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NEW YORK, March 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Academy Award nominee James Franco will narrate the audio edition of THE DEAD ZONE by bestselling author Stephen King. Simon & Schuster Audio will publish the King classic, which has never been available as an audiobook, on April 25th, 2017. Franco recently

James Franco To Narrate Stephen King's THE DEAD ZONE Available For The First Time As An Audiobook
Fans of Stephen King
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After Trump baselessly accused Obama of wiretapping his offices, King mocked him with a horror story, told in three tweets.

Analysis | Stephen King trolls Trump’s wiretapping tweets as only a horror writer could
One of the most terrifying horror movies ever made is Cujo, Lewis Teague's 1983 adaptation of Stephen King's novel. With the film's 35th anniversary on the

Stephen King's 'Cujo': Never-before-seen Photos From the Set! (Exclusive)
The master of horror has announced his second book -- and collaboration -- of the year.

Stephen King and son coming out with epic new horror novel
Fans of Stephen King's IT are excited by the prospect of a cinematic adaptation, but only if it's able to deliver on the terror that the original work was able to create in its readers. Based on what's recently been shown of the new movie, it appears that may be exactly what we're going to get.

Stephen King's It Trailer Brings One The Book's Scariest Scenes To Life - CINEMABLEND
What do Dave Barry, Stephen King, Matt Groening, and Ridley Pearson have in common except being famous writers?

Author Superband Rock Bottom Remainders - Founders of 'Hard-listening Music' Genre
The Duffer Brothers, creators of Netlfix's Stranger Things, originally wanted to adapt Stephen King's It

Stranger Things creators the Duffer Bros wanted to make Stephen King's It
Stephen King is usually an extremely prolific author, often publishing two or more novels in a single year. Surprisingly, though, the King of modern horror has

Stephen King’s New Novella ‘Gwendy’s Button Box’ Is About A Trump-Like Figure
The first half of the two-part movie event for Stephen King’s It is currently in post-production and already had test screenings in the middle of last December. While it wasn’t certain if the film would receive a sequel (nothing was… Continue Reading →

The Second Half of Stephen King's It Will Supposedly Start Shooting in a Few Weeks
Stephen King book humor via The New Yorker Cartoons
Why adapt just one Stephen King story when you can adapt a dozen or more? This being a Bad Robot production, most of the details about Castle Rock remain locked in a mystery box, but what we do know is that the 10-episode first season will thread together multiple characters and storylines from King

‘Castle Rock’: 8 Stephen King Stories We Want to See in the New Hulu Series
See the cover for Stephen King and Richard Chizmar’s new Castle Rock novella

See the Cover for Stephen King and Richard Chizmar's New Castle Rock Novella
Most Stephen King movie or TV adaptations have been just that: adaptations. Some have taken some liberties with the material, with the least faithful being reinterpretations of his writing. So when a teaser …

Stephen King's Works Are Already Connected in 'Castle Rock'
Had Stanley Kubrick's 1980 horror epic The Shining existed independent of the Stephen King novel upon which it was based, it would've been considered one of the greatest horror movies ever made. And it was truly a great Stanley Kubrick film—which means a lot, given he was a genius of the form. But i...

Stephen King Will Never Stop Hating on Stanley Kubrick's Version of 'The Shining'
You may have visited the town of Castle Rock in a Stephen King book or two. Now it’s coming to TV. J.J. Abrams will executive-produce a new King-inspired original series, Castle Rock, coming …

Stephen King Series Castle Rock Headed to Hulu From J.J. Abrams
“There were people who lied for gain, people who lied from pain, people who lied simply because the concept of telling the truth was utterly alien to them . . . and then there were people who lied because they were waiting for it to be time to tell the truth.”
--from Needful Things (1991) by Stephen King

Vigilance in an Age of 'Alternative Facts': 14 Quotes on the Art of Deceit
A recommendation from Mr. King's Twitter: "ALL THINGS CEASE TO APPEAR, by Elizabeth Brundage: Ghosts, murder, a terrifying psychotic who seems normal, and beautiful writing. Loved it."

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While we wait for this year's big screen adaptations of Stephen King's It and The Dark Tower, let's not forget that Netflix is hard at work on an adaptatio

Stephen King Has Seen Netflix's 'Gerald's Game'; "Horrifying" and "Terrific" - Bloody Disgusting!