Elizabeth Coleman has set up a house to use faith to “heal” convicted child rapists and just can’t understand why the locals aren’t happy about it.

When Elizabeth Coleman first set up her "Freedom Center", the residents of Ellendale Tas were worried and upset - understandably so. Indeed, we at FACAA and many others had grave concerns about the center for several reasons.

Please note - we do...
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Rolf Harris is facing even more child abuse and molestation charges from 7 new people !

Rolf Harris, former Australian music icon, now convicted child abuser is facing even more charges from 7 new people. Rolf is appearing in court from his prison cell where he is currently serving a sentence for multiple counts of child abuse.

One of the women told the court that when she was 12 years old...
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Rest in Peace little Bol, Hanger and Madit.

Your "mother" has pleaded guilty to your murder.


A mother has pleaded guilty to murdering three of her seven children and trying to kill a fourth by driving into a Melbourne lake.

Akon Guode, 37, today pleaded guilty to murdering her one-year-old son Bol and four-year-old twins, Hanger and Madit,...
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FACAA Army, please sign and share this petition to help get Justice for Bobby The Brave ! (A)

#FACAA #ProudFACAA #BobbyTheBrave #JusticeForBobby #Change #Petitions

[ Change.org Link ]

NSW Court of Appeal: Sentence Andrew Nolan to 25 Years for the Catastrophic Abuse of 7 Month Old Bobby Webber

Kids DIE in hot cars !

Every year there are reminders of what can happen to children and animals if they are left inside locked vehicles and yet every year we still have these reports of children left unsupervised inside vehicles.

Please do not leave your kids in the car on hot days, ever !

Not for just 10 minutes, not for 2, not even just 30 seconds !
Something always happens and...
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Last night in Jakarta Indonesia FACAA Warrior Martin "The Situ-Asian" Nguyen represented the kids of the FACAA in a massive way !

Over 1 Billion people saw Martin fly the FACAA flag high and let the whole world know that he wasn't just fighting for a title shot... he was fighting to end child abuse as well !

Congratulations Martin we are proud to have you as one of our fine ambassadors....
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Heads up to all those in or around the Blue Mountains area of NSW, if you see this man or know who he is, please contact the police
What information are you telling the world about your kids ?

With school starting up soon and many after school activities beginning for the year, it's a good time to think about what information we are inadvertently sharing online.

We all do it, we are all proud of our kids and so we should be.

We all put photo after photo up of our kids and their school pictures, their sporting...
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Paul Cosgrove will serve a mere 5 years behind bars for killing his 7 month old daughter Lily.

A 7 month old baby is totally defenceless, totally reliant on their parents for everything, protection, shelter, food, love ... everything.

Being a parent is a great responsibility, but also an incredible joy.

Paul James Cosgrove refused to seek medical attention for his daughter Lily after she...
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Victorian Police have concerns for a missing infant, please keep an eye out FACAA and contact police if you see or hear anything
[ Vicpolicenews.com.au Link ]

Police search for missing infant Archie Medwin

A DFO Security guard Mohammad Hassan Al-Bayati has allegedly exposed himself to a lost little girl that he was sent to find and protect !

Just before Christmas on December 23rd a little 3 year old girl was separated from her parents during the mad Christmas rush at DFO in Homebush.

27 year old Mr Al-Bayati responded to the call for the lost little girl and found her, however rather than...
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NSW child abuser and his wife have tried to have his victim and his own son murdered by a hitman to keep them silent about his abuse.

Thankfully he underestimated the hatred that one particular long term prisoner had for child abusers and child killers.

A 36 year old south coast NSW "man" who groomed his 14 year old victim over his son's facebook page, has attempted to have his victim and...
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Mussie Debresay has been found guilty of stomping a 2 year old girl to death right in front of her 4 year old brother !

A Victorian child killer, who stomped on his girlfriend's toddler after she urinated on his couch, Debresay was cleared of murder in September, but found guilty by a jury of the toddler's manslaughter.

The two-year-old died as a result of blunt force trauma, when her...
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FACAA 2017 Goals !

A goal that's not written down and planned for, is just a dream.
Every year FACAA write our goals down, plan on how to achieve them and also put them in black and white so you guys, our members, can hold us accountable and help us to attain them !

Before we get to this year's goals, let's have a quick look back at last year's goals and assess how we did :)

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Happy New Year for 2017 !!!!!!

WOW !!!! What an incredible year ! 2016 was for FACAA !

2017 will be even better !

No new year, new FACAA rubbish, we are just going to keep doing what we've done every other year and smash every single record we have ever set !

The only question in our minds is how do we top 2016 ! As far as FACAA went it was better than any year yet, man we hit some...
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Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays 2016 FACAA members !

WOW ! Another HUGE year done and dusted !

Every Christmas FACAA give ourselves a few days off to reflect and reset.

Reflection on this year is easy ! We had the greatest year in our short history !

We smashed almost every goal we had and added a whole lot of new ones !

We helped more survivors than all our other years combined !...
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Fighters proudly standing up to end child abuse once and for all !

Thank you each and every member.

Standing together our voices WILL be heard !

Our voices have already been heard in massive ways, ways we never thought possible.

Looking back to when we started this charity, we said "well if we help one child heal from child abuse, then it will all be worth it" and if we reach a...
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We need to stop looking for ‘reasons’ to sympathise with perpetrators of family violence.

We need to start recognising disabled people as equal.

As the investigation into the Manrique-Lutz family murders continues, friends and family members have come forward objecting fiercely to initial media reports suggesting that the motive for these crimes was ‘mercy’.

Colombian born Maria Lutz,...
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When 2 Million people in 2 days see your efforts to end child abuse ! .... WOW !

#FACAA #ProudFacaa #WereDoingIt #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #SuccessIsTheBestRevenge #KeepTalking #GettingTheJobDone #IG
Rest in Peace innocent 2 year old baby girl, we know you’ll be flying high and free with the angels.

Tragically the young girl horribly bashed in West Guilford last night has succumb to her injuries and passed away in hospital overnight.

She fought bravely against all the odds for as long as she could and reports vary on the official time of death between last Tuesday and very early...
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