Hmmm… Wonder what this could be... #PrezzieGoals
Messing with your bestie's phone... who's guilty??
How many FANTA Orange cans can you spot??
Calling all meme-lords! Caption this!? #YouKnowYouWantTo
FANTA Orange... How do you like it? Frozen or can?
Welcome to the magical garden of FANTA! ✨
Can you count how many cans we’ve hidden?!
FANTA Spider? OR... FANTA ~sPiDeR? #ToughChoices #TrickOrTreat
EN GARDE! ⚔ Which FANTA Frozen flavour wins this round?
Get you a drink who can do both.
Hey FANTA friends! FANTA Australia needs a new cover photo, and we want YOU to show us your incred’ SKILLZ. Using the image below, design a cover photo for us and you could have your work displayed on the FANTA Australia Facebook page! Check out our current cover photo for inspo! Send us your masterpiece in a DM or post it below!
When you tell your squad the pic STILL isn’t good enough… Who’s guilty?!
Want to find out your FANTA DeStInY~? Pause the video below to see what/who/where you’ll be in the FUTUUUUURE & don't forget to tell us what you got!
BakedbyAndres made this ahhhmazing FANTA cake! Who’d be keen to try?
DUN DUN DUN… FANTA Orange? Or FANTA Raspberry? Which gets your vote?
Who did it better? Spider or Human? #BeMoreFANTA