We understand…whatever your Tough Call this Australia Day, remember it’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee or its nothing!
We are overwhelmed with the passion our fans have for Farmers Union Iced Coffee, and the demand for car caddies! So we are super excited to announce that we are going to run a FACEBOOK ONLY competition where car caddies will be up for grabs! Watch this space for more details over the next few weeks…
You may have a chance to get your hands on one of these bad boys very soon…just sayin’.
Won’t matter whether you’ve been naughty or nice.
Doesn't matter what car you’re into, it won’t be complete without this accessory.
Doesn’t matter who picks the film under the moonlight this summer, as long as you have your Farmers Union Iced Coffee.
Sleep on the floor or spoon your mate?
Pool full of FUIC or FUIC Rain?
Text them now or wait three days?
Summer is here. Gather your mates.
Climb the corporate ladder or Machu Picchu?
Ask for their name again or keep calling them buddy?
Netflix and Chill or Pub with Phil?
If only America had Farmers Union Iced Coffee for their Tough Call. #ToughCalls
Tag some mates you’d share this with.
If you choose SA, choose Farmers Union Iced Coffee!
Remember, it’s a Farmers Union Iced Coffee or it’s nothing this Oktoberfest.
When Tough calls, Adelaide responds.