"He has made a commitment to securing the border” - Ira Mehlman, Media Director of FAIR

Trump's budget lauded for beefing up border

“The first duty of the Government is to afford protection to its citizens.” So said Representative John Farnsworth during a Congressional debate in 1867. Maryland and the city of Rockville woefully failed to fulfill this duty concerning the 14-year-old Rockville High School student whom, it is alleged, was recently raped by two illegal aliens. It’s mind-boggling that the response from the...
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Maryland Values Criminal Aliens More than Crime Victims

Several Pennsylvania lawmakers are co-sponsoring a bill by State Representative Daryl Metcalfe, of Butler County, to require all employers in Pennsylvania to use the federal government’s E-Verify system.

Pennsylvania lawmakers look to enact strict penalties for employers who hire undocumented immigrant workers, claiming ‘illegal immigrant invasion’

The administration wasted no time taking its first steps to build the “big, beautiful wall” President Trump promised the American people. Last Friday, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection asked for bids to construct the border wall (one concrete and the other using different materials.) Under the timeline outlined in the proposal, those interested will have two weeks to submit their designs...
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If You Build It, They Won’t Come

Maryland State Senator Michael Hough discussing the Maryland sanctuary bill on Fox & Friends.

Maryland lawmaker slams Democrats' sanctuary plan

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What a relief! All the illegal aliens who can afford the $2.9 million median price for a home in Malibu, California, can sleep easy in their idyllic oceanfront community. Malibu is now a sanctuary city, thanks to the bold action of the city council.

Malibu Gives Sanctuary to Illegal Aliens (Just as Long as they Don’t Try to Use the Beach)

FAIR Executive Director, Bob Dane, weighs in on Maryland High School Rape Case

Fox News: Bob Dane Weighs in on Maryland High School Rape Case

Great Op-Ed from the National Review!

When Judges Cross Lines

Monday night in the final minutes of the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly mentioned that he would cover a “horrendous story out of Maryland” in the next airing of his show. This was surely a reference to the violent rape of a 14-year old girl at Rockville High School. The crime is alleged to have been committed by two illegal aliens, Jose Montano, 17, from El Salvador, and Henry Sanchez-Millian,...
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After Illegal Aliens Allegedly Commit Brutal Crime, Maryland Lawmakers Consider Sanctuary

“Whatever their philosophical opposition is to the idea that nobody should ever be deported.It doesn’t justify these whacked-out, outer-space, other-worldly examples that have no basis in reality.”

- Dan Stein, president of the Federation for American Immigration Reform,

The Trump administration published a list of jailed immigrants who were released before ICE could deport them

Today's blog discusses how North Carolina's House Judiciary Committee voted 6-5 last week to advance House Bill 63 (HB 63), otherwise known as the “Citizens Protection Act of 2017”, to strengthen the state’s existing anti-sanctuary law.

North Carolina Committee Passes Anti-Sanctuary Enforcement Bill

On March 22, the Rhode Island House Committee on the Judiciary is holding a public hearing on legislation to address sanctuary policies in the state.

They will be considering two critical measures to support immigration enforcement and enhance law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials. These bills are:

• House Bill 5394, which requires sheriffs to verify the immigration...
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Public Hearing on Legislation for Rhode Island

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