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Fat Pig Farm
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We are so extraordinarily lucky at Fat Pig Farm. Ever since we opened our doors to guests and started our Friday Feasts and Cookery Classes, we've had the most amazing people visit the farm. Warm, friendly folk who love the open air and fresh farm food, and who have enjoyed meeting each other over the farmhouse table or sharing preserving tips over boiling passatta jars. Rebecca Harding wrote...
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We are so extraordinarily lucky at Fat Pig Farm Ever since we

A day at Fat Pig Farm – The perfect 40th Birthday Present

Bec McManus
Deb Gill
Jayne Farrington
Hello Queensland. Matthew is looking forward to a little sunshine. He's heading your way to talk about sustainable seafood as part of #Ecofest2017 in Gladstone on June 4. Woop! It's going to be a great sunshiney family day!
Patty Jones
Debbie Sainsbury
Joan Harrison
This is Nadia. She is Fat Pig Farm's head gardener. And (as you can probably tell from this photograph) she is quite possibly the most enthusiastic person we know! The first peep of purple cauliflower, fat orange carrots, mycorrhizal associations (actually pretty much anything to do with fungi....actually pretty much anything to do with soil) garlic, garlic and more garlic, kale fried with...
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This is Nadia She is Fat Pig Farms head gardener And as
Sharyn Veivers
Tracy Oliver
Julie Bryant
One nice thing that has come out of doing the documentaries is that Matthew gets to meet really interesting people (says Sadie). Last week he was part of a LaTrobe University panel as part of Melbourne Knowledge Week. And he met Professor Jim Whelan who is researching how to make plants more resilient. How can we, through breeding and soil health, get plants to put down deeper roots and and...
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One nice thing that has come out of doing the documentaries is

Helping plants feed the world

Pam Rackley
Here's a mob we like...SCARF. They train and (most importantly) mentor young people from asylum seeker and migrant backgrounds and help them find work in hospitality. They have a massive fundraiser DO MORE THAN DINE on May 17 in Melbourne and we've donated a cookery class at Fat Pig Farm to go into one of their "mystery" envelopes. It's hosted by Matt Preston with food by Cumulus Inc (oh yum!)...
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Heres a mob we likeSCARF They train and most importantly mentor young

Scarf Community - Join us for dinner, and do more than dine.

Miguel Ponte
Marnie Dixon
you've all been asking... well some of you have... and here it is. Matthew's recipe for rich luscious wintery baked beans. Double or triple it and freeze it says Zara (who as front of house chief gets asked for this recipe a lot!)
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youve all been asking well some of you have and here it

Fat Pig Farm

Dalles Hayes
Alison Riddell
Suzi Ellard
Goodlife Permaculture recently ran their fantastic Real Skills for Growing Food workshop here on Fat Pig Farm. We love having them as we learn heaps from their workshops. One of the sessions was on wicking beds and Hannah has written a lovely post describing wicking beds, how to make them, how to fill them, why you might want one. Check it out....

[ Goodlifepermaculture.com.au Link ]
Goodlife Permaculture recently ran their fantastic Real Skills for Growing Food workshop

A Wildlife-Proof, No-Dig Garden, Wicking Bed | Good Life Permaculture

Caleb Stuetz
Matthew Gannon
David Arter
One of the reasons I moved to Tassie was because my mate, Nick Haddow, lived here. And through him, I discovered a whole world of people in the hills of southern Tassie, doing great things, never losing touch with the soil. We started long table lunches together. We made our first television together. We worked the markets together.

When I moved I was writing a book, The Real Food Companion,...
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Milk Made by Nick Haddow | Hardie Grant Publishing

Celia Leverton
Carolyn Lambert
Grant Fraser
There's been a few foggy mornings of late. Here the ever enthusiastic kelpie Cari is leading the way to the dairy heifers. Not long before they calve now.
Theres been a few foggy mornings of late Here the ever enthusiastic
Joan Harrison
Steve Lovett
Patty Jones
So, our gorgeous friend, Sue, does many things well: she made the stained glass windows in Hedley's room; and the beeswax candles on our dining table; and she put together this beautiful photo essay of Fat Pig Farm. I don't really want to say much else: her work kinda speaks for itself....

[ Flickr.com Link ]
So our gorgeous friend Sue does many things well she made the


Amanda Carstens
Lindi Loo
Anne Moulynox
Awww. This is nice. Necia Wilden wrote a beautiful piece about Cam's bakery (and nice stuff about us too!)

[ Afr.com Link ]
Awww This is nice Necia Wilden wrote a beautiful piece about Cams

It's croissants unplugged at this Tasmania bakery

Eileen Smith
Christina Wilson
Ella Hendrix
Today, we are a different farm. Yes, we’re still custodians of the same 70 acres. Yes, we still grow all our own vegies, all our own meat, most of our fruit and eggs and some of our dairy and serve it onsite in a rare feat of not just paddock-to-plate, but ‘that paddock outside the window, to this plate right here’.

But today, we became a different farm. That’s because every person who works...
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Today we are a different farm Yes were still custodians of the
Jan Purser
Meg Lobb
Fi Lomax
Hello Folks! Who wants to join us for passata and preserving day? Get in touch with your inner nonna AND nanna and learn some techniques to preserve the harvest. We'll start with passata out in the courtyard and we'll get the tomatoes squished, pureed, poured into bottles and into a hot bath. We'll cook a snack of pizza in the wood oven, smeared with our freshly made sauce before heading out...
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Terry Gordon
Brooke Vanderlaan
Carole Castles
Dawn. First frost. We could feel it settling. The sky lightened and the air got colder. And the grass got icier.
Dawn First frost We could feel it settling The sky lightened and
Jo-Anne Adam
Danny Koleski
Joan Harrison
It must be autumn. The basket is full of apples and pears. We're still figuring pears out. They ripen off the tree. Apparently if you leave them on the tree they ripen from the inside out and by the time they are soft to touch they're mushy. So with fingers firmly crossed we've taken every pear that comes off with a gentle lift and have left them to ripen on the kitchen bench. I'll let you...
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It must be autumn The basket is full of apples and pears
Jonathan Cooper
Natasha Lowe
Anna Sim
G'day folks! The Real Skills for Growing Food workshop is coming up on April 1 and 2. Or as Sadie prefers to call it, the Skills for Growing Real Food workshop. We're doing it on a weekend! Yay! And it's a bargain: $470 for two days of learning from some truly amazing vegie growers, plus Matthew and Kellie doing all the cooking using food from the farm. It will be an intimate hands on...
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Vikki Arnol
Alison Collier
Melanie Lenk
Steve Denic
Jo Taylor
Diana Hinks
Autumn News from Fat Pig Farm. With some beautiful photos by Sue Plant. Check your inboxes!
Autumn News from Fat Pig Farm With some beautiful photos by Sue Plant Check your inboxes

Autumn on Fat Pig Farm

Roma Simmons
Brooke Tomek
Ingrid Howell
Taste of the Huon: the Huon Valley is an apple valley. And a pear, nectarine, cheese, honey, wine, beef and free range pork valley. So we're just a little bit excited about trying food made by neighbours and friends at the Taste of The Huon this coming Sunday and Monday in Ranelagh.

Come on down. Monday is family day. Sunday is Shannon Noll day. Both days are good eating days.
Taste of the Huon the Huon Valley is an apple valley And
Lyn Morris
Tula Mae Bollendorff
Hugo Lazo
It's morning. And there's fresh pulp from the Duggans and water in the wallow. Life is good for a free range pig.
Its morning And theres fresh pulp from the Duggans and water in
Kerry Lodge
Derek James
Michelle Viselli