Farm Heroes Saga
02/22/2017 at 18:26. Facebook
It's one of the hottest vacation destinations of 2017... But if you don't have plans to visit Santorini, you can discover it in our NEW EPISODE, out now!

You're welcome (*dodges plates*)
Chillin' into Friday like...

Passing the NEW LEVELS in Farm Heroes Saga like...
Were you wondering what Hunter is up to this evening for Valentine's Day? Didn't think so! But here's his plan anyway...
Chase the Sun is back with an update!

Our players will notice that you now need to complete the level for your Sun Cropsies to count towards your total.

These tweaks should make it more of a challenge, as originally intended by our game designers.

Good luck and enjoy those rewards!
We are SO ready! #SuperBowl #SB51
We've made some tweaks to Quests to make claiming your rewards much clearer! Simply click the 'Collect' button to get them!

Remember, you must have the latest version of the game on mobile for all the best content!

Complete a series of QUESTS and you’ll earn Farmtastic rewards.

You can then use them to complete those tricky levels and defeat that pesky raccoon! On mobile only.
Oh my cluck! The Chicken Coop event is about to end on mobile. Have you completed it yet? Ends January, 31, 4am GMT.
It's the year of the rooster! Don't be a chicken, celebrate with us in our new event on mobile. Ends January, 31, 4am GMT.
Hey Farmers! We've added 15 NEW LEVELS for you to complete on mobile. Have you got the skills?
It's Choo Choo time!

Choo Choo's Challenge is out now and it's EGGcellent (sorry!). Ends 4am GMT, January 24, mobile only
A-ha! Here he is! Wilbur caught red-handed stealing the Cropsies!

Work your magic and help Stella defeating that evil cat in the brand new Bubble Witch 3 Saga!
Friday has got us like...

PS: Head to the Farm on mobile, there's some chickens that need YOUR help over the weekend!
Do we have to take down our tree yet? ☹
Who’s that cat stealing Cropsies from the farm?

Work your magic and help Stella defeat Wilbur in the upcoming King game! [ Link ]