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It's all well and good to deck the halls with boughs of holly, but they might not make your pets too jolly!

How to Decorate Safely at Christmas | Animal Friends

Having a horse or pony is an incredibly rewarding experience, but they do need extra special care when it's chilly outside.

Hints and Tips for Keeping your Horse Healthy this Winter | Animal Friends

Struggling to wake up this Wednesday morning? Check out these dozing dogs and share with us snaps of your tired companions.
Our pets become a part of every aspect of our lives, and this is no different at Christmas. Here are some ways to include your furry friends during the holiday season!

Including Your Pet at Christmas | Animal Friends

Envy and Zain were adopted as a pair, and now they're the best of friends!
Now and again our policyholders get in touch with remarkable stories about the scrapes their pets get into, like poor Smokie who got himself into a spot of bother.

Please note that this may be slightly gruesome for squeamish readers.

Smokie's Story | Animal Friends

Gentle Giants need their extra special big toys to! Does your gentle giant have any gigantic toys that they love?
Has your #cat got worms? Read here about why it’s important for them to be treated:

Treatment for worms in cats | Animal Friends

#DidYouKnow that shedding is really important to our dogs’ health? Our blog post explains how you can help your dog look after its coat and why it’s vital that your pet loses its coat.

Which dogs shed the most hair? | Animal Friends

Getting the tree up is one of our favourite parts of the holiday season, but if you have pets you may need to make some adjustments for their safety...

Pets and Christmas Trees | Animal Friends

Remember this post? Top 5 reasons why horses need exercise!

Six things new horse owners need to know | Animal Friends

This is beautiful office sprocker puppy, Blu! Look out for him in our winter ads.
This cat is not to sure about the snow. How do your pets feel about the cold weather?
Winter can be tough for animals, especially slightly older pets. If your pet is a golden oldie, you might find these tips useful as the weather gets chillier!

Seasonal adaptations for senior pets | Animal Friends

These guys seem to love sharing their bed! Do any of your pets like to share theirs?
This is beautiful office sprocker puppy, Blu! Look out for him in our winter ads.
Everyone knows Christmas can be a slightly stressful time, but many don't realise that the hustle and bustle takes a toll on our pets too. This guide can help you create a restful environment this Christmas.

[ Animalfriends.co.uk Link ]

Minimising Stress for Pets at Christmas | Animal Friends

Remember that de-icer can be poisonous to cats!

Never leave it within reach, and don't use more than you need, as cats may lick it up off the ground.

Stay safe this winter!
This horse encountered water for the first time and loved it. We'd love to see any pictures or videos you may have of your furry friends enjoying the water.
Is there a better way to kick off the week than a kitten hug? We think not.