"A groundbreaking aspect of this is that these aren’t watered-down kid versions of Chrome, Maps, Search, etc., they’re the full-blown versions as controlled by their parents."

A breakdown of Google's new Family Link toolset by digital parenting expert Anne Collier via NetFamilyNews.

Finally, kids can have their own Google accounts (with parents’ help)

Instagram will be updating security and safety measures, while also launching events that celebrate the kindness of their community. Check out their help center for more details!

Fostering a Safer, Kinder Community

"Until society catches up with this new technology, parents are the first line of defense."

An interesting opinion piece about the online hyper-sexualization of girls, using one Internet sensation as a case study.

First she became a 13-year-old internet meme. Now, she's treated like a porn star | Nancy Jo Sales

"Apple will be playing a high-stakes game, betting that we’ll all want to improve our digital lives with augmented reality."

Apple is taking augmented reality very seriously

From the perspective of a "quasi-adult" - is enforcing technology rules at bedtime worth the struggle?

The Effects of Using Technology at Night

Upgraded your device? Here's five ways from TELUS to put old smartphones and tablets to good use.

Five things to do with your old smartphone

Kids with learning difficulties such as dyslexia can now benefit from an influx of teaching tools and apps in the classroom. #edtech

11 online tools & apps for dyslexic students

Learning to survive in a world dominated by the internet should be as important for children as reading and writing, says a House of Lords report.

Pupils need internet lessons to thrive online, say Lords - BBC News

Following last week's announcements, Google is now exercising a new approach to flagging potential hate speech.

Google hopes to improve search quality with 'offensive' flag

We're grateful for the dedication of all those who are working to tackle online child sexual exploitation. To learn more about this issue and the efforts of academics, governments, nonprofits and industry on a global scale, check out our resource FOSI GRID.

FOSI GRID - The Global Resource and Information Directory

A program of the Family Online Safety Institute (FOSI), GRID was first launched in 2010 as the only comprehensive source of peer-reviewed online safety infor...

When a viral video becomes a teachable moment. #digitalparenting

BBC interview dad, and the joys and perils of parenting on the internet

Parents, if you've seen the recent debates about live streaming apps, you'll want to read this.

What Parents Need to Understand About Live Streaming Apps

Opinion: a first look at Google's newest kid-safe technology.

First Look: Google Family Link app helps parents manage kid's smartphones

The curriculum is expected to include issues such as online safety, sexting and consent.

Why teaching children about porn and sexting is a step in the right direction

"The paper suggests we need more focus on educating and supporting teenagers to view online material responsibly, especially given increasing use of mobile devices outside the home. The main emphasis should be on how teenagers manage online experiences that make them feel uncomfortable or scared."

Doubts about whether internet filters protect teenagers online | University of Oxford

For many, a smartphone is not about entertainment – it’s a lifeline.

No Health Insurance Is Hard. No Phone? Unthinkable.

Followers are social media currency. How can you make sure your teen isn't sacrificing their safety for status?

What’s the Hype About Followers?

“1.8 billion people are on Facebook. 500 million tweets are sent out every day. No matter how you cut it, it’s incredibly important to make sure we are taking the fight to where the country and the world is at. Simply put, it’s online.” – Jonathan Greenblatt, ADL - Anti-Defamation League

Omidyar Network and the Anti-Defamation League are launching a center to combat cyberhate

Cars that can "talk" to each other are ready to hit the open road. The revolution is just beginning. #connectedcars #IOT

Cadillac's new cars can talk to each other about road conditions