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Yarışma sonuçları geldi! >[ Link ]

Yiyecekler daha saati gelmeden kapış kapış gitti! Doğru cevap, 3! Bizden 3 ÇK kazanan 5 şanslı oyuncumuzu kutlarız:
- Zehra Kabalı
- Serpil Koç
- Şemistan Ağayev
- Sema Gözalıcı
- Sadık Dulkadir

*ÇK'lar Hediye Kutusu'na gönderilmiştir

Kazananları kutlamak ve daha fazla etkinlik için Beğen ve Paylaş!
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I need Golden Antelope Topiaries ► [ Link ]

Want these Black Antelopes on your farm? You may need to show your adoration for them by Asking your neighbors for these beautifully crafted topiaries!

Like & Share if you need Golden Antelope Topiaries!
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Join Tasha for a cold plunge in this new mission! ► [ Link ]

Tasha has to show Darryl who's really got guts, and she wants you to join her for this year's Polar Bear Swim! I hear she'd love some homemade coleslaw right now, but why in this weather? Play this special mission, 'Tasha's Polar Plunge', and check out our forum via the link above to find out more!

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Size does matter! ► [ Link ]

Discounts for Expansions, Hope Land and the Farm Team are now online! If you're running out of space on your farm, or want to explore awesome new features in your game, now is a great time to do so. Don't wait around, as these great offers will finish soon!

How is your farm developing? Let us know how big your ranches are now by leaving a comment on...
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Results are in- congratulations to the winners! ► [ Link ]

Crate 2 was where the bag of RC was hiding behind. Congratulations to the following lucky winners who each get 3 RC:
- Cathy Qiuz
- Bjørg Torunn Kristoffersen
- Candy Charlene Ricks
- Carol Slayton
- Sabine Hofmann Behind
*The RC has been added to each of the winners' Gift Boxes

We didn't reach our goal of 500 'Likes'...
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How many kinds do you see? Join in for your chance to win! ► [ Link ]

These Asian new year snacks are appearing here and there, being munched up as soon as they're placed on the table, but how many different kinds can you spot?

Let us know how many different kinds of snacks you can see in this gif by writing in the comments section of this post, and you'll have a chance to win...
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Expansions for all ► [ Link ]

When it gets crowded on the farm, you know it's time to expand! A discount for expansions is coming very soon...

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Which reward would you like the most? ► [ Link ]

There's a range of great items on discount in the latest update, and our chicken isn't quite sure which is the most popular deal. What do you think?

Let us know which of the items you'd prefer the most by leaving a reaction on this post in accordance with the picture!

Like & Share so your friends can take part!
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Have a Sweet new Lunar Year in this new event! ► [ Link ]

The Spring Festival is nearly upon us! Place these Sizzling Siblings on your farm, make festive sweet treats and invite your friends to tantalize their taste buds. In return you'll collect Grab Bags, which can be exchanged for some rewards fit for the new year!
*Unlocked at level 35. Also note that different levels may...
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Goal reached - Shelladacious prizes found! ► [ Link ]

Congratulations, Farmers! The Sea Snails were overwhelmed by your 'Likes', 'Loves' and 'Haha's'. That means we've reached our goal of XXX reactions so you can receive Watering Cans, Gasoline AND OP- just click the link above to collect your gifts!

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Beware of fakes! [ Link ]

Hey there, farmers! Remember that this is the only official Facebook page for Family Farm news, offers and events! If you see another fanpage or website offering a deal that seems too good to be true, then it most certainly is too good to be true! The last thing we want is for our lovely farmers to suffer at the hands of scammers and conmen, so please...
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Mini Game in 'Jafar and Aliya's Grand Adventure' [ Link ]

Jafar and Aliya are bored in the ship's hold on their way to visit Denali National Park!

Help them find something to do by looking for the RC bag and selecting the right barrel or crate that it is hiding behind. Tell us which number you think it is with your SNSID number, and 5 lucky random winners will win 3 RC...
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I need Mexican Salamander Tanks! ► [ Link ]

Jerry's research project could be coming to a fruitful conclusion. This Mexican Salamander family are in safe hands and to complete the mission, 'Adventure in Mexico City', you'll need to Ask your neighbors for these brand spanking new fish tanks.

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Need some help in Family Farm? Ask us! ► [ Link ]

Farming can be quite a job, with an abundance of weird and wonderful items, buildings and new places to go. What if you could ask someone who knows it inside out for tips and advice?

Here's your chance to ask game-related questions and get a direct reply from our team at Family Farm. Ask us by leaving your question in the comments...
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Add me! ► [ Link ]

These black antelopes are supremely quick, while they're becoming harder to find throughout India. Fortunately, good neighbors are not hard to find at all- in fact, you'll find many right on our fan page. If you need more neighbors, make yourself known by writing in the comments section of this post!

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Check the forum for all the latest updates >[ Link ]

In the latest update there's a new special mission, new items and discounts in the Store. Click the link above to find out more about the latest update!

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Last days to finish the missions! ► [ Link ]

Complete tasks in this time-limited mission series, 'New Year's Resolutions', and you'll get Delicate Pocket Watches which can be exchanged for some dazzling rewards. There are just a couple of days left, so be sure to make use of yours before time's up!
*Missions unlocked at level 34

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Join these Indian Black Antelopes in this new adventure! ► [ Link ]

Jafar & Aliya are on an adventure all the way to the USA! How will they get there, and what spectacular sights will their fast hooves take them to? Find out more in this new mission, 'Jafar & Aliya's Grand Adventure'!
*Mission unlocked at level 24

Like & Share if you've begun the new mission!
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Like gifts? Make a vote! ► [ Link ]

These sea snails found some mysterious shells lurking at the seabed and they're wondering what on earth's inside them. Which of these gifts would you most like to see on your farm?

Let us know which you prefer most by 'Liking', 'Loving' or 'Haha-ing' this post in accordance with the picture, and if we reach our goal of 300 reactions ('Likes',...
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Rewards in Darryl vs. the Porridge ► [ Link ]

Help Darryl swim through his porridge dilemma in his dream and you could welcome one of these two great rewards to your farm:
LIKE if only a foal would turn down the Football Foal
SHARE if you're burning with desire for the Passion Fruit Tree
LIKE & SHARE if you can't make your mind up!