What’s berry good and sour-licious? NEW FANTA SOUR TINGLE!!! Hands up if your taste buds are ready for the tingle!
Nathaniel Pillar
Ajax J. Patchapath
Emily Carden
Fanta Australia
Fanta Australia
04/26/2017 at 06:56. Facebook
Fanta + Disrupt Sports = YOU DECIDE! We’re handing over the reigns to you - show us your deck designs and you could win your own!!
Stewart Power
Lachlan Mulhearn
Jasmine Hawker
We’ve just re-released 35 double passes to The Big Shake Up!! Wanna see this guy? Get in quick and grab a ticket – they won’t last‼ [ Fanta.com.au Link ]
by Andrew Lambrou
Weve just rereleased 35 double passes to The Big Shake Up Wanna
Nath Ta
Luke Callaghan
Alexis Tauroa
Furry Little Peach is getting ~fantastical with Fanta!! Does this fill you with fruity, fantabulous ideas?! Well get inspired and get involved, because we want to see how YOU can shake things up!!
Kazí Mùbïn
Christine O'Connor
Charli Del Medico
Fanta cookies? WHY NOT!? We’re handing Fanta over to YOU.. and all the fun fantabulous and FrUitY ✨ ideas you have!

by Vickie Liu
Stewart Power
Pameala Lu
Kira Oakley
Fanta Jelly Fizz = two dashes of Jelly, one splash of classic Fanta FIZZZZ. SHAKE IT and SLURP IT!! #FantasGoneJelly
Edan Masciantonio
Travis Downes
Tahlia May
WORLD’S FIRST CROWD-SOURCED SNAPCHAT LENS!!! Show us YOUR incredible lens idea by April 5th and it could be brought to life!
Molly Armstrong
Anthony Louise Maristela
Freddie Moffat
Level up ☝ to Jelly Fizz AWESOMENESS ✨ when you shake the can 10 times!!
Naeve Parsons
Logan Keeling
Aisling Atkins
Fanta Raspberry Jelly Fizz – is it Jelly, or is it Fanta? ???? POR QUE NO LOS DOS!
Mavis Tian
Thomas Bray
Jordana Rowe

Jelly connoisseur Jacko Brazier shows us how to unlock the jelly within!
Timothy Mendelson
Abbie Conroy
Abbie Hopkinson
Fanta + Jelly = FANTA JELLY FIZZ! The first soft drink you NEED to shake! Have you tried it yet?
#fanta #jellyfizz
Timothy Mendelson
Shauna Singh
Kamarie Simpson
Stewart Power
Michael Assmann
Jasmine Lee
Helen Chong
Jonathon Holmes Welsh
Najat Elakour
Tom Cusbert
Safa Badr
Sam Spinelli
Hmmm… Wonder what this could be... #PrezzieGoals
Hmmm… Wonder what this could be PrezzieGoals
Molly Meadows
Tony Nguyen
Ethan Schultzy Schultz
Messing with your bestie's phone... who's guilty??
Messing with your bestie's phone who's guilty
Tiffany Price
Narissa Davis
Tameika Copson
Emma Shaw
Kate Easlea
Yolanda Wang
How many FANTA Orange cans can you spot??
Jared Conder
Tanner South
Carlos Maneana
Calling all meme-lords! Caption this!? #YouKnowYouWantTo
Calling all memelords Caption this YouKnowYouWantTo
Thomas Driver
James Holliday
Riley Gibbs
FANTA Orange... How do you like it? Frozen or can?
FANTA Orange How do you like it Frozen or can
Sarah Keating
Georgina Thompson
Darren Ripley Jack