prima de exportación más importante del mundo.
[ Bit.ly Link ]
Your Sunday Morning Read: Fairtrade cocoa producer, Fortin Bley, discusses why big business must listen to farmers’ needs if poverty and hardship is to be addressed: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Development programmes are useless if they don't consider producers' needs | Sustainable Business - Fairtrade partner zone | The Guardian

Fairtrade cotton farmers invested 41% of their Fairtrade Premium in community projects for education, healthcare and developing infrastructure.

Find out more in this summary from our 2015 Monitoring and Impact report: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade Cotton Facts & Figures: Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade, 2015

In our latest annual report, we explain how Fairtrade is an active game changer for farmers like Oti Manu Restford, as well as for workers on large plantations. Read more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fostering Sustainable Growth - Fairtrade Annual Report

Bijumon Kurian is the president of Manarcadu Social Services Society in the Indian state of Kerala. He won the 2016 Fairtrade Award for ‘Biggest Fairtrade Fan' for his work encouraging producers to deepen their knowledge of Fairtrade Standards. Read more: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Bijumon Kurian Wins Fairtrade Award for ‘Biggest Fairtrade Fan‘

Investing in business projects is proving popular with #Fairtrade cocoa farmers in Côte d’Ivoire. Read more about how farmers at ECOOKIM are investing: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Speculating to accumulate in Côte d’Ivoire | Tumblr

The biggest driver of economic improvement for Fairtrade farmers & workers is higher Fairtrade sales. Find out how we're supporting them to achieve this: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Growing Better Futures - Fairtrade Annual Report

A new report from Bond showcases learnings from leading NGOs using a Value for Money approach in their work. Find out how Fairtrade's implementing the approach: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade’s Value for Money Approach Highlighted in New NGO Report

“We don’t shy away from the tough issues and we advocate for the most vulnerable farmers and workers."

Marike de Peña, Chair of Fairtrade International's Board, reflects on how Fairtrade is challenging our world: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Challenging our World - Fairtrade Annual Report

Syanyonja Artisan Miners' Alliance has become the first artisanal small-scale mining cooperative in Africa to become Fairtrade certified, bringing much needed hope to the miners. Find out what this means for them: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade certifies first artisanal small-scale mining cooperative in Africa

From the Green Revolution to organic farming - In the heart of India, cotton growers have led the way in rejecting harmful chemicals and GM-seeds, working with nature, rather than against it. Read more from Fairtrade Foundation here: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Organic is the new green

A group of 925 coffee and cocoa farmers in a remote area of Papua New Guinea have something to celebrate this month. After years of hard work and dedication, Unen Choit Cooperative Society has achieved Fairtrade certification! Fairtrade New Zealand has more here: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Unen Choit becomes Fairtrade certified

55 percent of Fairtrade farmers and workers in the Asia-Pacific region are in India! Find out more about Fairtrade in the region in this neat summary from our latest Monitoring and Impact report: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Full report: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade in Asia & Pacific: Monitoring the Scope and Benefits of Fairtrade

"I strongly believe that I am an empowered woman, a woman who has tried to set an example; I have fought to belong and represent the rights of rural women in public spaces where decision-making takes place."

Fairtrade coffee farmer María Edy Rivera shares her story as we mark the United Nations International Day for Rural Women: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Empowering Women in Rural Communities

Chocolate, milk. or dark with Cornish sea salt - What's your guilty pleasure? Whatever it is, we hope it's Fairtrade!

Fairtrade Foundation are celebrating Chocolate Week and they've put together 10 interesting facts about Fairtrade chocolate: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

10 facts about Fairtrade chocolate to remember this Chocolate Week

You're looking out for Fairtrade certified products when you shop but do you consciously choose organic as well?

Fairtrade America explains what’s so great about organic production in this article: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade and Organic Go Hand in Hand

Welcome to the Fairtrade family Fairtrade Polska (Sprawiedliwy Handel)! Polish consumers & businesses can now support Fairtrade farmers through their purchasing choices: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

Fairtrade expands further into central Europe

Have you heard about the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights?

Fairtrade International's Senior Advisor on Workers' Rights and Trade Union Relations discusses how these principles relate to fair trade and why they are important for global food supply chains: [ Fairtr.de Link ]

UN Guiding Principles show us the way to fairer trade | Ethical Trading Initiative