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We all know someone with a photo reel like this, our staff are no exception! Share with us if you can relate to our obsession!
To celebrate #NationalPuppyDay share with us your favourite puppy photos!
Taking photos today with Louis the Shnoodle for an exciting new project we are working on. Keep an eye on our page for exciting offers coming soon!
Does your pup love muddy walks or can't they stand getting their paws dirty?! Share with us your photos or experiences.
Our March Charity Competition is now live, and the charities desperately need your votes!
Each charity will receive a share of a Β£20,000 donation proportional to the percentage of the vote they get. There's all to play for, so get your friends to react to their favourite charity!
Here is how to vote:
The Lluest Horse & Pony Trust React with 'Love'
Keighley Cat Care React with 'Haha'
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Voting is now closed!
We'd like to congratulate all three charities that have taken part in our 'Charity Giveaway'.
The amount of love and support demonstrated throughout this competition has been truly remarkable, and we would like to thank everyone who voted, commented, and shared!
The donations are as follows:
The Donkey Sanctuary - Β£14,000.00
Redwings Horse Sanctuary - Β£4,400.00
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Wild Welfare are a global zoo welfare charity, helping to improve animal welfare conditions for captive wild animals in zoos and aquariums. One of the zoos they support is Hanoi Zoo in Vietnam, who with Wild Welfare's help have been providing better care and enrichment to their animals. [ Link ]

Hanoi Zoo celebrates animal welfare progress
Here is a lovely story about Magic the life saving pup to help break up your Monday morning. [ Link ]

The dog that has saved its owner's life 3,500 times - BBC News
Bath time can sometimes be tricky for both you and your pet. How do you tackle any issues and make the experience more positive?
We conducted a survey into which breeds YOU think are the smartest and most obedient. Some of the results may surprise you...

UK’s smartest dogs | Animal Friends
Wild Welfare are a global zoo welfare charity, helping to improve animal welfare conditions for captive wild animals in zoos and aquariums. One of the zoos they support is Surabaya Zoo in Indonesia, who with Wild Welfare's help have been making life better for their bears. [ Link ]

Surabaya Zoo’s vets make bear improvements – Wild Welfare
Customer Blu wishes you a wooftastic World Book Day! What is your favourite book? His is Hairy Potter!
Our little Louis loves Blueberries! What is your pet's favourite sweet treat?
Happy Pancake Day from all of us at Animal Friends! If you are making pancakes tonight, take a look at our pancake recipe that is safe for both you and your furry friends! [ Link ]

Pet-friendly Pancakes | Animal Friends
As #HurricaneDoris takes the UK by storm, we would love to see your pets being brave (and safe) in this crazy weather!

(Please do keep any nervous or vulnerable pets indoors, especially in the most affected areas.)
Happy 1st Birthday to policy holder Max! Let us know if your pet is celebrating a milestone birthday soon and they could feature on our page!
#Didyouknow Cats on average sleep around 16 hours a day, but kittens and senior cats might require even longer. We would love to see your sleeping beauties at nap time and the unusual places they find themselves dosing.
Little Louis has had his first drastic haircut and as you can see he looks like a totally different puppy! Share with us your pets' first haircuts and any tips you have learnt from having your pet groomed.
Going away and nervous about leaving your pet in kennels? Read our top tips on how to prepare your dog for their stay.
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