Bring in Shaw #F8
Bring in Shaw  F8
Ahmed Hassan
Rosso Ketchum
Mousa Sami
Leave it to Roman to bring a Lambo to a submarine fight. Get your #F8 tickets today
Mahmood Alkaradi
Zina Nabil Gharaibeh
Michael Magdy
It’ll take a lot more than rubber bullets to stop Luke Hobbs. See #F8 in theaters now!
Hamza Hasan
نايف النوايسه ابو محمد
Ali Ayad
Bombs away. #F8 is now playing!
فاست اند فيوريس 8 يعرض حالياً في صالات السينما
Hossam Mohamed
See the movie that has everyone talking. #F8 is in theaters now.
Ahmad Ghazzoli
Ravinravindra Chauhan
Minh Phan
The crew is ready for battle. Get #F8 tickets today.
Mehrivan El Moghazy
Thompson Glenn
Gashtyar Pitt
The biggest, boldest Fast yet is now the number one movie in the world. Experience #F8 in theaters everywhere.
Ayah Bahri
Minh Phan
Ramy Chris
Fasten your seatbelt, #F8 is now playing.
Jessy Ali
Akira Zho
Omar Ahmed
Things are heating up. #F8

فاست 8 يعرض حالياً في جميع الصالات
Shaghaf Alwassouf
Doaa Kaysoum
Sara Sarrar
#F8 takes the series to another level.
فاست اند فيوريس 8 يعرض حالياً في جميع الصالات
Aubrey Zulueta
Seif Tarek
Doaa Diaa EL-din
When your worst enemy shows up to the party. #F8 is NOW PLAYING.
فاست أند فيوريس 8 يعرض حالياً في جميع الصالات
Merna S. Mohamed
Annaliza Eusebio Viola
Jaquelyn Villanueva
It’s official. #F8 is the number one movie in the world.

فاست اند فيوريس 8 الفيلم الأول في العالم
Ahmed Alkiswani
Ahmad Farran
Nessim Matta
Thank you for making FAST & FURIOUS 8 the biggest global opening of all time! #F8
Sunny Roni calls #F8 the "Biggest and boldest Fast yet!" See it in theaters now.
Yazan Zayed
Maria Koutentaki
Ahmad Ali
Sheenagh Murray
Mohammed K Mahmoud
Nady Osmat
Can their love survive this? #F8 showing now !
Saleem Alhalabi
Al Mahdi Kindakje
Omar Azzam Uwk
See the film that critics can’t stop talking about. #F8 hits theaters TODAY!
Sherif Sayed
Zina Nabil Gharaibeh
Sameh Elgarhy
Tyrese Gibson at last night's Abu Dhabi Premiere of Fast and Furious 8, IT WAS OFF THE HOOK ! #FF8 #AbuDhabi #UAE #Premiere #Tyrese
Saleem Alhalabi
Rana Dadi
Goran Mariwan
She’s Dame Fast! #F8 hits theaters this Thursday.

فاست اند فيوريس 8 في صالات السينما هذا الخميس
Perry George
Noran Hassan
Omnya Abdoun
Fast & Furious 8 hits theaters April 13. #F8

فاست اند فيوريس 8 في صالات السينما في 13 أفريل
مؤمن فارس محمد
Adnan A Dayoub
Mãi MãGhraby