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Since 2004, Labor Department investigations have secured nearly $150,000 in back wages — wages that workers were owed but not paid — for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. workers throughout the country.

Tell your Senators to REJECT Andy Puzder, the worst fast-food CEO, to lead the Department of Labor [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec

Puzder Is the Perfect Labor Secretary for Trump’s Anti-Worker White House - Morning Consult
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New investigation from Capital & Main shows that under Andy Puzder's leadership Carl's Jr. and Hardees have been hit with more federal employment discrimination lawsuits than any other major US hamburger chain.

He must never become the Secretary of Labor.

Andrew Puzder’s 16-Year Record of Discrimination Lawsuits
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Trump's labor nominee was became a multimillionaire by paying poverty wages and left taxpayers to pick up the tab for public assistance -- to the tune of $247 million EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

Tell your Senators to REJECT Andy Puzder, the worst fast-food CEO, to lead the Department of Labor [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec

How Andy Puzder's fast-food industry sticks taxpayers with the cost of supporting its workers
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Andy Puzder is #NotOurLaborSec. We are not "the worst." We are mothers and fathers. We are workers fighting to make ends meet on poverty wages. He should step down from consideration TODAY.

Tell your Senators to REJECT Andy Puzder, the worst fast-food CEO, to lead the Department of Labor [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec

Trump labor pick in 2011 on his fast food workers: We hire 'the best of the worst'
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You wouldn't put a known bank robber in charge of the Federal Reserve, why put a know labor law violator in charge of the Department of Labor? Tell your Senators: Reject Puzder: [ Link ]

5 reasons the Senate must reject Andrew Puzder as Labor secretary
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Labor nominee, and Hardee's CEO, Andy Puzder is on the ropes. Tell your Senator to REJECT him: [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec

These Trump Nominees Might Be in Big Trouble
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Taking from the sick and giving to the rich. Is that how you make America great? #FightFor15

Health Care Repeal Is a Stealth Tax Break for Millionaires
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Texas workers know the truth. We must stop Puzder from being confirmed as Secretary of Labor, he's the wrong choice for all American workers. Tell your Senators: [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec

Fast-Food Workers Protest Trump, Puzder While Calling For Wage Hike
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The sexism of the administration and it's appointees like Carl's Jr. CEO Andy Puzder is something that can't be ignored. Tell your Senators to REJECT him: [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec

'Ugly women don't sell burgers' – the trickle-down effect of Team Trump
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This #womensmarch sign reminds us what's at stake for workers' rights in the new administration. Day 1: Trump admin deleted LGBT-rights pages from the Department of Labor website #FightFor15
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We're inspired by all the folks who took part in yesterday's historic #WomensMarch. Everyone deserves justice and everyone deserves a living wage. #FightFor15
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#WhyIMarch because Andy Puzder can't become @LaborSec. Join us in opposing his nomination: [ Link ] #WomensMarch
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Powerful words from Dr. Rev. William J. Barber, II. We won't give up, and we won't back down. We are proud to fight together. #FightFor15
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Andy Puzder's entire business is based on paying workers as little as possible and providing us with little benefits. Tell your Senators to REJECT Andy Puzder, the worst fast-food CEO, to lead the Department of Labor [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec
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"We must stand with the Fight for $15" - Angela Davis at the #WomensMarch ✊✊✊ Solidarity! #FightFor15
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4 things you need to know about the anti-women labor secretary nominee Andy Puzder

Tell your Senators to REJECT him: [ Link ]

#WomensMarch #NotOurLaborSec #FightFor15 #AntiLaborSecretary
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We are out in the streets today. All Respect ❤ Love Strength Solidarity Power Hope ✊✊✊✊✊ to #WomensMarch'ers around the world from the #Fightfor15!
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Outlawing non-violent protest is more than anti-democratic, it's the first step a tyrant takes. #FightFor15

Republican Lawmakers in Five States Propose Bills to Criminalize Peaceful Protest
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This is the guy Trump picked to lead the Department of Labor, the one who doesn't believe low-wage workers want or deserve overtime pay. We can't pay the rent with a "sense of accomplishment".

Tell your Senators to REJECT Andy Puzder: [ Link ] #NotOurLaborSec
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A minimum-wage worker would have to WORK OVER 433 YEARS without any breaks to earn what Trump's Labor nominee, Andy Puzder, made between 2009-2012. He's not fit to protect American workers.

#NotOurLaborSec -- read more, Tell your Senators to REJECT him: