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Parenting 101.
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Help us celebrate fatherhood 365 days a year. For great resources visit fatherhood.gov. #makeamoment
Looking for great fatherhood resources. Videos, reports, locating fatherhood program and more. Visit our website: fatherhood.gov.
Enjoy the holiday weekend. Great time to plan family activities.
Are we talking to our children about the dangers of drugs?

More Children Are Being Poisoned By Prescription Opioids

DadTalk blog, 5 Ways to Make the Most of Thanksgiving with Your Children, in honor of this week’s holiday. [ Bit.ly Link ]
Dad and child reading time. Priceless!
Reading to your child daily helps academic performance down the road.
Being a parent is the greatest job you will ever have.
DadTalk blog, Tips on getting and staying healthy. [ Bit.ly Link ]
What are three life lessons that dads should our teach daughters?
The role of parenting is so vital!
Fatherhood Fun!

What are three fun activities you do with your children?

Family & Football. NFL Sunday.
Honoring and celebrating our soldiers! Thank you.
Parenting is an awesome job. Our children need us to be fully engaged.
What are some ways we can celebrate the power of fatherhood? So many great fathers across the country. Any ideas?
What are some ways you show your family that your love them?
Parenting is a 24 hour job.
Can you share three characteristics of a great father/daughter relationship?


Join us at the 4th Annual Community Fathers Conference at Union College in Schenectady, NY.