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Think that the Rodeo performers gave everyone a fantastic and exciting time? Let's serve them up some cool refreshments as our way of saying thanks! Set up your Shake Stall now on #FarmVille2OnWeb and get a chance to win awesome prizes and a baby Black Cornwall Pig!

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It's Valentine's week It's the Week of Love❤ Let's celebrate the week of love with fellow farmers today! Join our "Add Me: Friday" Event on #FarmVille2OnWeb to expand your Co-op membership. Keep 'em Co-ops growing! Click Here

Get More Neighbors With Add Me Friday!
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Ranger Jane's curious????... How many animals have you rescued from your expedition and what's your favorite Woodland Area, Farmers?

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02/15/2017 at 22:57. Facebook
I bet the Rodeo performers must be famished after all the activities they went through. So, let’s set up a Shake Stall where they can get cool refreshments. In return, you will win lots of great prizes and a baby Black Cornwall Pig!

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The Fishing Derby has arrived on your farm! Do you have what it takes to win the Manx Cat Farm Hand? #FarmVille2CountryEscape
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The #FarmVille2OnWeb team values your feedback and we want to understand your preferences on “Rooster”. Answer this survey and get 20 FREE Favors!

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Happy Valentines Day Farmers! ❤
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Happy Valentine's Day❤ from FarmVille 2!
This Valentine's Day, we want to share the love with our fantastic #FarmVille2OnWeb community! So, let’s go on a tasting spree of the finest chocolates in your Valentine’s Chocolate Stand and win some lovely rewards
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Good news! Update your app to get you ready for the new event coming later this week, where you can win a PERMANENT Manx Cat Farm Hand! #FarmVille2CountryEscape
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02/13/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
These sweet-fragrant Pineapple Orchid flowers are so pretty that it's considered as one of the most spectacular among the Dendrobium species. Get these on #FarmVille2OnWeb's General Store and let us know your favorite Limited Edition item in the comments. :) ❤

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Love is in the air! Hugh Cupid delivered secret admirer letters, and spread the love on the farm. What did you think of the Valentine’s Day Event? #FarmVille2CountryEscape
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Which woodland area did you enjoy rescuing the most?
Like if it’s “The Old Watchtower!”
Press❤ if it’s “The Watering Hole!”
#FV2Ranger on #FarmVille2OnWeb [ Link ]
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02/12/2017 at 20:05. Facebook
Search the Watering Hole
Click on an area below to search it for wild animals and unearth cool rewards‼
Join #FV2Ranger on #FarmVille2OnWeb & Rescue the Animals [ Link ]

FarmVille 2 - Join #FV2Ranger on #FarmVille2OnWeb & Rescue the Woodland Animals
There are a total of six beautiful woodland areas to search. Each area has four animals to rescue and two gift boxes to find!
To search an area pick a circle and click on it! Go Farmers Go! Rescue the Animals on #FarmVille2OnWeb [ Link ]

FarmVille 2 - Into the Woods...To the Rescue with #FV2Ranger
Let's celebrate the month of love with friends today! Join our "Add Me: Friday" Event on #FarmVille2OnWeb to expand your Co-op membership. Keep 'em Co-ops growing!

Blog Link: [ Link ]
Cupid is helping spread the love on the Farm. Who is your Valentine this year? #FarmVille2CountryEscape
Francois the Love Pirate is bringing romance to FarmVille: Tropic Escape! Shower him with special gifts and he’ll give you Roses that earn great prizes. Earn enough Roses and you’ll receive the exclusive Love Swing! In addition, complete the ‘Love Pirate’ Quests to earn other exclusive rewards, such as the Swan Floaty!

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#FVTropicEscape #farmvilletropicescape...
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A Little Effort Goes A Long Way!
Here's your chance to earn 30 FREE WATER

Take this feature survey and get 30 FREE WATER in return!

Survey Link [ Link ]
Jane the Ranger is back with a brand new adventure !
A freak snowstorm has left some woodland animals in trouble and she needs your help to rescue all the stranded animals! If you succeed, Jane will reward you with some very special woodland decorations and baby animals!

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