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How much do you know about our universe? Take our quiz and share your score.

Are You A Star? Take Our Astronomy Quiz! - Farmers' Almanac
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Detox with mustard greens? Protect your heart with rhubarb? Try these yummy seasonal favorites that also provide key health benefits.

8 Healthiest Veggies To Eat This Spring - Farmers' Almanac
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It's Maine #MapleSunday! Come along for the journey as Farmers' Almanac visits a working farm in Maine to see how it's done!

How to Make Maple Syrup

Mary Ann Haxton from A Wrinkle in Thyme Farm in Sumner, Maine, shows the Farmers' Almanac how to make real Maine maple syrup.

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TIP: Got ants? Pour a line of cream of tartar where they’re entering the house and they won’t cross over it.

Got Ants? - Farmers' Almanac Hints & Tips
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Does your state have a fitting moniker? (No? What would you change it to?)

The Fifty States and Their Nicknames - Farmers' Almanac
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Tulips are a sure sign of spring, but can you plant now if you didn’t get around to it last fall? They need that chill time. Or what if you live in a hot climate? Learn the tips and tricks to get blooms.

Can I Plant My Tulips In The Spring? - Farmers' Almanac
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Who's tried salsify? It's not very pretty, but it's oh, so tasty! Learn more about this root veggie.

What The Heck Is Salsify? - Farmers' Almanac
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If you suffer from allergies, you might find relief by taking nature’s original antihistamine. Learn more.

Butterbur: Mother Nature's Allergy Cure - Farmers' Almanac
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Happy Saturday to all! What tasks are on your agenda for today?
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Last call! Your garden needs these -- SIX buckets up for grabs! Ends midnight 3/25.

Mega Monthly Giveaway - Farmers' Almanac
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John H. and Renee Laxton will each get a copy of the Almanac + a cabin-shaped jug of Maine-made maple syrup!

In response to today's question, many of you said that a sure sign of spring is when the frogs or spring peepers start "singing." We've got some fun facts about those little frogs, including AUDIO of their incredible sound — the sound of #spring! Thanks to everyone for playing! Until...
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Fun Facts About Spring Peepers: The Tiny Frog With A Big Sound - Farmers' Almanac
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We are enjoying reading all your responses to this week’s question about SPRING. There’s still time to add yours (until 4 pm EDT) using this link = [ Link ]

In the meantime, enjoy this classic, beautiful song from Simon and Garfunkel that celebrates the seasons.

Simon & Garfunkel - April Come She Will (Live In New York 1981)

Simon & Garfunkel Live in Central Park....April come she willWhen streams are ripe and swelled with rainMay she will stayResting in my arms againJune she'll ...

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Happy Friday! Answer this week’s question on our web site (not here) via the link below until 4 pm EDT. Up for grabs: a 2017 Almanac + Maine-made maple syrup!

Answer This Week's Question
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Presto, pesto! You can make it out of just about anything, and serve it with just about anything. Ideas inside...

You Can Make Pesto Out of (Almost) Anything - Farmers' Almanac
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We could make a meal out of this! Yum! #NationalChipandDipDay

Spinach Artichoke Dip Recipe
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A fun little rhyme from our 1877 edition that you're going to "knead" to read! #TBT

Directions for Bread-Making From 1877 - Farmers' Almanac
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If you were delivering the local forecast where you live, you’d need a weather name! Create yours and share it with us! #WorldMeteorologicalDay

What's Your Meteorologist Name? - Farmers' Almanac
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Happy #NationalPuppyDay! Who doesn't love puppies (except maybe this kitty)? Actually, young or old, we love them all! Share your pup pics with us!
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It wouldn't be #WorldMeteorologicalDay without talking about clouds! Clouds play an important role in weather forecasts and warnings. Throughout history, they have inspired some of the best songs, poems, paintings, and photographs. Here is a list of some of the more unusual clouds you may have seen in the sky (and we welcome your pictures!)

Crazy Clouds: Understanding Unusual Sky Formations - Farmers' Almanac
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TIP: No herb garden is complete without fragrant, medicinal mint, but it can be invasive. Prevent it from overrunning your garden by planting it in barrels or other decorative containers.

Plant Mint In Containers - Farmers' Almanac Hints & Tips