We just had to share with you our lovely customer Ted. Ted is 6 years old and lives with his brother Thomas. He is a really laid-back cat who just wants to be around people whether it be sleeping at the end of the bed or sat having a cuddle on the sofa. His favourite toy is a plastic tube which he likes to carry around and then wrap in the doormat, along with the other presents he finds around...
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Primates are facing devastating habitat loss and being killed by illegal hunters. Without positive action, many species could be extinct within the next 25 years.

You can help by avoiding products that use non-sustainable palm oil. Savvy shopping can make a huge difference to these amazing animals.

Primates facing 'extinction crisis' - BBC News

Furry families are the best! Tell us about your 'Pack' of animals that love and guide your children.
According to recent studies, children who grow up with doggy companions are healthier!
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12 Reasons Why Every Kid Should Grow Up With A Dog

Our gloomy Monday was really brightened by these photos of our customer, Digby the 4-month-old Red Fox Lab. He loves to bark at his friend, Hamish the cat, and enjoys helping out around the Livery yard where his mum works. His favourite toy is a well chewed, smelly toy rabbit and he is always up to mischief with his sister, Lottie.

Digby’s owners never thought they would have another dog...
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Busy modern life can make it difficult to stick to some New Year's Resolutions, but I think one we can all find a little time for is showing our pets a little extra love! Here are a few ways you can give your furry family a little more affection in 2017!
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Ways You Can Show You Love Your Pet | Animal Friends

This lovely fella enjoys a muddy walk, a game of tug-of-war and is especially fond of French Bulldogs. Rambo the Staffordshire Bull Terrier also has a very unusual toy that he can’t be without: a plastic dustpan! The dustpan has been with him since he was a tiny puppy and is the first thing he fetches if he is feel frightened or unsure.
If you would like to see your pet featured on our...
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We just had to share with you this photo of 4-month-old customer, Billy, doing what he loves best: running! Billy loves his long walks through the fields and will not get out of his bed for anything less than a tummy rub, who could blame him?
If you would like to see your pet featured on our Facebook page, please comment below with your snaps and some fun facts about your furry friend.
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Our January Charity Competition is now live, and the charities desperately need your votes!
Each charity will receive a share of a £20,000 donation proportional to the percentage of the vote they get. There's all to play for, so get your friends to vote for your favourite charity!
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There are so many benefits of growing up with pets. Check out this heartwarming video of kids and their doggy companions!
Our new friend Louis the puppy has been tearing around the office most of the day. We would love to see snaps of your energetic puppy and we will share our favourites later this week!
Getting healthy is a common goal for many people at the start of a new year, but did you know that being a pet owner could give you a bit of a boost?

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How Owning a Pet Improves Your Health | Animal Friends

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Many of us endeavour to get to the gym or squeeze more fruit and veg into our diet as a New Year's Resolution, but healthy eating and exercise aren't just good for humans! With pet obesity becoming an epidemic, why not help your podgy pet lose a little weight this year? [ Animalfriends.co.uk Link ]

How to Help Your Dog Lose Weight | Animal Friends

When you have one-too-many sprouts left over after Christmas...
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