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Marriage is about saying "I do" every day!

If you're looking to strengthen your marriage, get LISTS TO LOVE BY FOR BUSY HUSBANDS and LISTS TO LOVE BY FOR BUSY WIVES by Mark Merrill and Susan Merrill. #ListstoLoveBy
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"A contract is about what you get. A covenant is about what you give."

Did you agree? #ListstoLoveByBook
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Do you love Joyce Meyer's BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND? Now, you can get the Bible edition! Renewing your mind through the power of God's Word is important, and The Battlefield of the Mind Bible has special features to correlate with BATTLEFIELD OF THE MIND.

Find out more info here: [ Link ].
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New! The Shack by Wm Paul Young's media-tie in paperback and mass market editions feature a bonus chapter. Find out what it is about!
"The book gave people language to have a conversation about God."- William P. Young on #TheShack

Movie tie-in edition of THE SHACK now available wherever books are sold. Includes new bonus chapter!
Have you rested quietly in the heart of Jesus today?

#ChooseJoy #Faith #God #Christian
Sara Frankl faced a terminal disease but her faith in God was awe-inspiring. You'll be truly humbled by this amazing young woman if you read her #book, #ChooseJoy, co-written by Mary Carver today.

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How William P. Young felt as he watched the #book he wrote as his children's #Christmas present become a major feature film produced by Lionsgate.

#faith #Christianity #loss #grief
#TheShack author William P. Young shares how he believes each person is a story and how that ties into his view of eternity.
Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale announce their new book that released this week, JESUS AMONG SECULAR GODS.

Get your copy at your favorite bookstore today!
Read Sara Frankl's emotional story to find out how she chose joy in the midst of pain and fear as she faced a terminal disease.

#ChooseJoy is now available as a trade paperback wherever books are sold.
It's a new year and time to leave negative attitudes behind and decide to CHOOSE JOY in 2017. Do you need help choosing joy and living for #God each day?

Join us for a LIVE VIDEO CHAT with author Mary Carver and Sara Frankl's sister, Laura Frankl Pedersen, tonight at 6:30pm EST on the FaithWords page!

You may be the lucky person to win a special prize during the chat!

Choose Joy, #ChooseJoy...
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Join us tonight for a live video chat with Laura Pedersen (Sara Frankl's sister) and author Mary Carver at 6:30 EST to celebrate the trade paperback release of #ChooseJoy. You may be lucky and win a special prize!! :)
"I may not always understand, but I always love you." Tell your husband or wife that you love them today!

Find out more information about LISTS TO LOVE BY FOR BUSY HUSBANDS and LISTS TO LOVE BY FOR BUSY WIVES by Mark Merrill and Susan Merrill, releasing tomorrow!

You can find out more here: [ Link ].
Nobody in the publishing community saw #TheShack coming... until #FaithWords!
Sara Frankl knew she had a terminal disease, but she didn't let it stop her from living. In the face of immeasurable pain, Sara chose joy—again and again. Her unforgettable message of hope and purpose lives on, even after her death, in her words in her book CHOOSE JOY.

How do you #ChooseJoy?

Last chance to take advantage of pre-order pricing before paperback edition publishes January 3!
Happy New Year from FaithWords! Wishing everyone an amazing 2017!
3 days left to take advantage of preorder special pricing!

Start your new year off right by actively choosing to be thankful to God, no matter what you're facing! If Sara Frankl can do it facing a terminal disease, you can too! #ChooseJoy #faith #Christian
Author William P. Young shares how his international bestseller THE SHACK came into existence. We're celebrating #TheShack movie premiere (March 3rd) by publishing a new edition of The SHACK that includes a brand new bonus chapter. Lionsgate