#ThrowbackWeek: "Inside the FIWC16" with Frank Lampard and more

Will any of our 2016 finalists be back to compete in #FIWC17? Let us know what you think below!
Relive one of the greatest finals in FIWC history! Enjoy the 2nd part of our Grand Final #ThrowbackWeek! Tap for sound

Will we have a repeat champion in 2017?
Check out the first part of the FIWC16 GrandFinal #throwback:
Relive the first leg of one of the most exciting FIWC finals in history!

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1⃣ Year ago: David Villa Sánchez handed over the trophy to Mohamad ''Bacha'' Al-Bacha as he became FIWC 2016 Champion.
Take a look at the action in Round 4 of the local qualifiers, which was presented live at the FIFA World Football Museum in Zürich, Switzerland!

LUBO came out on top. This has earned him a spot in the final tournament at the FIFA World Football Museum, with a chance to qualify for the FIWC Grand Final being held in London, United Kingdom come August.

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August "Agge" Rosenmeier
Huge Gorilla ❤
Ivan "BorasLegend" Lapanje
"This is a huge win for me, but I'm thinking bigger."
Gamer in the spotlight this week: Tassal 'Tass' Rushan

Read the article below to see how the European #FUTRegionals Champ prepares for Berlin, Germany.

Tass brimming with confidence after Paris win

Who's Memphis Depay?
An early contender for the goal of the month
Here's this week's TOTW! 86 rated IF Roberto Firmino

Which player are you missing?
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Ever wonder what players or formations the competitors in the Season 1 regional finals preferred to use?

Take a look below at the FIWC #FactoftheMonth!
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It's time for the team of the week! 9⃣0⃣ rated IF Harry Kane!
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February has come to a close and we have our top #FUTChampions players from around the world!

Will you break through and make the list in March?
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#RayZiaaH will be playing at the FUT Champions Final in Berlin, Germany!

"At my first live tournaments, I lost composure and played badly" -
Read the article to see what he changed to improve his game

FIFA Interactive World Cup

The Brazilian Rafael "rafifa13" Fortes won the regional finals for the Americas in Miami, Florida!

Were you able to watch the event live? If not read the recap of the event here for all of the details you missed: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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The representative from Saudi Arabia #Aloufi beat Abdulaziz "MrDone" Alshehri in Sydney, Australia, winning himself the title of Rest of the World Champion for Season 1!

Read the event recap here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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#Tass was our first regional winner of Season 1. He competed well and took home the prize for the Season 1 European final in Paris, France!

Read the recap of the event here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Have a look at which players are already qualified for the #FUT Championship in Berlin, Germany.

Who do you think will make it to the top?
Check out the qualification format for the Season 3 regional finals!

More Information: goo.gl/fJ3NMY
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