Family Tree DNA
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"Knowledge of our ancestors shapes us and instills within us values that give direction and meaning to our lives.” - Dennis B. Neuenschwander
Family Tree DNA
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A Mummy's DNA May Help Solve The Mystery Of The Origins Of Smallpox.

A Mummy's DNA May Help Solve The Mystery Of The Origins Of Smallpox
Family Tree DNA
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Who is the most famous or infamous person in your family tree?
Family Tree DNA
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Family Tree DNA
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With the help of Family Tree DNA, woman finds lost brothers, sisters through DNA testing.

Boynton Beach woman finds lost siblings through DNA test
Family Tree DNA
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"We may have all come on different ships, but we're in the same boat now.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
Family Tree DNA
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A beautiful story of how an antique bookcase brought a writer to her family’s storied past.

Rebecca Smith: My antique bookcase brings me closer to my family's storied past
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13 Things to Know About Friday the 13th.

Here are 13 Things to Know About Friday the 13th
What's the coolest thing you've ever found (record or fact) in your family history?
"If we tried to sink the past beneath our feet, be sure the future would not stand." – Elizabeth Barrett Browning
Why we're closer than ever to a timeline for human evolution.

Why we're closer than ever to a timeline for human evolution
Have blue eyes? Turns out they’re actually brown!

Why everyone has brown eyes, even if they appear blue
Indigenous women share the pride and challenges of their mixed ancestry.

The complicated pride of three mixed-ancestry Indigenous women
On this day in 1789, the United States had its first presidential election!

First U.S. presidential election - Jan 07, 1789 -
In 1620, the Mayflower came to North America. Check out this list of 11 famous Mayflower descendants!

11 Famous Mayflower Descendants
Start the new year with new family connections. With a simple cheek swab, discover your roots, connect the dots and unlock your family history.

Autosomal DNA Testing - Find Family & Relatives - Family Finder
DNA clue to how humans evolved big brains.

DNA clue to how humans evolved big brains - BBC News
"It’s one of nature’s ways that we often feel closer to distant generations than to the generation immediately preceding us." – Igor Stravinsky
What are your genealogy goals for 2017? Share with us in the comments below!