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Fat Pig Farm
yesterday at 01:37. Facebook
The bread is getting more consistent, which from an artisan point of view could be considered a bad thing. But from a baker's point of view, knowing it has loads of sourdough starter and is baked in a wood oven, may be a compliment.

This last week we've been serving a bunch of double peeled broad beans and peas cooked in cider. Bacon baked beans were cooked with treacle and spring garlic...
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Fat Pig Farm
12/02/2016 at 19:58. Facebook
We should be telling you about the garden and how the red currants are but a week or two away from ripening. Or about the menu from this week's Friday Feast including the lovely nettle and spinach saag paneer. Maybe later. Time to ponder clouds and seed heads on the long grass first.
Fat Pig Farm
11/29/2016 at 07:13. Facebook
Moth in the milking shed. It looks like two big eyes on the wings. Finding little joys in the life around us - be it wild or domestic - is part of the farm's beauty. Hard to get a good shot of the bandicoots, devils or quolls though. Nocturnal animals make for difficult photography.
Fire. A decent blaze to bake our weekly bread. Soon it'll be for the pizza course we're running. A day of pizza, pasta, feasting and good wine. A taste of Italy without leaving the farm. Albeit a taste with a little Cygnet flavour thrown in.
Love the sweeping low light on a walk back from moving the beef mob. Catches the colour and texture of the place. There's a worse commute home at the end of the day. I know, I've had a few.
In mid winter we barely have enough grass for our livestock if we don't manage it carefully. In spring we don't have enough livestock to keep up with the grass. Hence the advent of hay. But it's hard to cut, ted, and bale hay on old apple orchards because of the hump-and-hollow nature of the ground. Too much grass, however, is a good thing and we will never complain about it. Especially when...
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These elegant chickens are Sommerlads. It’s a chook that’s getting a fair amount of attention in the pastured chook world. Michael and Kathryn Sommerlad delved back into chicken genetics to develop a meat bird especially for Australian conditions. They are fantastic foragers and retain an instinctive fear of predators that makes them great free ranging birds. And did we mention that they also...
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Good morning Hobart folks. There's a conversation happening at the State Cinema tonight. Matthew and Nick are having a chat about cheese and meat amongst other things. You can join the conversation at 5:15 at the State. Tickets are available here..... See you there!

[ Statecinema.com.au Link ]

State Cinema: Matthew Evans & Nick Haddow in Conversation

Phew. We've had heaps of emails about eating meat.over the last couple of weeks. Over the next couple of weeks we will bring some of the issues raised in those emails out onto our FB page so we can discuss them with you all. In the meantime, there's one more show to go. Tomorrow night 7:30 SBS. Beef! See you then. Sadie
Adriane and Gillian, growers of our local olive oil and two of our lovely guests for the Feast last Friday took these lovely pics...Sadie and Jono led the tour and leaving Matthew, Kellie and Michelle in the kitchen putting the final touches on the roast Najac style loin.
I, Sadie, bang on a lot about lunchboxes. Not so much on Facebook but a lot in life. Kids' lunchboxes at school. I peer into lots of lunchboxes and make judgements. Lunchboxes are hard. Our son is a little, shall I say, choosey, about what he puts in his mouth and some days (most days) I just want him to eat something rather than nothing. And he knows it! So lunchboxes... This website is an...
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No Packet November

Matthew will be doing a live question and answer session on Twitter tonight at 5:30. You can find it by searching for #askMatthewEvans (and probably #fortheloveofmeat). We have a youbeaut app that lets him answer questions via video so we're not restricted to 140 characters. The fly in the ointment is that I have to work the camera and the app. I'm sure I'll be fine! In the meantime there are...
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We're back on tonight! This time, Matthew's investigating how pigs are raised. This was a tough episode. Again, in large part, because no large commercial pig grower allowed him access to see how the majority of pigs are raised in this country. A massive thank you to farmer Sue Middleton for being open and totally transparent about her farm.
Here's a lovely thing if you're planing to eat out this week. Restaurants all over Australia have #fortheloveofmeat specials over the next couple of weeks. To find a restaurant near you check out the SBS website. Let us know how you go....

[ Sbs.com.au Link ]

Order a 'For the Love of Meat' inspired dish

I'm supposed to be writing and linking to a couple of articles Matthew has written for SBS. Instead I'm looking at the astonishingly green grass out the office window and wishing I were kayaking on Lake Pedder...
Good morning folks! Well we're off and racing. After months of filming (years??) For The Love of Meat is finally going to air tonight at 7:30 on SBS. We're really really proud of it and the extraordinary team behind it. Tonight Matthew heads off to discover how Australian meat birds are raised - and (this bit is really exciting for us) to see whether he can persuade a fast food chain to use...
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Here's the trailer for For The Love Of Meat. Matthew looking suitably serious!
[ Sbs.com.au Link ]

For the Love of Meat | Episode guide

From up here the world looks better. Even with a fallen tree on the fence.
Spring! The Gravenstein is in full glorious blossom. And that last spiky branch in the third photo are our first sloe blossoms. We might get enough plums for a whole bottle of gin. A whole small bottle of gin.