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Friday, a team of us hit the road for an epic road trip to bring Weekend to Remember content directly to you from Chicago, Cleveland and Nashville! #WTRoadtrip
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Ready whenever and wherever you want, let our new I Still Do® On Demand remind you of the commitment you made. - [ Link ]

Make a Marriage Go the Distance
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"What’s interesting is—when you begin to see how regularly the Old Testament is pointing toward the coming of the Messiah and identifying the characteristics that will be true of this coming Messiah, you begin to see that all of Scripture points to Jesus." - Bob Lepine
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If you want an inside look at what goes on at a Weekend to Remember, follow #WTRoadtrip as we go to 3 getaways in 3 days, starting one week from today!
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On a scale from 1 to 10, how happy are you it's the weekend?
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Rather than just letting Easter Sunday sneak up on you, why not do something intentional to prepare yourself and your family to celebrate the Resurrection? - [ Link ]

Preparing for Easter
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As the celebration of Easter approaches, take some time to "be still and know that He is God." (Ps. 46:10)
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Do you spend a ton of time preparing for Christmas, and then Easter kind of just ... happens?

Maybe it's time for that to change. - [ Link ]
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"In this fallen world you cannot avoid suffering; you can have peace in the midst of it. You cannot avoid trials; you can have confidence of their purpose. You cannot bind God by your prayers; you can guarantee His blessing. You cannot direct the will of God; you can pray according to His will and rest in the assurance of His love." - [ Link ]

Praying Backwards
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Can you believe Easter is right around the corner? The Lent season is all about preparing our hearts for celebrating the Resurrection. We've got some tools that will help. - [ Link ]

Unlocking the Mysteries of Lent
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Do you have a clear definition of what it means, biblically, to be a woman? Does your daughter? - [ Link ]
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We've rented the tour bus. We've purchased our snacks. We've made a playlist. And now we're ready to hit the open road to give you a taste of Weekend to Remember! Cleveland, Chicago and Nashville, we'll see you the weekend of March 3. And if you can't make it to one of those events, get to a getaway near you! - [ Link ] | #WTRoadtrip
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"What are biblical truths that we as women can speak over ourselves as we look in the mirror each morning?"

That was one of the questions we asked the ladies behind Girl Defined on Facebook Live when they visited our headquarters to record their broadcast series. - [ Link ]

FamilyLife - Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird tell us about... | Facebook
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Excerpt of a letter written by Ronald Reagan to his son, Michael, just before his wedding day. #marriage
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Beyonce, beauty - and being a woman today. How can parents raise their daughters with a proper understanding of God's design for femininity, when culture tells them something different? - [ Link ]

Real Sexual Freedom
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While Kristen Clark and Bethany Baird, both tall blondes, found an open door into modeling, what they discovered inside the modeling business made them both decide to close the door and walk away forever, with their standards intact. Learn why they made that decision: [ Link ]
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If you pray only one prayer for your marriage, make it this. - [ Link ]
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What are ways you have felt the #love of the Lord throughout your life?
02/21/2017 at 16:50. Facebook
Bryan Carter is a Dallas-area minister and long-time friend of us here at FamilyLife. You may have even seen him as a presenter in The Art of Marriage series. Last night, he made a cameo on The Bachelor, as Rachel's hometown pastor.

While we do not endorse The Bachelor franchise, we do believe in the positive impact a Christian leader can have on network television. If you'd like to know...
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Preparing to Honor Your Parents
02/21/2017 at 14:51. Facebook
Have you ever—as a parent—found yourself saying to your children, “Because I said so,” when they ask why? On today's broadcast, we learn how to go beyond, "Because I said so." - [ Link ]

Being a God Fearing Girl in a Godless World