Opinion piece on technology: addiction or obsession?

"If you find that your smartphone is like candy for your brain, here are a few suggestions to ease the obsession."

'Technology Addiction' Isn't Real, But You Can Have An Obsession

A great article to share with your kids if they're witnessing bullying, online or at school. Start a conversation about being an upstander, not a bystander.

Kindness: The Ultimate Bully-Beater

"What you have to offer — what you can do better than any smart machine — is relate to the people around you."

A great reminder that technology is awesome, but not without the humanity and empathy of its users.

The Rise of AI Makes Emotional Intelligence More Important

We've been speaking with high school students about the importance of online reputation and a clean digital footprint. Join us! Our guide can be downloaded here.

It's Never Too Late to Clean Up Your Digital Footprint

Today, Google and Jigsaw are launching Perspective, an early-stage technology that uses machine learning to help identify toxic comments.

When computers learn to swear: Using machine learning for better online conversations

"Are you going to Google anything anyone ever says to you?" This is the importance of using technology to enhance, but not replace, critical thinking. #digitalparenting

Teaching Our Kids Real from Fake

The online targeting of women in politics is a real and rising issue. We had several excellent speakers at our Annual Conference, Ambassador Cathy Russell and Representative Katherine Clark, give remarks on the real-life impacts of this type of harassment.

"Violence should not be the price women pay to be online."

Female politicians speak out about sexist, violent cyberbullying

Excellent strategies for helping teens work through the magnified fears and filters of digital life.

Was Everyone Invited But Me? Helping Teenagers Deal with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

If users are mindful of their safety, can geotagging be okay? Blog by FOSI intern alum Erin McCowey.

When Can Geotagging on Instagram Be a Good Thing?

Viewing modes may be changing, but kids’ natural tendencies have not.

Kids are emotional schedulers, and that’s good news

FOSI CEO Stephen Balkam leading discussions on digital citizenship, stakeholder dialogue, and a wide range of other issues yesterday in Malaysia.
A great look about the different cultural contexts of #digitalparenting on a global scale.

Bridging time between home and the mine: Parenting through social media in northern Chile

"In thinking about how to teach children to read effectively in the digital age, we need to stop thinking in terms of slow and fast."

Speed it up or slow it down? The boundaries of reading apps for children

FOSI CEO Stephen Balkam speaking at #RSAC 2017:
In a world of connected toys, virtual reality games and AI personal assistants in our homes, keeping our kids (and ourselves) safe, secure and private has become a much bigger challenge.

From Hello Barbie to Pokemon Go: The New World of Online Safety | RSA Conference

Valentine's Day is a great reason to check in with your teen, especially if they use dating apps!

Is Your Teen Dating Online?

Today is the 10th anniversary of FOSI's founding, and we are reflecting on much of the great work that's been done since 2007. The family online safety contract is one of the first, and most popular, resources that we offered. You can download it here!

Family Online Safety Contract

Watch RSAC TV - Live at RSA Conference 2017 on Livestream. Stephen Balkam will be speaking this afternoon!

RSAC TV | USA 2017 | RSA Conference

Safer Internet Day 2017 may be behind us, but there’s still time to commit to putting our best digital foot forward by taking the Digital Civility Challenge and committing to its four ideals. #Challenge4Civility

At US Safer Internet Day launch event in Philadelphia, youth commit to being kinder online - Microsoft on the Issues

What is the end goal of digital parenting? Empowered, independent young tech users who understand the value of their safety online.

How to Teach Your Child to Conduct Digital Maintenance

For many high school seniors, college decisions are top of mind. These are some tips to help students ensure that their social media feeds reflect well on their applications.

12 Social Media Tips for College Applicants