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Level up ☝ to Jelly Fizz AWESOMENESS ✨ when you shake the can 10 times!!
Fanta Raspberry Jelly Fizz – is it Jelly, or is it Fanta? ???? POR QUE NO LOS DOS!

Jelly connoisseur Jacko Brazier shows us how to unlock the jelly within!
Fanta + Jelly = FANTA JELLY FIZZ! The first soft drink you NEED to shake! Have you tried it yet?
#fanta #jellyfizz
Hmmm… Wonder what this could be... #PrezzieGoals
Messing with your bestie's phone... who's guilty??
How many FANTA Orange cans can you spot??
Calling all meme-lords! Caption this!? #YouKnowYouWantTo
FANTA Orange... How do you like it? Frozen or can?
Welcome to the magical garden of FANTA! ✨
Can you count how many cans we’ve hidden?!
FANTA Spider? OR... FANTA ~sPiDeR? #ToughChoices #TrickOrTreat
EN GARDE! ⚔ Which FANTA Frozen flavour wins this round?
Get you a drink who can do both.
Hey FANTA friends! FANTA Australia needs a new cover photo, and we want YOU to show us your incred’ SKILLZ. Using the image below, design a cover photo for us and you could have your work displayed on the FANTA Australia Facebook page! Check out our current cover photo for inspo! Send us your masterpiece in a DM or post it below!
When you tell your squad the pic STILL isn’t good enough… Who’s guilty?!