It's Inauguration Day, and these are FOSI's online safety recommendations to the incoming Administration.

FOSI Releases Recommendations for Next Administration
While kids still may prefer to meet at school or through friends, social media is often where they feel comfortable discussing their feelings.

Tweens and Teens Dating in the Digital Age - Raising Digital Natives
Humorous, but only because Amazon refunds in-app purchases made by kids without permission.

6-Year Old Uses Sleeping Mom’s Thumbprint to Go on a Shopping Spree
A great reminder to teach kids that apps are fun, but it's also fine to live a #nofilter life.

Teaching Self Esteem in a Selfie World
This article calls it the "Goldilocks Effect."

Moderate screen use 'boosts teen wellbeing' - BBC News
In response to online safety and screen time concerns, Australian providers are creating product options that limit, but don't deny, kids' access to the mobile world.

Phones back to basics on safety
"I can’t wait to see you redefine technology as you continue your maturation."

This letter via NYC Dads Group is spot on.

Technology Should Enhance Childhood, Not Replace Parenting
Estonia has been an “incubator” of an advanced digital identity system for rest of the world. What do you think of their approach?

e-Estonia: The power and potential of digital identity | Thomson Reuters
From launching new resources to examining the many developments in online safety, privacy, and innovation, it's been a busy and exciting year. Here are our highlights.

FOSI 2016 Year in Review
As technology changes, so must parents' and caregivers' approach to understanding it.

Eight Questions for Families To Help Understand Tech in Transition
This weekend has been all about #CES2017. Here are some privacy observations from Dr. Rosner of @IoTPrivacyForum. What did you think of the advances in wearables and IoT this year?

CES 2017 - Day 1 Privacy Wrap-up
Facebook is continuing to refine their approach to negative content, both in automated and human processes.

“The thing to keep in mind is that the vast majority of conversations and interactions on our platform are really, really positive.”

Stay and be safe: Facebook tidies up advice on preventing online bullying
This is a great conversation starter to have with your teen. What standards and posting etiquette are their social circle using?

The Unspoken Rules Kids Create for Instagram
What kind of 2016 did FOSI have? Here's a rundown of our year in review:
Billed as the world’s first facial recognition for phones, the app Blippar would make it possible for people to scan faces—either in print, on TV or in real life. What do you think are the pros and cons of augmented reality?

Now anyone can profile people using facial recognition
#Coding can be an activity for the whole family - check out this toolkit from Verizon!

Toolkit: Coding for families 101
As the holiday break comes to a close, it's a great time to brush up on understanding how your child's information is handled in the classroom.

Useful Tips for Understanding Student Data Privacy
As of January 1st, a new law ensures that French employees have a right to disconnect from after hours emails. How do you handle work-life balance?

French Law Giving Workers 'The Right To Disconnect' Goes Into Effect