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Fat Pig Farm
today at 01:29. Facebook
Last spring a group of inspiring foodie gardeners helped us kickstart a food forest as part of our Real Skills for Growing Food workshop with Good Life Permaculture We spread nasturtiums under the Cornish Aromatic, sweet alysum, chives and thyme under the Anzac peach, comfrey and oregano under the Moorpark apricot and beautiful blowsy cosmos under the Smyrna quince. Their job is to attract...
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Fat Pig Farm
01/16/2017 at 07:54. Facebook
Every birth is a source of joy for us. Audrey gave birth in her huge nest just near the electric fence. Our pigs often choose to give birth outside, despite the insulated hay bale shelters we build for them. At this time of year, when it's warm and relatively dry, we don't mind. But sometimes nature throws the weather at the newborns. This mob are minutes old.
Fat Pig Farm
01/13/2017 at 20:51. Facebook
Good morning Geeveston! We are not going to Salamanca Market today (sorry Hobart - we'll be back next week!) so Γ  big batch of wood fired bread is heading to the Red Door Larder. Stirato baked by Matthew and several varieties of Cam's rather fabulous sourdough. As well as a few packets of Fat Pig bacon and some delicious pesto that Seona made yesterday from the three types of basil that are...
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Sadie trying to get reception on the EFTPOS machine. Caught in the act by Cy (Gwynne - Food By Cy). #lifeinthecountry
It's summer. Which is a great time for the garden. And a great time to eat things from the garden. Especially if someone else has cooked them. And then especially if they come with wine. We've put on an extra feast on Thursday, January 12 (which is this Thursday) to make the most of all the produce. Details are on our website. In the meantime here are some lovely pictures of what we might be...
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Summer. A day to soak in cool muddy water. Lie in the sun. Lie in the shade. Wallow. Sun. Shade. Wallow. Sun. Shade. Wallow......
Sadie rockin (folkin?) out to Conchilla at the Peregrine tea and cake stall at the Cygnet Folk Festival. Come on down for a $1 tea (in a tea cup) (with a saucer) and banana cake just out of the oven.
Inspired by @hugoandelsa's oven raspberry jam I'm using her summer sun jam recipe from Not Just Jam to use up leftover strawberries. Yep you heard that right "leftover" strawberries. Our friend and Fat Pig Farmhand Phil has an organic strawberry farm and we've eaten our fill (phil?) with Cane's peaches and Elsie cream. (Sadie)
Midsummer News from Fat Pig Farm

Midsummer News from Fat Pig Farm

It's going to be the summer of the courgette I reckon. Btw I ate that yellow ripple currant tomato in the hothouse yesterday and it was delicious. Sadie
Sadie is heading to the garden to see if yesterday's sunshine cured our first tomato. One homegrown cheery cherry tomato would start the year off just right!
We have lots of heroes: people who do things we wish we could do, who know more about agriculture and growing food than we'll ever know. People we'd like to spend more time hanging out with because they are fun and happy and love to share their knowledge. Jono, Hannah and Anton are three of our favourite gardeners and they are the brains and hands behind next year's workshop on growing your...
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A few shots of the farm in summer. And yes, that is snow on the South West Wilderness.
Okay, so Mallee isn't the world's tallest bull. But seeing him almost disappear into the long grass is amazing. Looks like the wallaby wire is working. Such long grass does make spotting the snakes a little trickier, though. Long pants make sense some summer days.
Kellie's at the market stall in Salamanca with free range bacon, fruit mince for Christmas, hampers, books and the end result of this: We make our baked beans with plenty of smoky bacon, a goodly amount of treacle in a deep rich tomato sauce. They're cooked overnight in a cooling wood oven or the Esse, for over ten hours. There's more bacon than beans at the start though the bacon renders...
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It's pretty good to be able to serve a just-picked carrot as the opening course for yesterday's Friday Feast. You have to be confident about the quality of the produce and what it means. We want to celebrate the seasons and the flavours of our soil, our corner of Tasmania. There were marigolds and nasturtiums and coriander flowers in the salad. And a peach and amaretto jam tart for dessert.
Good morning folks! We've had a last minute cancellation for our Summer on Fat Pig Farm cooking class tomorrow. The garden is bursting with summery goodness and you get to cook up a feast of fresh food with Matthew and Kellie. And then eat it with a bottle of great Huon Valley wine. Oh and did we mention you also get a book.
The whole point of making documentaries is to make change, and for that, you need to get people to think. So pleased to be on the list for just that in the Sydney Morning Herald!

Best and worst TV of 2016: shows that made us think, laugh and despair