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Over 66,000 users are using this app to take a step toward freedom from pornography.

If you've ever wanted to kick porn out of your life for good, there's no better time to start than right now:

Want To Quit Watching Porn But Can't Seem To Stop? This New App Can Help.
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Whether you watch porn just a little or a lot, each type of behavior affects the viewer in a different way.

The 3 Most Common Types of Porn Viewers
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After the first day, I walked out of the convention hall and stopped at a bar because I needed a drink. Shortly after we sat down, I started crying.

“I don’t want to live in this world,” I found myself saying to my friend.

An Author's Disturbing Experiences Interviewing Porn Producers At The Adult Entertainment Expo
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We fight because sexual exploitation and abuse are never sexy.

Join us in stopping the demand and taking a stand for real love.
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12 year olds being charged with rape is not normal. But then again, neither is the type of violent porn that's so easily accessible to these kids.

This is a disturbing statistic that's only getting worse because of porn...

How Extreme Porn Has Nearly Doubled the Number of Child-On-Child Sex Crimes
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Major relationship goals! We want to give a special shout out to Breanna and Brandon from Arizona who are the founders of Red Light Rebellion. Their work is all about battling sex slavery and inspiring our generation to fight for freedom. Breanna and Brandon have been loyal Fighters for a while and we wanted to shine a light on the awesome work they're doing with their own movement. Show them...
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We're not saying that Fifty Shades directly caused this, but the film's graphic bondage and domination sex scenes probably didn't help this 16-year-old boy either.

Porn teaches the viewer that sex is selfish and consent is unimportant...

16-Year-Old Jailed For Trying To Rape Teen Girl After Seeing 'Fifty Shades'
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Matt was first exposed to porn at the age of 10 and quickly developed a struggle that carried on for years. After marrying the love of his life and having a wonderful honeymoon, Matt thought everything was good, until he realized his struggle with porn wasn't entirely gone.

This inspiring true story shows what it means to fight for real love:
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"This all began when I was only 8 years old. I didn’t realize it was bad or unhealthy, but now I keep asking myself: What kind of horrible world is this, where an 8-year-old little girl can get hooked on porn?"

My Struggle With Porn Taught Me To Hate My Body
This fascinating infographic explains the extreme change in pornography over the last several decades.

SHARE to spread the word on the harms of porn.

Porn Yesterday vs. Porn Today (Infographic)
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Sisters who rep the movement together, change the world together.

Shout out to Terilyn and Alexis for repping the movement and taking a stand for real love!
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Last year, Utah made history by becoming the first state to declare porn a public health crisis. This week, two more states did the same!

LIKE to encourage other states to speak up on this issue!

Breaking News: Virginia & South Dakota Make History, Declare Porn A Public Health Crisis
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Many people don't understand the real mental costs of watching porn, even if they feel its effects.

This guest post written by a Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist shares some powerful insight:

Why You Feel Anxious And Depressed After Watching Porn
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We've got chills.

SHARE this powerful statement to raise awareness on this important issue!

WATCH: Ashton Kutcher Gives Powerful, Emotional Speech To U.S. Senate About Sex Trafficking
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Sex trafficking affects the lives of real people all over the world. Teen girls are constantly tricked into a life of sex slavery, leaving broken hearts and homes in their wake.

This is one family's cry for help:
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Fighting a porn struggle can be difficult, but it's worth it when you're doing it together.

Show Victoria and Nick some love! SHARE their story and raise awareness on how love is worth the fight.

My Boyfriend And I Both Struggled With Porn, Then Helped Each Other Quit
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The poll went through this list of highly illegal, dangerous, and/or depraved activities, and what sum of money it would take for people to perform these acts.

What would be your answer?

Website Polls Visitors: Would You Do Porn For $1 Million? The Results Are Shocking...
Even Playboy's own CEO has acknowledged the harms of pornography in relationships, but that didn't stop them from making this decision.

What do you think of the new announcement?

Breaking News: Playboy Announces Return To Nudity With New "Naked Is Normal" Cover
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Each year, we receive thousands of photos from people all over the world repping the movement and choosing love over porn.

What better day to celebrate some of our favorite, real Fighter couples than Valentine's Day? SHARE this post and share the love!

25 of Fight the New Drug's Cutest Fighter Couples of All Time (PHOTOS)
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Happy Valentine's Day, Fighters! To celebrate this day of love, we are excited to be launching an all new graphic tee!

Take a stand for love and start repping the movement:

SHOP NEW MERCH: 'Live For Love' Tee