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This vegan shrimp is coming in April, ahead of schedule, due to increased demand! Will you try it?

Vegan Shrimp to Hit Shelves Next Month
[movie trailer voice] Imagine a world in which all restaurants went vegan... Which spots would you most like see get a vegan makeover?
Just another great example of the powerful outreach & lasting results happening with our 10 Billion Lives campaign!
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The bill will make it illegal for employees, journalists, investigators, and watchdogs to report abuse across industries including nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and factory farms.

Arkansas Passes Debilitating Ag-Gag Bill
Baileys Almande is really vegan! For real this time! Cheers!

Baileys new vegan drink actually is nuts
Story time!
Our latest Action Highlights newsletter is here! Meet the new members of the FARM team, learn how you can help out the 10 Billion Lives traveling crew, and more: [ Link ]
โ€œAnimals or animal byproducts simply arenโ€™t needed to create delicious, healthy, protein-rich food.โ€

The longtime vegetarian brand is set to transition all of its products to be vegan by the end of 2017. Woo hoo!

Lightlife Goes Vegan
Today is World Water Day!

Did you know that growing feed crops for livestock consumes 56% of all water used in the US? Or that 2,500 gallons of water are needed to produce just 1 pound of beef? Learn more at!
Mark your calendars for our next Vegans In Person (VIP) Facebook Live event, this month hosted by Brian Patton AKA The Sexy Vegan!
Here's a nice note to end #Meatout on: this "Triple Baconator" made vegan using Upton's Naturals bacon, Beyond Meat burger patties, & Field Roast Grain Meat's Chao cheese! Made by Vegan Voyagers
Animal Friends Croatia threw a vegan pizza party for #Meatout2017, featuring 25 different options!
Here's a cozy vegan recipe for this week's #MeatoutMondays (which happens to fall on #Meatout day itself!): [ Link ]
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