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From perfume to hamburgers, pornified ads are everywhere.

They say that sex sells, but does it ever cross a line?

Is Softcore Advertising A Gateway To Porn?
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Years of scientific research agree that porn is harmful to viewers' brains and their relationships.

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How Does Porn Impact Your Health?
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Everyone fights for real love in different ways. What are some ways that you've noticed work with you?

There are some super creative ideas here.

Raising Awareness On The Fight For Real Love Starts With You
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"When I visited my father, I would dress as childish and covered as I could. I just didn’t feel safe with him... This was the man that was supposed to protect me from perverts, from predators, and from the world; yet instead I felt I needed to hide myself and protect myself from him."

This Fighter's powerful story is heartbreaking, but not uncommon...

True Story: My Father Was My First Exposure To Porn
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A comprehensive meta-analysis of 22 studies from 7 different countries is giving solid evidence to this disturbing truth.

Research is continually showing how porn is anything but harmless entertainment, and it's time we speak out about it...

Studies Show Sexual Aggression Can Be Linked To Watching Porn
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Friends who rep together, rock together. ????

Shout out to Miranda and Sophie for repping the movement and taking a stand for real love together!
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Want to actively make a difference in this fight for love? Download the official Fighter App today!

Give your time to the cause, spread the movement, and be eligible to win awesome stuff. It's that simple.

How To Win Free Gear & Make A Difference With Fight the New Drug's Fighter App
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We can't believe how many times we've seen comments like: "If these women didn't want to do porn then they wouldn't do it. Let people do whatever they want."

Sadly, it's much more complicated than that. Many porn stars end up in porn as a last resort, due to violence, drug abuse, financial struggles, or coercion. This is the reality:

Just Because Porn Stars Do Porn, Doesn't Mean They Like It Or Asked For It
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We fight for love because we believe it's absolutely worth fighting for.

Grab a tee and show that you're a part of this love movement!

SHOP: 'Fight For Love' Tee
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In our digitally-obsessed society, getting hooked on porn can happen without a viewer realizing what's really going on.

But the same smartphone that might be part of a struggle with porn can be a huge weapon for education and awareness...

How Our Tech-Fueled World Can Make A Struggle With Porn Even Worse
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Happiness, compassion, intimacy, friendship, affection, loyalty, beauty, authenticity, warmth...

Porn can't offer anything close to these things, but real relationships can. This is why we fight for love and reject the hollowness of porn.
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These attempts to normalize porn just keep getting more and more ridiculous.

We can’t be the only ones who see through this sad attempt to thinly disguise their plan to profit off of sexual exploitation with "charity"...

Pornhub Launches Latest Gimmick With "Make Porn, Save Pandas" Campaign
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Happy weekend, Fighters! We fight to show the cheapness of porn while also shining a light on the beauty of real, passionate love. ❤

Show some love to Melissa and Alejandro for taking a stand for real love and repping the movement in Madrid, Spain!
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Happy St. Patrick's Day, Fighters! To celebrate, our greenest tee is at a discounted price for today only!

Grab this tee and start repping the movement!

SHOP: 'Love Takes Two' Tee - St. Patrick's Day Sale
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There's more than just yourself to consider when it comes to watching porn.

Many people don't realize this...

Watching Porn Isn't Just A Personal Habit, It Affects Your Partner Too
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Happy St. Patty's Day from the FTND team to you! We love all of our Fighters! Have an awesome one!

#FightTheNewDrug #PornKillsLove
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Porn will always be less exciting than falling in authentic, deep love with a real person.

Just like a cardboard cutout of your crush, you can’t fall in love with a cheap, two-dimensional imitation...

Why Watching Porn Can Never Measure Up To Falling In Love
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"My first encounter with it was when I was in 5th grade, and my friends dared me to jump over the fence at school during recess to grab a porn magazine. I remember that day like it was yesterday because it had an immediate hold on me."

Ditching porn isn't always easy, but it's always worth it...

Why Choosing To Stop Watching Porn Was The Best Decision I Ever Made
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Sex is good, porn is not.

These studies show how porn won't actually help to "spice up" your love life...

Research Reveals Why Ditching Porn Can Make You A Better, More Confident Lover
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Big change happens one person at a time. With every conversation about porn's harms, every shared FTND post, every "Porn Kills Love" flier shared and tee worn, we are creating a tidal wave of change.

Shout out to Jared from Florida for repping the movement and helping to end the demand for sexual exploitation!