Vice President Mike Pence made THIS amazing announcement about Donald J. Trump, and the media were completely speechless!

The media may have been surprised, but I expected nothing less from our new president!

WATCH – Mike Pence Stuns Media With Announcement About Donald J. Trump
Liberal nut job Whoopi Goldberg made THIS nasty accusation and then demanded that Donald J. Trump resign his presidency!

Whoopi, I think it is time to seek professional help because you clearly have some serious mental issues!

WATCH – Whoopi Makes INSANE Accusation, Demands Trump RESIGN From Presidency
Breaking News – Hillary Clinton found out THESE names were on the guest list for the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, and she was NOT happy about it!

Just one more quick jab at Hillary before she walks off into the sunset!

BREAKING – Hillary Is NOT HAPPY About WHO Attended Trump’s Inaugural Ball
CNN wanted access to an inauguration event, but they got THIS little truth bomb instead! I love it!

When you preach ‘fake news,’ that is exactly what you get!

CNN Asks for Access to Inauguration Event, Gets TRUTH BOMB Note Instead
Some anti-Trump protesters got way out of hand last night, and when they made a move against the police, they got exactly what they deserved!

Sooner or later, these donkeys are going to understand that law and order are back!

WATCH – Anti-Trump Protesters Surround Cops, Then Get What’s Coming to Them
I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house when Sam Moore belted out ‘America the Beautiful’ at the inauguration concert.

I dare you to watch it and not have to reach for the tissues!

EMOTIONAL: Sam Moore Sings ‘America The Beautiful’ At Inauguration Concert [VIDEO]
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When the Bikers for Trump 2016 landed in Washington, D.C. they immediately drew a line in the sand for protesters! If they are smart, they will not even think about crossing it today!

These guys are absolute studs, and I knew they would have his back!

BOOM! Bikers For Trump Arrive in D.C., Immediately DRAW THE LINE For Protesters
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THIS brilliant new bill has been introduced that might cause a few ‘accidental injuries’ for liberal protesters. I like the way these lawmakers think!

This will definitely make these knuckleheads think twice before they go out and protest again!

ALERT – Brilliant New Bill Could Cause ‘Accidental Injuries’ For Liberal Protesters
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When Warren Buffett made THIS announcement, he stunned everyone, including Donald J. Trump! The financial world is about to get turned on its head!

As President Trump would say, it is going to be HUGE!

SHOCK – Warren Buffett STUNS Donald Trump With THIS Surprise Announcement
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A woman just made THIS report about something Donald J. Trump did at his Washington, D.C. hotel, and now everyone is talking about it!

The legend of Trump continues!

Woman Stuns Americans By Reporting What Trump Just Did At His D.C. Hotel
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Breaking – President Trump just set THIS historic record for a presidential inauguration, but the mainstream media want to keep it VERY quiet!

They just refuse to give our new president any props at all!

BREAKING – Trump Sets HISTORIC Inauguration Record, Media SILENT
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Breaking News – Our military just bombed the crap out of ISIS! They got tired of waiting around for Obama!

Get ready for a lot more of this, ISIS, because Trump is POTUS now!

BREAKING – The U.S. Military Just Bombed The SH*T Out of ISIS. No More Waiting For Obama!
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Breaking News -- The crowd gave Hillary Clinton THIS very clear message when she showed up for Trump’s inauguration… and she did not like it one bit!

I wish I could have seen this in person!

BREAKING – When Hillary Arrived At The Inauguration, The Crowd Had THIS Message for Her
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Breaking – Former President Bill Clinton was caught on camera checking out Ivanka Trump, but then Hillary catches him!

The look on her face is priceless!

WATCH – Bill Clinton Caught Checking Out Ivanka… Then Hillary Catches HIM
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The U.S. Border Patrol stunned everyone with THIS incredible announcement about President Trump! Liberals never saw this coming!

Now that is something to get excited about!

U.S. Border Patrol Makes Surprise Announcement About President Trump
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Donald J. Trump arrived in Washington, D.C. for his inauguration, and he did the one thing Obama forgot to do! I have a feeling Trump will NEVER forget to do THIS!

WATCH – As Trump Arrived In D.C., He Did 1 Thing Obama FORGOT
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Breaking News – Just as Obama arrived at the inauguration ceremony, the crowd started to chant THIS, and it really got under Obama’s skin!

Obama hated it, but I know I saw a smile come across the face of Trump!

BREAKING – When Obama Arrived at The Inauguration, The Crowd Started Chanting THIS
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When Lee Greenwood (Official) was finishing up ‘God Bless the USA,’ Donald J. Trump looked like he was going to lose it, but then he did the unthinkable!

This is why the real patriots in this country love him so much!

WATCH – Just As Lee Greenwood Finished ‘God Bless The USA,’ Trump Did The UNTHINKABLE
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Breaking – Barack H. Obama showed everyone in this country his true colors when he did THIS on his last day in office.

This is exactly the kind of nonsense I expected from this fraud!

JUST IN – Obama Shows His True Colors as He Leaves Office