There's still time to nominate a farmer or rancher to be honored in the pages of the 2018 edition (Ends 1/31): [ Link ]
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Congratulations to Tim Younger and Michelle W — they'll each get a copy of the 2017 Anniversary Collector’s edition Almanac!

60% of you responded that good ol’ mac and cheese was your favorite cheesy dish. Here's our recipe to sink your teeth into for #NationalCheeseLoversDay!

Thanks to everyone for playing! Until next week...

Macaroni and Cheese - Farmers' Almanac
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Gouda morning! Answer this week’s question for #NationalCheeseLoversDay on our web site (not here) via the link below. Up for grabs: a 2017 Almanac! Ends at 4 pm EST.

Answer this week's question here!
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See how many of these sports tidbits you know. #FunFactsFriday

Do You Know Your Sports Trivia? - Farmers' Almanac
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Got insomnia? Catch some zzzzs with a cup of the all-natural "sleep tea."

Great Reasons To Brew Some Chamomile Tea Right Now
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Basket coffee filters also make great disposable snack bowls for popcorn, chips, etc. More ideas inside! #NationalPopcornDay

10 Unusual But Effective Ways To Use Coffee Filters - Farmers' Almanac
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Thanks to Pete Hutchins, Springfield NY, for this amazing photo from Wednesday - the power of Mother Nature! "This Weeping Willow's tears are frozen this morning."
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Read about some blizzards of the past of epic proportions, including one during a presidential inauguration. #TBT

Historic Blizzards - Farmers' Almanac
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Wondering what we predicted weather-wise for Inauguration Day? Visit our long-range weather page (for Zone 1) for the forecast, calculated almost 2 years ago:

2017 Long Range Weather Forecast - Farmers' Almanac
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Ever wonder why January is the time when a new president takes office? Find out.

(While we value freedom of speech, we ask that comments be respectful and stay on point, as we are a family-friendly page.)

Why Do We Swear in New Presidents in January? - Farmers' Almanac
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22° Solar Halo - Throggs Neck - Bronx, NY, photo by Louis Bruno. Read about these interesting occurrences here: [ Link ]
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Today's #WednesdayWisdom
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#AstronomyAlert: Are you a night owl? Then you won't want to miss this cool line up after midnight on 1/19! Be sure to bookmark this page so you won't miss a thing > [ Link ]
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Sunrise in Wodonga, Victoria, Australia (where it’s summer!) January 17th. Thank you Michael Coonan, for this great photo! What’s outside in your backyard?
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Before you buy that collectible item, read these smart tips from antiques maven, Terry Kovel:

Terry Kovel's Cautions for Collectors - Farmers' Almanac
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The oleic acid in avocado oil makes it highly resistant to oxidation, meaning it won’t go rancid as quickly as many other oils in your cupboard. Try this oil in cooking (and in your hair, and on your winter-dry elbows!). Read on!

Ten Amazing Benefits Of Avocado Oil - Farmers' Almanac
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Are you Team Over or Team Under? See what the majority of readers said and add your thoughts to this international debate.

TP Etiquette: Over or Under? You Weighed In! - Farmers' Almanac
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Move over Kombucha! Drinking vinegars, also called "shrub syrups," are a combination of fruit, vinegar, sweeteners, and herbs -- they're easy to make, delicious, and better for you then sodas. Read on.

Drink Your Vinegar! - Farmers' Almanac
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Today we remember Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was born on January 15th, 1929. Here are some of his most popular quotes.

10 Quotes to Ponder on MLK Day - Farmers' Almanac