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Fertility Courses
12/04/2016 at 18:07. Facebook
Advanced Fertility Course
In 10 days in Hyderabad , the team from UK with Professor Roy Homburg , Mr Anil Gudi, Mr Amit Shah will discuss the basics and the advanced of Assisted conception for clinicians , the protocols and the reason behind it .how to move from theory and move to asking why .
This is likely to be one of our last courses in 2017 as we build towards expanding our reasearch .
Fertility Courses
12/02/2016 at 07:44. Facebook
A very simple and easy book to read by professor Gerrard Conway .

For patients and doctors
Fertility Courses
12/01/2016 at 18:25. Facebook
1st trimester ultrasound

Nuchal/ NIPT the new test

And the challenges for sickle cell anemia

By Mr Akinfenwa
Senior consultant and world renowned fetal medicine specialist

Yinka Akinfenwa

Fertility Courses
11/28/2016 at 22:37. Facebook
Dear Friends

We have convinced the organisers to include Prof Homburg for the current course in Hyderabad . Due to the high demand for research at my centre, he cannot commit beyond hyderabad

those who wish to come for the meeting please read his book on ovulation induction. The course is intense and many new concepts are discussed .

it is time to ask your doubts and remember , there...
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Fertility Courses
11/27/2016 at 21:05. Facebook
Reproductive immunology

Dr Amit Shah will discuss how to understand the results of immunology and the treatment. Complex subject with controversies
Advanced fertility training

Hyderabad 16 to 19th ; 2016
An interesting case
And the lessons learnt
We have received huge number of enquiries

Here are the details
Fertility courses Hyderabad 16th to 19th
The program . Intensive 4 days of teaching , covering the entire course . Many has asked me for the program and i have attached it .
Fertility teaching and Courses

Knowledge is our right

Knowledge knows no politics and boundaries . It knows no religion.It belongs to all

Ask your questions. we will aim to answer your questions .
In 3 weeks starts one of the most intense teaching courses of ART protocols

Have questions ? Come and ask the team

Professor Homburg joins the team to teach

It's not a conference but a teaching course .
Training at Homerton laboratory . Join courses to benefit from the observer program

Email Derek Ibcme
Case discussion and teaching
Not a conference

Hard 4 days of learning

Professor Roy Homburg

Dr Anil Gudi

Dr Amit Shah

Learn the protocols that make this branch fascinating

Bring your questions and ask the team and get your copy signed by professor Homburg

[ Facebook.com Link ]

Masters Training in Reproductive Medicine and IVF

Professor Roy Homburg with his stirring research

What causes PCOS

He has agreed to come to Hyderabad 16th to 19th December to teach and discuss the tricky topic of PCOS
Fertility exam

First batch completion . Awarding of certificates
Egg collection simulation training...

Contact Derek Ibcme to more info on our Hyderabad course in Dec 2016