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The contest results are in! ► [ Link ]

The answer was, 'Haha'- the nails, and congratulations to the following 4 lucky winners who each get 3 RC for their farms:
- Gina R. Battistoni Myren
- Cherie Sibley Bell
- Sieglinde Foley
- Fred Serricchio
*The RC has been added to the winners' Gift Boxes.
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It's Donut Friday! Let's kick back, relax and enjoy the weekend! Don't forget to claim your tasty gift here: [ Link ]
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Stake your claim among the rankings in the Farm Event and you could earn eye-watering rewards. How about this fiery Sun Raven? ► [ Link ]
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02/23/2017 at 17:01. Facebook
Farm Event is back and Purple Chokeberry is the flavor of this event! Reach the event goals for fine rewards and go head to head with your fellow Farmers to stake your claim among the rankings! ► [ Link ]
*Farm Event 16 unlocked at level 42
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02/23/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
Happy Tennis Day! Anyone planning to hit the court this week? To celebrate this amazing sport we're serving up a gift to all our dear Farmers- the Tennis Doll! Click here to claim it: [ Link ]
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Did you know, when you subscribe to our newsletter you can receive free gifts? If you're wondering when this will be, check the image of this post! ► [ Link ]
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Why's our Family Farm rooster making all that commotion? He's telling us to be on the lookout for something valuable on the farm. Watch this space because there'll be RC for grabs... ► [ Link ]
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It's Old Macdonald's birthday in Family Farm! He's far from home but Felicia has something up her sleeve. Find out more in this new mission, 'Old Macdonald's Birthday Surprise'! ► [ Link ]
*Mission unlocked at level 25
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I DONUTS believe it, another fabulous contest?! Which one's your favorite? Comment on this post with either A, B, C or D as your answer and don't forget to leave your SNSID to be in with a chance of winning RC! ► [ Link ]

Also remember that the more comments we get, the more chance there is of winning- if we reach 100 comments we'll reward 5 lucky winners. If we reach 1,000...
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Spring Cleaning is around the corner and your desktop needs a fresh appearance? Check out these free Wallpapers for your desktop! ► [ Link ]
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Voting is now closed and the winning duo, as voted by Farmers across all language versions, is the Love Rose & Guarana Tree which will have new reduced growth times due soon! Check out the results from all languages here: [ Link ] and stay tuned to our fan page, because we have more surprises coming for you... ► [ Link ]
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Know any Pisces? Let us know and you could win prizes! ► [ Link ]

Pisces (Date range: February 19 - March 20) are well known for being selfless and willing to help others. They're compassionate and gentle but should be careful not to be overly trusting.

If you know any Pisces (including yourself), share a story or comment about one in the comments section of this post, and...
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Not sure how something works or have any other game-related questions? Ask us by writing in the comments section of this post and we'll choose some of your questions! ► [ Link ]
*Some game-related questions will be chosen. We can't guarantee all will be answered.
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It's hammer time! Join in our contest for your chance to win. ► [ Link ]

This Hammerhead Shark has the tool but where should he hammer? Give us your answer by leaving a 'Like, 'Love' or 'Haha' on this post according to the picture, and you'll be in with a chance to win RC!
*When entering, be sure to give us your SNSID (it's the number found at the bottom of your game screen)!
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02/18/2017 at 17:00. Facebook
A new map has arrived in Farm Team Adventures! Turn to page 15 to take in the magnificent view. ► [ Link ]
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02/18/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
We love these gigantic mammals of the ocean! Celebrate World Whale Day with this free gift! ->[ Link ]
Here's some great news for us Farmers as a new level is now available for the Drying House! Might come in handy for our latest event on the Water Ranch...► [ Link ]
You want shorter growth times, and we'll give them to you, but which pair does your vote go to? Make it count! ► [ Link ]

LIKE to vote for the Love Rose & Guarana Tree
SHARE to vote for the Indian Corn & Sugar Cherry Tree
LIKE and SHARE if you can't decide!