Fertility Courses
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4 cases discussed
Persistent endometrial Thickness
Thin endometrium prior to transfer
PCOS stimulation problems
fluid in cavity

These cases were sent for discussion . Please email cases in full to fertilitycourses@gmail.com and these will be discussed once a week
Fertility Courses
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Hypo Hypog
one of the most challenging
How do you diagnose ?
simple age old technique that will diagnose a large majority of hypo hypogs. The lecture later continues to discuss the various techniques of stimulation

this lecture looks towards making the diagnosis easy
Reproductive medicine course
a fantastic 4 days of discussion with a great group of doctors

More teaching to come on line
Questions and Answers about Clomiphene at the reproductive medicine course

A successful course needs robust discussion, an audience who interacts and at the end , a course that one can enjoy .
Pick up Sim
A realistic oocyte pick up training station
4 days of teaching
A fantastic group of friendly and eager doctors

Enjoyed the 4 days
Dr Sri talks about embryology for clinicians
Dr sachin Kulkarni talks about Indian challenges
The complex concepts of stimulation

FSH threshold and LH ceiling

Complex yet very important if you wish to succeed in ovarian induction and stimulation
Optimising Natural fertility : How to improve pregnancy rates in natural conception? Review what evidence says and what advice we can give patients . The review of this paper is very balanced and will help us to tell patients facts based on evidence . please be free to use these for your patients
The need of an endometriosis service
A comprehensive complete endometriosis service is needed for the treatment of endometriosis

Dr Christian Barnick at Homerton university hospital and Obgynmatters explains how he set it up
Metformin In PCOS

Discussion next week
Laparoscopic Ovarian drilling : Treatment of Clomiphene resistant PCOS
Does Ovarian drilling work. Can we drill one ovary or should we drill both ? lets look at the evidence
Case discussion: Interesting case / Helping to understand how maximum stimulation may not help . The role of antral follicle and planning stimulation around it. And briefly the basic investigations of the woman.
From the homerton Team
Thyroid and PCOS :TALK 2 : A Short talk by Professor Gerrard Conway and Dr Sachin Kulkarni on Thyroid and its importance in fertility treatments .The role of metformin in PCOS and the treatment of PCOS related infertility
Reproductive medicine course : March 15th or 18th DUBAI
4 days of intensive teaching and discussion . From the various regimes of Clomid/Letrozole and tamoxifen to the different gonadotrophin regimes. The understanding of ovulation induction of PCOS and Hypo Hypog . Chronic low dose stimulation protocols and its variations
IVF protocols - understand why and how . Newer protocols for poor...
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Case 3: previous case of occasional dead sperm seen so we manufactured a large abstinence time to build up sperm numbers. Once this is done the first ejaculate is showing dead sperm only. However, consecutive ejaculate show motile progressive sperm suitable for ICSI.

Dr consultant andrologist
PCOS and Hirsutism :
Adolescent : In modern times, young teenage girls have started presenting with PCPS and hirsutism . Professor Gerard Conway , Professor in reproductive endocrinology who spends a few months every year in India doing research discusses with Sachin Kulkarni about this Topic. Dr Sachin Kulkarni has recently completed one of the largest studies of lean PCOS and its phenotype...
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How to use and fill a folliculogram

A must for good stimulation practice
Chronic low dose FSH in PCOS

An interesting case