Thank you to Walter Dorsett for this photo — Concord Point Lighthouse in Havre de Grace, Maryland, after Saturday’s thunderstorm.
More about rainbows here: [ Link ]
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Pucker up! Check out the 1st Place lemon recipe from 2016 -- It's one of our staff's new favorites!

Farmers' Almanac Lemon Recipe Winners - Farmers' Almanac
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On Tuesday evening, February 28th, look for the razor-thin sliver of the Moon low near the western horizon just after sunset. That Moon will then be about 32 hours past the new phase. We have more "new Moon" questions to ponder here.

This Week: A Special Crescent Moon Sighting - Farmers' Almanac
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Let's face it -- when it comes to chili, what you put ON it is just as important is what you put IN it. What are your favorite toppings? Cheese, sour cream, scallions, cilantro, guac? All of the above? Happy #NationalChiliDay!

Best, Easiest Vegetarian Chili Recipe
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Did you know pistachios are the seed of a small fruit that grows in bunches like grapes? Who remembers when they were dyed red? We have some nutty history (and recipe) for #NationalPistachioDay!

Pistachios, The Smiling Nut! - Farmers' Almanac
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#MardiGras is coming up on Tuesday! Serve up this New Orleans favorite and you’ll be a “hero!"

What The Heck Is Muffuletta? - Farmers' Almanac
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Try these natural remedies to stay comfortable.

10 Natural Ways To Treat A Fever - Farmers' Almanac
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An interesting mix of tasks for today -- is anyone tackling any of these? You'll have good results!
Ooh, that smell!
Find out exactly why a good rain makes the air smell so nice!

What Causes The Smell Of Rain? - Farmers' Almanac
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Congratulations to Melissa R Dean and Jillian Dworak — they'll each get a copy of the 2017 Anniversary Collector’s edition Almanac and some Maine honey mailed to them! Thanks to all who shared their gardening goals!

We've got some great ideas for gardeners who don't have a lot of space, below.
Until next week....

Grow Your Own Food in Small Spaces! - Farmers' Almanac
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We're getting excited for BLTs and garden tomatoes just reading your responses to today's question! There's still time to add yours >> [ Link ] - Ends 4 pm EST.

In the meantime, here's a clever tip that keeps you organized in the garden!

Organize Your Garden Tools! - Farmers' Almanac Hints & Tips
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Sweet! We've got more honey for you! Answer this week’s question on our web site (not here) via the link below. Up for grabs: a 2017 Almanac + a "Honey Bear" squeeze bottle of Maine Wildflower honey! Ends at 4 pm EST

Enter for a 2017 Almanac + Maine Honey!
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Pancakes and waffles aren't just for the weekends ... #HelpfulHint

Freezing Pancakes & Waffles - Farmers' Almanac Hints & Tips
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Let your inner Italian Chef emerge! This versatile bread is fun to make and soooo easy...

Make Your Own Herbed Focaccia - Farmers' Almanac
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PET TIP: For healthy snacks, try feeding your dog baby carrots, uncooked broccoli, or pieces of seed-free apple, pear, peach, watermelon, cantaloupe, and other fruit (but no grapes!). Pieces of cooked boneless, skinless chicken breast, fish, or other proteins are also good alternatives. You can also try our recipe for these dog treats that repel fleas! #DogBiscuitDay

Make These Flea-Be-Gone Treats For Your Pet! - Farmers' Almanac