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Fight for the Reef
yesterday at 20:45. Facebook
Did you know coral spawning is vital for the Great Barrier Reef’s reproduction?

Each year corals synchronise the release of trillions of eggs and sperm. The baby coral polyps created during the spawning event drift to the bottom and take hold, helping a reef to grow or rebuild.

WWF Australia sent a camera to film the annual spawning event at Lizard Island late last year, but there was almost...
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Fight for the Reef
01/14/2017 at 03:33. Facebook
To find out more about what WWF Australia is doing to help fight for the future of the Reef head to: [ Wwf.org.au Link ]
Fight for the Reef
01/11/2017 at 01:52. Facebook
ICYMI: This governments' Reef Report Card is not good news.
They must act in 2017 to legislate caps on pollution entering reef waters, before it’s too late.

Pass this on if you think the Reef deserves better!
[ Fightforthereef.org.au Link ]
This is what the Great Barrier Reef should look like.

This 360° photograph (courtesy of WWF) was taken in 2014 at Lizard Island, before last year's mass coral bleaching event.

It serves as inspiration to continue to fight for the Reef's future.

Follow WWF Australia's page to stay up to date with their ongoing work to protect the Reef.

Image © The Ocean Agency
Discover: The Greater Fitzroy Delta.
At the mouth of the largest river system on the east coast lies the guardian of the Great Barrier Reef. Together we fought for the Delta and we won.

We will continue the fight for our Reef in 2017. Join us.

Protect the Fitzroy Delta

The Greater Fitzroy Delta, at the mouth of the largest river system on the east coast is the guardian of the Great Barrier Reef. Its massive system of mangro...

Earlier this year WWF Australia - in conjunction with XL Catlin Seaview Survey - photographed coral bleaching along the Great Barrier Reef.

These before and after images were taken in the same location at Lizard Island (Left: March 2016, R: May 2016).

Coral bleaching is devastating the Reef and Australia isn't doing enough to tackle the problem.

Follow WWF’s Great Barrier Reef work by...
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The Great Barrier Reef is priceless as a natural wonder - but if you had to put a dollar figure on it - how much is it worth?

WWF Australia teamed up with unlikely allies from the tourism and farming sectors to find out.

The numbers might surprise you ...

Fight for the Reef

Hope you're having a great holiday break.
Rest up, recharge & fight on in the New Year!
2016 has been an enormous year for the Reef and for you, our friends.

Thank you for your support, for the actions you’ve taken and for giving the Reef hope. A new journey awaits in 2017!
WWF Australia are saving sea creatures from dredging, dumping and pollution; follow along for updates on the animals living in our Great Barrier Reef.

WWF Australia

Help stop the Australian Govt from making 2017 even worse for the Reef.

Sign the petition now & say 'no' to public funding of a rail link to Adani's Carmichael coal mine & the fast-track destruction of our Reef. [ Fightforthereef.org.au Link ]

Have You Had A Worse 2016 Than The Great Barrier Reef?

A healthy economy and 69,000 tourism jobs depend on a healthy reef

Mixed reactions to the Adani Carmichael project

Malcolm Turnbull is thinking about spending $1 billion of our taxpayer money on Adani’s rail link between Abbot Point and the Carmichael Mine. The railway would cart millions of tonnes of coal that would then be shipped through the Reef, further damaging our already struggling Reef and fuelling global warming.

We must stop this Reef-wrecking project. Sign our petition to ask Malcolm Turnbull...
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Getting the message across in Townsville with colour and people power! About 180 wonderful people joined together to stand up for our Reef against the polluting Adani mega mine in Townsville today, where Premier Palaszczuk met with the head of Adani.
Townsville - you look beautiful this morning!

Many thanks to all who said 'no' to public funding of a rail link to Adani's Carmichael coal mine & the fast-track destruction of our Reef.

Our very own Cherry Muddle led a delegation of Whitsunday tourism professionals and other concerned community members who are worried about the impacts on the Reef, their livelihood and their community if...
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Prime Minister Turnbull and Minister Canavan - More than 2/3 of Australians say Adani's Carmichael coal mine should not go ahead.

Side with us and support our Great Barrier Reef, not the vested interests of big miners
Thank you to each and every one of you who turned up today to show your outrage at taxpayers' money being used to fast-track the destruction of our Great Barrier Reef.

The fight is far from over. We're taking it to Townsville and the Prime Minister's inbox tomorrow. Stay tuned!

Adani protest: hundreds rally against proposed $1bn loan to mining company

SNAP ACTION: Melbourne

8:45am TODAY
1 Treasury Place near where Mr Adani is meeting Prime Minister Turnbull and senior ministers.
Coordinated by our friends at AYCC
See you there!

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