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Like other artists, he's a one-man holding company with interests in media, fashion, and the environment. (via Inc. Magazine)

How Pharrell Williams Created a $100 Million Empire (and We're Not Just Talking About Music)
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The Museum at FIT is showcasing black fashion designers and keeping the industry fresh and creative.

Black Designers Are Claiming Their Space In The Fashion World
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It takes a staff of 12 to delete all the negative comments from Zuck’s Facebook page: [ Link ]
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In its final teaser, Logan puts the spotlight on the X-Man's mysterious new charge: [ Link ]
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Activist DeRay McKesson speaks about his role in the Black Lives Matter protests and how social media has affected awareness.

How Technology Has Significantly Influenced The BLM Movement
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The Pixar shared universe theory just got a big boost...from Pixar: [ Link ]
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So far, only the wealthy can afford concierge medicine. Can Forward change that? [ Link ]
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Sometimes, a point can be made with simplicity so brutal it takes the breath away.

Black Lives Matter App Will Enable American POC To Mark Themselves "Unsafe”
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"The potential for widespread, bottom-up prosperity unleashed by digital technology have been surrendered to the priorities of extractive global capitalism."

The Silver Lining Of Anti-Globalism Might Be The Creation Of A True Digital Economy
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The job description for a new Senior Writer position at CNN pretty much sums up where media coverage is heading in 2017.

Fake News Is Now An Entire Beat At CNN
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Here are some of the best ideas that should be widely adopted.

9 Lessons From Around The World To Create The Perfect City
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Big data and machine learning are making it easier to B.S. with data, so two scientists made a free syllabus to combat it.

Data Can Lie--Here's A Guide To Calling Out B.S.
For those making protest signs for the Women's March on Saturday, more than a hundred years of women marching offer ample poster inspiration.

How To Make The Perfect Protest Sign
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Twitter says it surpassed some of its key diversity benchmarks last year.

Twitter’s Latest Diversity Report Shows Gains For Women In Leadership Roles
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HTC Vive announced the $10 million "VR for Impact" program today.

HTC’s Vive Is Investing $10M In VR That Aims To Improve Actual Reality
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Could swiping right be your first step in adopting a child? Our guess is no.

Is Adoptly The Latest Hoax From The People Who Brought Us Pooper?