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We’re looking forward to chatting with mums, dads and expecting parents at the Pregnancy Babies and Children's Expo in Melbourne this weekend.

If you’re looking for information about assistance for families then come and say hi! We’ll be at stand E51 from 10am to 5pm all weekend. More info including location, times and tickets here: [ Link ]
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As a parent, you want your child to feel safe at school, so how can you help to make your child's school experience a positive one?

The Safe Schools Hub for Parents has lots of useful information and resources to help with connecting with your child's school, communicating with your child and supporting their wellbeing.

Read about what a safe and supportive school may look like here:
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Homework can feel like a chore if your child is feeling unprepared, but it doesn't have to! You can help your child make the most out of their study time with these handy homework tips from Learning Potential Australia:

Homework tips | Learning Potential, Australian Government
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Child Care Benefit helps families with the costs of putting their kids into child care. It is available for both approved and registered child care including family or occasional day care, outside school hour care, vacation care, pre-school and kindergarten.

Information about Child Care Benefit including eligibility and how to claim can be found here: [ Link ]
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We often get asked how to find out your child's Customer Reference Number (CRN) to give to a child care provider as they need this information so you can access Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate. The good thing is, it's pretty straightforward to find this information, and you don't need to call!

You can log in to your Centrelink online account via myGov, select 'Family Assistance' from...
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Family Update
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You might be affected by changes to family payments. Parental Leave Pay and Dad and Partner Pay now count as income when we as assess you or your partner for an income support payment.

Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement is now subject to an income test of $80,000. There are also changes to how we calculate adjusted taxable income. We'll take most of these changes into account automatically...
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Even if you haven't used approved child care for a while, you may still be set up to receive Child Care Benefit (CCB) and Child Care Rebate (CCR) from us.

It's easy to check if you're still current for child care payments - log into your Express Plus Centrelink app and select 'Childcare' from the menu. Then select 'Childcare summary' and you'll be able to see which of your children are...
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Bullying may make someone feel hopeless, alone, as well as unsafe and confused. Unfortunately, there are many types of bullying, including physical, verbal, social, psychological and cyberbullying.

mindhealthconnect has information about how bullying can affect someone, why people do it and even tips on how to stop bullying. It also has links to other resources. More here: ¤[...
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Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement nearly broke the internet - twice! Whether you're a Single Lady or Crazy in Love, you should check out our 'Having a Baby' page: [ Link ]

Claims for Family Tax Benefit and/or Parental Leave Pay or Dad and Partner Pay can be made up to 12 weeks in advance! If you do lodge a pre-birth claim, you'll need to provide us with proof of birth...
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With thousands of kids starting 'big' school this year, we often get questions about how to advise us about a change in child care provider.

The good news is you don't need to - simply provide the new child care provider with your and your child's CRN, they will formalise the enrolment and we'll start receiving your child's attendance information from them on a weekly/fortnightly basis....
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This Valentine's Day make a date... to discuss organ donation.

Did you know that more than 1,400 Australians are waiting for a life-saving or life-transforming transplant? In 2016, a record 1,713 Australians received a lifesaving transplant through the generosity of 503 deceased organ donors and their families who agreed to donation - that's a lot of love, right there.

Register online...
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#HowToTuesday It's Valentine's Day and if you're in love, you want to tell the world. If you're in love and have recently moved house, you don't have to shout it from your new rooftop, but you will need to let us know. You can do this online or with our Express Plus apps.

For Centrelink, once you've logged in, select 'Personal Details' from the menu then 'Update Your Details'. We've got a...
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Your digital reputation is shaped by what you do online - what you post, tag and share. It can affect friendships, relationships and even future job prospects.

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner have some common-sense advice to help you help your child manage their digital reputation. Once information makes its way online it can be difficult to remove and can be easily and...
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The Internet opens the world up for teens and kids, but unfortunately it's not all cute goats and cheeky puppies. Not everyone out there has good intentions.

Parents and kids having good information and being aware is the best way to limit the negative impact of things like cyber bullying and exposure to inappropriate or harmful content.

The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner is...
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Lost your Medicare card? Did you know you can request a new card from the palm of your hand using the Express Plus Medicare mobile app? Sign in to the app and select ‘Replace Card’ from the main menu.

Find out more about what else you can do using the Express Plus Medicare app here: [ Link ]
Do you want to know more about your child's school? The My School website was created so parents and the community have information about their children's school.

There are more than 10,000 schools featured on the site. Each school provides some information for their profile page describing the school's context and character. In most cases, a link to the school's website is given.

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Kids and teenagers are very tech savvy, but they still need a parent's guiding hand when it comes to using the internet safely. Today is the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner's Safer Internet Day, a day where kids and parents are asked to think about how they can 'Be the Change. Unite for a better internet.'

Safer Internet Day raises awareness about things like the importance of...
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From 1 January 2017 the way Reportable Fringe Benefits affect your family assistance payments changed. If you receive fringe benefits from a not for profit organisation, you may be exempt from these changes so it's best to talk to your employer to find out if this is the case.

If your reportable fringe benefits are exempt, and you haven't updated your income estimate with us, we encourage...
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If your kitchen seems like a sitcom on a school day with well-dressed, well-fed children lining up to receive their lunches in brown paper bags, we salute you!

For others, a school morning can involve breakfast boycotts, forgotten permission slips and scraping accidental science experiments out of lunchboxes.

The Learning Potential website has 5 tips to help you and your kids get a great...
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February is HeartKids Awareness Month supporting Australia's little battlers - those struggling with Childhood Heart Disease. There are some great ways to help a heart in need.

Check out their website and if you can, get involved and support HeartKids this month. More information here: [ Link ]

HeartKids Australia | Helping those with childhood heart disease and their families