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On International Women's Day I want to focus on what it truly is to be a feminist in today’s world. It’s not just about equal pay: it’s about equal opportunity, equal understanding, equal acceptance. From opportunity comes talent which translates to qualification for equal pay, and more importantly, a life of equal value.
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Desifying the classic LBD with a rustic embroidered cape, embellished potli bag and kolhapuris.

Cape: Mrunal's Boutique
Bag: Parvati Villa
Jewellery: Aquamarine Jewellery
Lipstick: NYX Professional Makeup
Earring: Aquamarine Jewellery
The adventure with this one continues #familyvacay #karamkaur #mamalovesyou
My explorer
#familyvacay #karamkaur #mamalovesyou
Where Portuguese, Dutch, British architecture meet #gallefort
My sunshine #familyvacay #galle
Pinafores and pumps

Dress: ASOS
Pumps: Miista
Bag: POEM Bags
Home for the next seven days. No filter needed.
Decoding the mind of a shopaholic on Fashion Bombay:
Personally, if you had to ask me what the big deal is about a shopping addiction... what's the joy, you ask...I'd be able to give you a laundry list of reasons.

Disclaimer: No credit cards were harmed in the writing of this article (one may have been maxed out, and a few brain cells irreparably damaged though).

The Whys and Hows of a Shopaholic
Board game

Vintage jacket
Mini's Boutique clutch
All black always.
Jacket: Ralph Lauren
Shorts: Zara
Shoes: Asos
Nah: Park Lane
It took me 30 years to come to terms with my body. I wholly accept my flaws and my curves as part of me. So much so, that now my neck lines and curvy hips no longer seem like a challenge. At this point I treat my flaws as mere facts like any other part of my body. My curves are as much as a fact as my dark brown hair: not just existent, but elemental to who I am.
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Zen and the Art of Personal Style
When your accessories do all the talking.
Necklace: Riddhika Jesrani Jewelry
Bag: Park Lane
Shoes: Miista
The contouring trend refuses to ‘dye’ down! Here’s the latest rendition:
Pinafore dresses are super cute and lends itself to an array of low-maintenance put-together outfits.
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Pinafore Parade
#ootn for a house party
Ensemble: Zara
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What blogging means to us