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Jason races Bradley Wiggins, the professional road and track racing cyclist with both a bike and a car!
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A catalytic converter is worth £200 and is one of the most popular items thieves target in car thefts. Tim tries to remove one from a Fifth Gear car so you won't have to do it!
Tiff took part in the Barborka Rally in Poland, one of the most challenging race tracks presented on Fifth Gear!
Stunt driver Terry Grant challenged Vicki to an unusual tyre fitting test to see who would be the fastest: Terry while doing his donut trick or Vicki with extra help using traditional tools. But who was the victor?
Tiff was lucky enough to drive one of the fifteen Pagani Zonda R vehicles ever produced. But did this rare beauty impress the Fifth Gear presenter?
Vicki reviewed the F12 Berlinetta, the most powerful road car from Ferrari. But what were Vicki’s thoughts on this fast and light vehicle?
The Fifth Gear team reviewed the Twingo, Renault’s compact city car. But would the rear-engine design impact it’s performance?
As part of his review, Jason took the Noble M600 on a race track to see if it could reach the top speed of 200mph. But did he manage to reach this goal?
Jonny took on the iconic TT course at the Isle of Man on a three-wheeled scooter. But how would it perform on one of the most dangerous tracks in the world?
Tiff and Vicki teamed up to race against ace pilot Nigel Lamb in his stunt plane. But would they win, even if they were in the Lamborghini Aventador?
Tiff and Jason took their competition to the next level: Go Karting! Who will reign supreme on the race track this time?
Vicki went to visit Pininfarina to see how concept cars are built. But how much detail and craftsmanship goes into each car?
Which one performed the best in a series of tests: The Mitsubishi I or Jonny’s custom built double decker Smart car?
Old meets new when the Morgan Plus 8 was unveiled. But what did Jason think of this classic car reimagined with new technology?
In a team review, did Tiff, Vicki and Jonny all find something to agree with on the vehicle?
Originally part of Fifth Gear’s Crash Test Month, could a metre high bollard be able to withstand a truck at full speed?
Tiff reviewed the Subaru Impreza WRX and it didn’t take long until he took it to a race track to push the car to the edge!
After he learned the history behind the converted Vauxhall Victor, what were Jonny’s impressions with it when he went for a drive?