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Today, let’s make a point to show our police officers goodwill by reaching out and thanking them, picking up the tab on a meal, or sharing a prayer asking for their protection in the line of duty.
​Every life is precious. Every life has a purpose. Join us in calling on all our leaders to protect the gift of life. [ Convio.net Link ]
Congratulations to our friend, Dr. Ben Carson, on his nomination as U.S. Secretary of Housing and Human Development!

Dr. Carson grew up in the inner city and built himself up to the director of pediatric neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital and a presidential contender. We believe his history, values and dogmatic persistence make him the ideal candidate for the position.
Do not be afraid of persecution or opposition against your faith. Be bold and stand for truth.
"As a committed Christian, I believe that to win in the pro-life arena, we need to see churches rise up and take a stand,” Presley said. “We need to see the church rise up and be the church ‘to the least of these.’”

A powerful and compelling story from Josiah Presley, an abortion survivor. [ Lifenews.com Link ]

Abortion Survivor: I Feel a Burden to Be a Voice for Those Who Don’t Have One

Congratulations to General Mattis on being picked as Secretary of Defense. There is no candidate more qualified to serve our country and protect the freedoms we hold so dear.
81% of evangelical voters turned out to stand up their values and vote on election day.

We cannot thank our donors and supporters enough for giving us the opportunity to knock on the doors of 1,256,778 Christian voters in key states to explain their moral duty to vote. [ Youtu.be Link ]
A Buzzfeed witch-hunt against Christian “Fixer Upper” stars backfires after trying to publicly shame them for attending an “anti-gay” church.

BuzzFeed Leads Faith-Based 'Witch Hunt' Against Chip and Joanna Gaines — and It Backfires Spectacularly

Faith & Freedom embarked on a data-driven, $10 million grassroots ground game to educate, mobilize and turnout voters of faith in 2016.

FFC 2016 Election Impact

See how Faith & Freedom Coalition turned out the vote in 2016!

60 million Americans have a criminal record and the Federal Bureau of Prisons takes up about 1/4th of the Justice Department's annual budget. We look forward to working closely with the Trump administration to see positive, conservatively-driven justice reform.

Conservative Criminal Justice Groups Hope They Can Sway a Skeptical Trump Administration

The Center for Disease Control recently reported another 5% drop in abortions! We’re proud of National Right to Life and the millions of pro-life advocates who are helping protect the unborn.

Abortion Rates in the U.S. Drop Another 5%

It is shameful to see our flag and, worse, the families of those serving to protect everything it symbolizes treated so disrespectfully.

California Homeowner Association Tells Wife of Deployed Marine to Stop Flying American Flag

We believe it’s time to repeal and replace Obamacare with its unconstitutional mandate that requires faith-based organizations to provide abortion drugs to their employees in violation of their religious liberty rights. Are you with us?
We are optimistic about the prospect for change within the criminal justice system under the Trump administration. Our executive director, Timothy Head, believes that President-elect Trump will want to use criminal justice issues to reach minority communities and create a positive impact within them.

Conservatives Call on Trump to Prioritize Criminal Justice Reform

Faith & Freedom looks forward to supporting Rep. Tom Price's nomination and encourages a swift confirmation process in the U.S. Senate.

As Secretary of Health and Human Services, he will lead the effort to repeal and replace Obamacare and its unconstitutional mandate that requires faith-based organizations to provide abortion drugs to their employees in violation of their religious liberty...
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Rep. Tom Price Nominated as Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services – Faith & Freedom Coalition

Without the support of evangelical voters, Donald Trump would have never reached the White House. Our founder and chairman Ralph Reed believes they were “indispensable”. [ Politi.co Link ]

Christian leaders see influence growing under Trump

We have so much to be thankful for as Christians and Americans this year.

We’re thankful that evangelical America is finally waking up again, showing up in record numbers to elect leaders that will address the issues that truly matter to this nation.

We’re thankful for our thousands of volunteers who knocked on over one million doors, helping voters get engaged in the election and make a...
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Our flag is a symbol of freedom, hope and opportunity to the world. Disrespecting that banner, regardless of your political ideology, is not only a disrespect to the millions of brave souls who fought and died for those freedoms, but to the foundational principles of this country as a whole. It is unconscionable and inexcusable and Hampshire College should be ashamed.

Hampshire College Decides to Stop Flying the American Flag in Order to Focus on a Post-Trump America

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with the families of the officers who were shot in Texas, Missori and Florida.