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These woman hold a luncheon every year to tell stories about and honor their ancestors. These stories serve as guides to handling trials and struggles that arise within the family. In what ways does knowing about your family history strengthen you? Share it with us using #familysearch
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What hobbies, interests, and talents do you have in common with your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors?
Use #52Stories to help record your personal history: [ Link ]
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Do you have a strategy when searching unindexed records?
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A single photograph can reveal a surprising history. A small, yellowing photograph tucked inside his father’s watch case led Itzhak David Goldberg to research his deceased father’s early life. He discovered a carefully hidden past full of loss and #Holocaust secrets—secrets his father kept inside to spare his family. With a grateful heart, Goldberg shares what he found in his research and the...
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Essay: An Heirloom Watch, a Hidden Photo, and the Discovery of My Father’s Holocaust Secret
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Have you ever wanted to do family history while on the go? Do you like the idea of adding an ancestor’s name to your family tree while at the bus stop? Or does the convenience of snapping an old photo while at Grandma’s house and instantly uploading it to your ancestor’s profile appeal to you? Take a look at the differences between FamilySearch Tree and Memories and a few of the benefits of...
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How to Use FamilySearch’s Mobile Apps
What would you do if you found a tiny disintegrating book in the garbage? Would you dare flip through its pages? Would you consider where it came from or who owned it? Read the amazing story of one little brown book's journey from garbage to the hands of descendants of its original owner.

Bible from 1881 found in trash, returned to NC family – Shaffer
Did you know you can use asterisks and question marks when searching for your ancestors on FamilySearch? Using an asterisk in the example "J*n" can bring up names such as John or Jean because the asterisk can replace multiple characters. Using a question mark in the example "J?n" will bring up names such as Jan or Jon because the question mark only replaces one character. Try out these other...
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5 tips to finding elusive records in FamilySearch
Do you like to dabble in lots of different hobbies? If so, what are they?
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Here’s a great heirloom story that brought about something positive from tragedy. Sidney Worrall, an injured cook on board a torpedoed World War II ship, passed his watch to a passenger on board and asked him to take care of it. Almost a century later, the Riverside Museum in Glasgow appealed for information about Sidney Worrall. Two of his descendants, his granddaughter and nephew, responded...
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Museum reunites family with grandfather's prized wartime watch
The sourcing of data within the family tree is crucial to keeping everything to industry standard. At FamilySearch it's easy to show your sources. From birth certificates to censuses, learn how to attach photos or links to help others working on their family trees.

How to Add Sources
Family food traditions have the power to heal wounds as well as preserve heritage. Read one woman's story about how a family dumplings recipe reunited her with sibling and helped to mend frayed ties.
Upload family recipe stories like these to :

Saying Sorry with Dumplings - Stories that Inspire
Whether it's a culinary masterpiece or an everyday dish, family recipes bring us together. Starting family food traditions can give us an opportunity to do a different type of genealogy.
Add your own recipe stories here:

Start Your Own Family Food Traditions
How can missionaries better retain converts? Helping converts search, find, and take the name of one of their ancestors to the temple is one of the best methods of strengthening individuals and families.

What to know about LDS temple and family history work going forward from RootsTech
What were your favorite hobbies and pastimes in your childhood?
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Do you index or know someone who does?
These vintage photographs show everyday life, farming, industry, and culture in Yokohama, Japan, around 1908. Take a look at the details and the stories they tell. What a treasure if any of the people pictured could be identified for their descendants!

71 Vintage Photos Captured Daily Life of Yokohama in the 1900s
FamilySearch is a gold mine of great records—but how do you unlock this treasure chest? Learn why sometimes putting less information brings more results, how to search by location, and why special collections may be what you need to sift through in order to get the information you need. With a little extra background knowledge and a few insider tips, you’ll be able to map out your next move...
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How to Search the FamilySearch Site
Do you have a favorite census? Tell us why!
The 1910 Census began to provide more precise data and is a crucial information cache for many seeking connections in their ancestral research.

Four Reasons Why the 1910 Census is My Favorite
On July 12, 1973 16-18 million military personnel records were destroyed in a fire—a disaster unparalleled in the U.S. records-keeping history. Most of these records had no duplicates, or microfilm copies. It was estimated that 80 percent of Army personnel and 75 percent of Air Force personnel records from 1912 to 1960 were lost forever. Just as harmful as a fire, is the destruction that...
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Preserving Historical Records: Lesson of the National Personnel Records Center Fire
"There are many ways to strengthen and preserve precious eternal relationships. Start simple. Start today." - Stephen Owen