Fear the Walking Dead
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Fear the Walking Dead
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They may make it out alive, but at what cost? Watch the next chapter of #Passage. Un-leashed by T-Mobile. [ Amc.tv Link ]
Sometimes you have to stay in bed and binge #FearTWD Season 2 all day. #NoShame
Escape is so close... but so far. Watch the next chapter of #Passage. Un-leashed by T-Mobile. #Passage [ Amc.tv Link ]
Happy birthday, Mercedes Mason!
Check out the first look of #FearTWD Season 3!
Some relationships aren't cut out for the end of the world. #Passage

Her Boyfriend Left Her to Die in the Apocalypse

Miss any episodes of #FearTWD? Experience the apocalypse from the very beginning.

Binge Season 2 – All Episodes Available Now

The families flee as Los Angeles burns. #FearTWD

Go Back to the Early Days of the Apocalypse

Underground, three’s a crowd. #Passage

Where Do You Hide in an Infected-Filled Tunnel?

Happy Valentine’s Day from #FearTWD. Returns 2017.
Who – or what – else is down there? #Passage

Experience the Threats of the Apocalypse in Total Darkness

An underground explosion + the Infected = Never good. #Passage

Get Trapped in a Tunnel During the Apocalypse

Next Sunday. 9/8c. #TWDreturns. Are you ready?
Test your claustrophobia in a tunnel infested with the Infected. #Passage

Web Series Brings New Meaning to Fear of Small Spaces

Busting into the weekend like…