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It took me 30 years to come to terms with my body. I wholly accept my flaws and my curves as part of me. So much so, that now my neck lines and curvy hips no longer seem like a challenge. At this point I treat my flaws as mere facts like any other part of my body. My curves are as much as a fact as my dark brown hair: not just existent, but elemental to who I am.
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Zen and the Art of Personal Style
Fashion Bombay
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When your accessories do all the talking.
Necklace: Riddhika Jesrani Jewelry
Bag: Park Lane
Shoes: Miista
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The contouring trend refuses to ‘dye’ down! Here’s the latest rendition:
Fashion Bombay
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Pinafore dresses are super cute and lends itself to an array of low-maintenance put-together outfits.
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Pinafore Parade
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#ootn for a house party
Ensemble: Zara
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Read our brief rant on what the changing world of blogging means to us.

What blogging means to us
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Read our little rant on what the changing world of blogging means to us!

What blogging means to us
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Why having a baby is the worst and the best idea ever! A mum's honest letter to a friend.

The Ugly Mom: A mum’s honest letter to a friend

Dress: Lazy Oaf
Clutch: Lulu Guinness
An obvious choice for today ❤
Pinafore: Lazy Oaf
Shoes: ASOS
Clutch: Lulu Guinness
"My body has changed and yes I may have fewer hours in the day to work on it, but I have more motivation, more organised time and more ‘mombie’ energy (when you’re tired all the time but still get everything done?)," Jasleen Gupta.

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The Ugly Mom: The struggle with my jeans
P for P.O.E.M ❤

Hello new hair @schwarzkopfprofessionalindia
New colour + Fibreplex = shiny, soft, touchable hair.
Obsessed with this delicate crochet blouse with bell sleeves.
Blouse: Stevie May
Clutch: Cleobella
Monochrome magic

Blouse: Stevie May
Shorts: Zara
Boots: Glamorous
Clutch: Cleobella
Getting ready for Valentine's Day with this adorable dress from Lazy Oaf ❤
Doctor, doctor.
Shoes by Dr. Martens
Custom-made trench.
More here:
Miista mornings ❤
Shop then here: Miista & @e8bymiista
Lamp shading

Dress: Warehouse
Boots: River Island
Dress: H&M