Learn a bit more about the champions of Africa - Senegal!

Team: Fédération Sénégalaise - FSF

Road to Bahamas: Champions of Africa

Player to watch: Babacar Fall

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Group A's South American representatives are from Ecuador!

Team: FEF

Road to Bahamas: 3rd in CONMEBOL.com qualifiers

Player to watch: Moreira

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Next up in the build-up to the #FIFABeachSoccer World Cup is Switzerland!

Team: Schweizerischer Fussballverband - Association Suisse de Football Swiss Beach Soccer

Road to Bahamas: 2nd place in European Qualifiers

Players to watch: Noel Ott / Dejan Stankovic

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Nigeria captain Isiaka Olawale talks us through the Super Sand Eagles return to the #FIFABeachSoccer after a long absence
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Nigeria prepare for return to world stage

How good does the venue for the #FIFABeachSoccer World Cup in the Bahamas look?
The tournament may still be over a month away, but Tahiti are already off to the Bahamas for the #FIFABeachSoccer World Cup!

Beach Soccer: Les Tiki Toa en route pour les Bahamas! | FTF.PF

Ahead of the big kick-off on the 27th April, we'll be looking at the 16 teams taking part at the #FIFABeachSoccer World Cup, starting with the Bahamas!

Team: Bahamas Beach Soccer 2017

Road to Bahamas: Hosts!

Player to watch: Lesly St.Fleur

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Italy have announced their squad for #FIFABeachSoccer...
"My house collapsed in less than a minute, and with it went everything, including all the money I’d worked so hard to save through football. It was a blessing not to lose anyone, but how was I supposed to go and start from square one?”

Saltos and Ecuador stand strong in adversity

How good does this stadium look?
When you have all of the trophies... #TBT
Afghanistan Football Federation 7-2 China PR
Football Association of Malaysia (Official) 0-14 Iran
Afghanistan Football Federation 5-3 Football Association of Malaysia (Official)
China PR 0-5 Bahrain Football Association
Happy Birthday, Dmitry Shishin! The forward won the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup twice with Russia and could score 31 goals in the #history of the tournament. This picture shows him with coach Mikhail Likhachev. In our permanent exhibition you can see sand from the Stadio del Mare in Ravenna where Russia won their first title in 2011. He turns 31 today.
A review of Asian #FIFABeachSoccer World Cup 2017 as Iran topped UAE and Japan of the trio bound for the Bahamas [ Fifa.com Link ]

Iran cruise to second Asian title on sand

Lebanon 3-6 Japan
Iran 7-2 UAE
Congratulations to Japan, who complete the Bahamas 2017 line-up, and to Iran, who are Asian champions for the second time.
Congratulations Japan!
They defeated Lebanon to become the final side to reach Bahamas 2017 and complete the tournament's line-up.
That moment when you qualify for the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup...