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It's almost boating season. This year, consider ditching the harsh chemical cleaners for an all-natural alternative.
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Nothing prepares you for the speed and power of a major wildfire. This family learned that the hard way. [ Link ]

She Raced A Fire That Scorched 40,000 Acres In 12 Hours And Lost Almost Everything - The Farmers Insurance Blog
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Did you know a vacation can be the perfect time to get rid of bad habits? Habit-making behaviors form in the basal ganglia of the brain, which turns a behavior into an automatic routine. When normal cues are disrupted, like when on vacation, it helps break habits.
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Dreaming of the day you can custom design your own furniture? Well, with the emergence of 3-D printing there are companies that let you send in designs to be printed and shipped back to you. You don’t have to pinch yourself, just learn more here: [ Link ]
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Prepping tonight's catch? Here's how to enjoy the fish without having to deal with the funk.
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Building a shed is like building a mini-house, so it’s a lot of work even if you are handy. We asked about which DIY jobs you might consider trying yourself at home and which you want want to leave to the professionals. [ Link ]

DIY Or Pay A Pro? Navigate The Top Five Most Searched Home Improvement Jobs - The Farmers Insurance Blog
Do you know what “zǎoshang hǎo” means? Studying a new language is linked to having better cognitive aptitude, as it encourages brain growth in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex. (It’s “good morning” in Mandarin).
“How would you determine how many gas pumps are in Manhattan?” Besides asking typical résumé questions, consider using new techniques to evaluate a candidate's problem solving skills, work skills and more to help pinpoint the best candidate for the job.
There was a 400% surge of email phishing scams impersonating the IRS last year. Worse yet, these scams are more sophisticated than ever, even going as far as including personal information gleaned from elsewhere. Remember, the real IRS will not initiate contact with you via email for personal or financial information.
You may think you are ready for severe weather, but think again; you don’t want to be scouring the garage for the windup radio when you are facing down a Category 5. Here are some simple, practical ways to consider when getting yourself ready in advance. [ Link ]

9 Days To Hurricane Ready - The Farmers Insurance Blog
Here’s one way you can help spot elusive and dangerous black ice this winter: if the road looks wet, but you notice a lack of water spray coming off the other cars’ tires. Be vigilant out there, protect yourself, and avoid turning your new car into a giant new hockey puck.
Musophobics beware – don’t neglect your RV in the offseason or some uninvited residents may make you regret it. [ Link ]

They Spent The Winter 'Glamping' In A Fabulous New RV. Too Bad It Wasn't Theirs - The Farmers Insurance Blog
Space heaters are involved in almost one-third of home heating fires. Most people forget that these heaters, if used at all, should only be plugged directly into an outlet, since they may easily overload and overheat a powerstrip or extension cord. So the next time you’re eyeing that crowded socket, maybe reach for a sweater instead.
Keeping New Year’s resolutions is never simple, but the science behind keeping them is. Just be SMART. Keep your goals Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. So instead of hoping to get so buff your shirts rip in half, a better goal would be going to the gym three times a week in January.

What’s your biggest priority for next year?
As temperatures continue to drop, you may consult your pet's vet about their winter diet. Their skin can be susceptible to the harsher weather, so supplements like fish oil with omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids may help keep your pup’s coat and skin healthy, itch-free and in optimal snuggling condition.
Two-thirds of American homes don’t have a carbon-monoxide detector. If you’re among them, it’s time to get one. With everyone trying to keep warm with home furnaces and portable heaters, it’s no wonder the peak months of carbon-monoxide poisoning are December and January.
If you opt to shop online this holiday season, keep this Pro Tip in mind: Consider using credit, not debit. Credit cards generally have better consumer protection when it comes to fraud, so you can protect yourself a little better against those cyber-info stealers.
The Naughty List isn’t just for children anymore. Toys can be there, too. Check the Consumer Product Safety Commission site to see if any of your children’s toys have been recalled. Search “toys”: [ Link ]
Creosote (that blackish-brown, tar-like residue left in your chimney) can be dangerous and combustible. But what can cause this build up? Burning unseasoned wood, a limited air supply, or even below-average chimney temperatures.
You know when it’s freezing cold, but shivering is actually a warning sign that your body trying to keep your core temperature consistent (scientifically known as homeostasis). The contracting and relaxing of your muscles burns calories, generating heat. Good lookin’ out, body.