Child Rapists like the "Evil 8" will hide in plain sight, just becoming another face in the crowd.

Recently there was a popular article on about child rapists hiding in plain sight which asked and raised a lot of questions.

As an author who was published on the topic, I would like to answer some of the journalist's questions. (Screaming in Silence by Genevieve Elliot can be...
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Noel Craven, music teacher, found with over 150 child exploitation images and videos has avoided prison and is a free β€œman”.

So be sure to share his photo far and wide so your children can be protected from this "man" who has described himself as a "sex addict."

A Ballarat music teacher who was found with more than 150 child exploitation images and movies has avoided jail. Noel Craven...
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A 22 year old Victorian β€œman” has finally admitted standing on a 3 year old girl and crushing her to death, because he was frustrated that he tripped over her.

Sadly, it took a whole day before the little girl succumbed to her injuries, almost 24 hours after he had put one foot on her and then lifted all of his weight onto her, over 100kgs.

The innocent little 3 year old angel, pale and...
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Serial child rapist Brian Spillane, 74, has been hit with another 13 years behind bars for raping over 30 children.

It is likely he will die in jail

Serial paedophile and former priest Brian Joseph Spillane has been sentenced to another 13 years jail for abusing 16 more young boys, many of whom were homesick and turned to him for help, at a private Catholic boarding school in the 1970's and...
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Warning for parents ! Child predators caught out on Roblox game creation site attempting to groom children.

Former Rugby League star Iain Morrison was horrified recently when he went on the game site Roblox to check it out for his kids and was approached by child abusers looking to groom a child.

Iain took to Facebook to vent his disgust with the gamesite and tell of how he was contacted...
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Are your kids Body Safety Educated ?

We at FACAA strongly believe that every child should have access to current, reliable and affordable body safety information and that is why we are sharing this post and we ask that you share it on your timelines, so as many children as possible will learn these simple rules, that may just save lives.

Just like teaching your child, safety rules for...
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Unrepentant child rapist and cult leader William 'Little Pebble' Kamm, is trying to appeal against a 5 year extension of his sex offender supervision orders.

One of Australia's most notorious child rapists William "Little Pebble" Kamm, led a cult near Nowra at Cambewarra in the 1980's, β€˜β€˜The Order of Saint Charbel,’’ where he convinced his followers he was God's spokesman on Earth. He...
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Senator Derryn Hinch recently asked Attorney General George Brandis if he would support the creation of a national public register of convicted sex offenders?

His response, when you manage to get to it, was β€œVigilantes.”
To be fair he may have had more to say but again he ran out of time before actually getting to the point.

Below we have 5 reasons why "Vigilantes" is not something we...
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Ryan Clegg, Perth's "Evil 8" child rapist will serve just 10 years and 9 months for raping an 11 year old girl, and producing and distributing child exploitation material of a 5 year old girl.

He has been sentenced to 12 years and 9 months, with a 10 year 9 month non parole period after pleading guilty to 15 charges, including sexually penetrating and indecently recording the young...
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A serving NSW Police officer has been charged with the sexual assault of a 9 YEAR OLD GIRL !
And was given bail !

We believe no one should be given bail when charged with sexually assaulting an innocent child, no one... especially a person in a position of power, like a currently serving Police officer, who may have used that power and trust to commit these heinous acts !

The New South...
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Wanted for the sexual assault of a 10 year old girl at Westfields Fountaingate Victoria. 28/12/16 3:15pm.

Any info please call 1800 333 000, please share this poster someone has to know something and this "guy" must be stopped before he strikes again !

A TEN-year-old girl has been sexually assaulted by a stranger at a shopping centre in Melbourne’s...
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The Royal Commission has revealed that it’s not only priests that sexually abused children in the Catholic church but also brothers, lay people and even Nuns.

Huge revelations this week about the number of reported incidences of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church. It's not in "trending" at the side of your Facebook page and the reaction of mainstream news programs is yet to be seen - but...
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Common signs your child may be a victim of bullying.

With school back for a new year we thought we would remind everyone about one of the most common yet most commonly overlooked forms of child abuse, bullying.

Please note these are warning signs only. If your child is showing any of these signs it does not mean they are definitely being bullied but it does mean they are experiencing some...
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Missing child and father sought by police after concerns for their welfare. PLEASE SHARE

Police are seeking public assistance to help locate a five-year-old girl and her father who were last seen near Lithgow.

Ivan Butterfield and his daughter Khiana Rose Butterfield were last seen leaving a school on Mort Street, yesterday (Thursday 9 February 2017).

The pair has not been seen since and...
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Cameron Allen 44, Child protection supervisor, wanted for child exploitation material.

A supervisor with the Department of Health and Human Services child protection unit has fled after police raided his Bendigo home in relation to child pornography offences.

Cameron Allan, 44, is wanted for allegedly knowingly possessing child pornography.

Detectives from the...
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Respecting children’s personal space helps to teach them about the importance of self respect.

It's back to school and the time of year where many changes come to our children in the form of learning social and interpersonal skills, mostly, independent skills.

More importantly, it's the time of year many parents find change more difficult than their children.

I am referring to the ever...
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Happy Birthday Senator Hinch !

3 years ago today FACAA hosted the Free Derryn Hinch Rally on his 70th Birthday which he spent behind bars because he didn't get a post down fast enough for a judge's liking.

Meanwhile child rapist after child rapist walk away from prison without serving a single day behind bars. Hence why we fight so hard to change our system !

Below are some photos from...
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Jason Mizner 41, has appeared in court charged with 168 child sex charges, after he was kicked out of Thailand.

He is facing 168 charges including-

74 counts of possessing child exploitation material

39 counts of indecent treatment of a child under the age of 16

29 counts of rape

7 counts of deprivation of liberty

6 counts of involving children in making of child exploitation...
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The Royal Commission has revealed that 7% of Australian Catholic Priests were the subject of reports of child sexual abuse .. and that’s just the tip of the Iceberg.

So the ball dropped on the Catholic church with the Royal Commission handing down some of their findings on the Catholic Church.

It was revealed that 7% of all Catholic priests who were ministering between the years of 1950 and...
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Kane White is wanted for allegedly assaulting a pregnant woman in Maidstone Victoria at 5:45am on Christmas day 2016.

Any info please call 1800 333 000

Police are searching for a man after he assaulted a pregnant woman in the Melbourne suburb of Maidstone on Christmas Day.

Kane White, aged 34 and from Melton, is wanted by police after the incident on Ballarat Road...
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