Federal Student Aid
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How does financial aid work? You won’t simply get a check in the mail after submitting your FAFSA. (If only it were that simple.) But the process isn’t hard to figure out if you read this: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Federal Student Aid
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Parents divorced? Have a stepparent? Knowing which parent(s) to list on your FAFSA can be tricky. This can help. More info: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Federal Student Aid
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Financial aid award letters can be confusing, but here are tips for understanding them—and knowing which types of aid to accept, in order: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Happy St. Patrick's Day! And bonus—doing the FAFSA helps you get more green: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Choices, choices. We'll help you know how to decide.

4 Steps to Understanding & Comparing Financial Aid Offers

Some companies offer to help you manage your loans but they come with BIG fees. Don't do it. (Especially since we'll help you for free.)

Why You Shouldn't Pay for Help with Your Student Loans

FACT: You don't have to say "yes" to all the loans you're offered. Reject at will.
Paying back your student loans? Don't file your taxes without your 1098-E!

How to Deduct Student Loan Interest on Your Taxes

Starting to receive financial aid offers from the colleges you were accepted to? Use this tool to compare them.

Compare Financial Aid Offers Side by Side

Need to lower your monthly student loan payment? Switch to one of these income-driven repayment plans, and you're good to go: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Don’t get discouraged if you're in default on your federal student loans.

How to Get Out of Student Loan Default

Happy #InternationalWomensDay
New to this whole financial aid thing? Basically, there are three different kinds of federal aid. Check them out below.
Decisions, decisions, decisions. Relax, we can help.

Which College is Right for You? 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Last-minute tips to help track down some extra money.

7 Options to Consider if You Didn't Receive Enough Financial Aid

They're out there. Don't fall for them.

How to Avoid Financial Aid Scams

Congrats! You filled out the FAFSA. Here's what's next.

4 Things You Should Know After Filing Your FAFSA