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Graphite (pencil lead) and diamonds may both be made of pure carbon, but what matters is how the atoms are arranged. Thanks to their tetrahedral structure, diamonds are much stronger, harder, and reflect more light. Funny how little things (literally) make a big difference.
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Wishing you and your loved one an unforgettable day filled with romance. Like that time we saw an underground rodent proposing with a ring on 4/26/14. Spoiler alert: She squeaked, "Yes." Catch the spot below.
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94% of auto accidents are caused by human error. So some companies are studying the way fish move to prevent collisions. New tech looks to nature to make driving safer, using dedicated short-range communication (DSRC) that allows vehicles to communicate upcoming road conditions.
Find out why Archimedes' Principle on floating bodies should factor into your bathroom remodel. (Hint: That oversized tub might not be such a swell idea.)

Why You May Want To Rethink That Oversized Tub (And Other Bathroom Remodeling Considerations) - The Farmers Insurance Blog
People who focus on what they're good at (versus working on their weaknesses) see more positive long-term change, including overall happiness. Start today. Unless you're a procrastinator. Then work on something else.
The sizzle of a barbecue and the cheers of friends and family are welcome sounds on game day. The sizzle of your porch catching on fire from a grease fire isn’t. We’ve seen it and covered it.
E = (O + 4M + P)/6

Find out how this simple formula – developed by the U.S. Navy – could help you never miss a deadline again.

How A Math Formula, Developed By The US Navy, Can Help You Meet That Deadline - The Farmers Insurance Blog
Our latest commercial is inspired by a real claim where a goat continuously rammed into a customer’s car. Establishing dominance? Eisoptrophobia? Whatever the reason, we covered it on 11/9/11.
Turn to tech to up your golf game. Aside from apps and club-tracking systems, there is wearable tech (like vests and cameras). Looking for ways to help improve your posture or get your best swing? Check out some of the latest gadgets: [ Link ]
Generally, a tax preparer title requires no formal education or training. If you thinking about using someone to help with your taxes, consider using someone with a IRS-sanctioned tax preparer tax identification number (PTIN).
This weekend, walk around your house and make sure everything's in good shape for 2017. Here's an easy list to get started.
It's almost boating season. This year, consider ditching the harsh chemical cleaners for an all-natural alternative.
Nothing prepares you for the speed and power of a major wildfire. This family learned that the hard way. [ Link ]

She Raced A Fire That Scorched 40,000 Acres In 12 Hours And Lost Almost Everything - The Farmers Insurance Blog
Did you know a vacation can be the perfect time to get rid of bad habits? Habit-making behaviors form in the basal ganglia of the brain, which turns a behavior into an automatic routine. When normal cues are disrupted, like when on vacation, it helps break habits.
Dreaming of the day you can custom design your own furniture? Well, with the emergence of 3-D printing there are companies that let you send in designs to be printed and shipped back to you. You don’t have to pinch yourself, just learn more here: [ Link ]
Prepping tonight's catch? Here's how to enjoy the fish without having to deal with the funk.
Building a shed is like building a mini-house, so it’s a lot of work even if you are handy. We asked about which DIY jobs you might consider trying yourself at home and which you want want to leave to the professionals. [ Link ]

DIY Or Pay A Pro? Navigate The Top Five Most Searched Home Improvement Jobs - The Farmers Insurance Blog
Do you know what “zǎoshang hǎo” means? Studying a new language is linked to having better cognitive aptitude, as it encourages brain growth in the hippocampus and cerebral cortex. (It’s “good morning” in Mandarin).
“How would you determine how many gas pumps are in Manhattan?” Besides asking typical résumé questions, consider using new techniques to evaluate a candidate's problem solving skills, work skills and more to help pinpoint the best candidate for the job.
There was a 400% surge of email phishing scams impersonating the IRS last year. Worse yet, these scams are more sophisticated than ever, even going as far as including personal information gleaned from elsewhere. Remember, the real IRS will not initiate contact with you via email for personal or financial information.