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PCOS and Hirsutism :
Adolescent : In modern times, young teenage girls have started presenting with PCPS and hirsutism . Professor Gerard Conway , Professor in reproductive endocrinology who spends a few months every year in India doing research discusses with Sachin Kulkarni about this Topic. Dr Sachin Kulkarni has recently completed one of the largest studies of lean PCOS and its phenotype...
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Fertility Courses
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How to use and fill a folliculogram

A must for good stimulation practice
Fertility Courses
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Chronic low dose FSH in PCOS

An interesting case
Fertility Courses
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Over 40: role of FSH and E2 . Does Clomid and Gonadotrophin therapy work ? Journal review
By consultant andrologist
ghulam bahadur

previous case of necrozoospermia. We asked for 1 day abstinence followed by 30 min abstinence. Consecutive ejaculate reveals motile sperm in sufficient numbers for ICSI
Needs IVF ?
Think again
Are we getting sperm analysis wrong?
Routine case discussion
How to investigate
Consecutive ejaculate : example
From Dr Gulam Bahadur
Consultant andrologist

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This follows his lecture on consecutive ejaculates

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Discussing protocols and the challenges from clomiphene to IVF

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Masters Training in Reproductive Medicine and IVF

Reproductive immunology made simple
Frozen embryo protocols : Which one is the best ?
A short review into all the practices for frozen embryo replacement

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