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Causes of Male infertility

a good education for patients
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Causes of Male Infertility

Fertility Courses
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Mild vs maximum stimulation in IVF

And some questions answered
Fertility Courses
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LUF does it exist ?
Research and treatment options
Fertility Courses
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PCOS book from the master of reproductive medicine

Professor Gerard Conway

For doctors and patients : in simple terms as used in his clinics in London
Fertility Courses
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Testosterone for Men?

dont !!! - the results could be damaging in some men

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Warning over testosterone jabs that help men through 'male menopause'

Thursday teaching
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next week we will discuss The concept of unruptured leuteinzed follicle
does it exist and the concept of LH
Morning teaching
A few cases
Optimizing Natural Fertility
Review of Article Optimizing natural fertility : A committee opinion- Fertility and sterility January 2017

Excellent review which can be used to advise patients and doctors alike
Pain Management after laparoscopy
Dr Shantanu Mallick discusses the options of pain relief during and after laparoscopy. You will find a huge amount of information on his website
Safety first and fore most is the Essence of quality management

Use double witnessing
Keep only one sample on the table
Use electronic witnessing

Be safe

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Wrong embryos implanted into women at Czech fertility clinic popular with Brits

Pain management after laparoscopy
Improve patient care and reduce pain and improve quality of recovery
Dr Shantanu Mallick
Consultant in Pain management

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Pain management after laparoscopy

Pain management after laparoscopic surgery missing in many cases and can help extensively if uses appropriately

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a new teaching program open to all from 2017
Merry Christmas and a Happy new year
May the new year bring forth more exchange of knowledge and sharing
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