Fauja Singh spending a day with small Children in Chandigarh. Venue- Nature's Trail.
Time well spent with biographer Khushwant Singh. He has now written another biography.
Buying Turbans , sector 17 Chandigarh.#TurbanedTornado
Chandigarh Sector 17 along withKhushwant Singh. Photo courtesy Jaskirat S Batra on my left.
“Sir, Common Singh has come to see you,” said my house help just when I had sat down to write the preface to my upcoming book.

Punjabi by nature: Party scene hots up in Punjab and why no one is RSVPing

The Running Baba
A mango shake at Barista, sector 11 , Chandigarh.
With Khushwant Singh , author of my biography , Turbaned Tornado. In Chandigarh.
This piece is a peep into the life of Fauja Singh's biographer Khushwant Singh from Chandigarh. If you like it please share it amongst friends.
Run and stay healthy.
Los Angeles. Photo courtesy - Gurmeet Kaur.
Courtesy Visvajit Singh of #Sikhtoons
Fauja Singh in Mumbai