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Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has now made it an offence to breach a domestic violence protection order with a two year prison sentence.

All we at FACAA can say is FINALLY !!!!!!

So many times we've heard horror story after horror story about domestic violence protection orders issued by the family courts (also known as restraining orders) literally ignored over and over again.

We have...
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Tamara Thompson allegedly allowed her her 12 week old to starve to death after she was born “Unplanned and Unwanted”

A mother accused of murdering her three-month-old daughter, whose decomposing body was found in a shed, told people her pregnancy was unplanned and her baby was not wanted, a Perth court has heard.

Please note she is currently on trial claiming the baby died out of error not...
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A "Man" who abducted and raped a 17 year old girl has heckled and disrupted her in court, shouting "It did not happen" despite pleading guilty.....

Must be rapist's logic, it didn't happen but I'll plead guilty to it anyway.... I'll never understand rapists.

A woman, describing how she felt 'dirty' after her rape, defiantly shouted over her attacker in court as he sat in the dock 'rudely'...
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Joseph Wakim Convicted Child Rapist has had his sentence reduced due to his “Good Character”


Why is it that hard to understand ? Anyone who can possibly think about contemplating raping a child IS NOT A PERSON OF GOOD CHARACTER !

I couldn't care less what good deeds that person has done before deciding to rape a child, once they commit that...
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Child Rapist Nick Austin has been given 12 months behind bars for raping a 12 year old girl 3 times !

Share his face because he will be out and doing it all again very soon !

Nick Austin, 23 of Wodonga near the NSW/VIC border raped a 12 year old girl, once in January and then twice more in June of this year.

Austin will now spend a year in jail for crimes that left the victim suffering...
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Today Emma Cosgrove mother of innocent Lillian Cosgrove is going to court to seek justice for her murder.

Please leave a comment of support for Emma as she goes through this tough time.

In September 2015 Lillian Angelique Cosgrove was brutally murdered by her father Paul James Cosgrove.

Today Lillian's mother Emma goes to court to ensure that justice is done for her baby girl Lillian....
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Alfred Impicciatore alleged “Evil 8” Child rapist has been granted BAIL after the judge deemed a key piece of evidence “inadmissible”

Yes that means that this alleged member of the "Evil 8" child rapist ring is now a free man. The poster features the 3 looks of Alfred should anyone be wondering what he looks like, should they wish to keep their children the absolute hell away from him !...
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Sexual Assault 14 y/o girl Floreat Beach Perth WA

Any Info please call 1800 333 000

Please share this "man's" face around far and wide so he can be captured before he hurts another innocent child.

It is alleged that on Friday 2/12/16 night at aprox 8:30pm this man sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl on Floreat Beach near Perth WA.

Police are asking that the man...
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Christopher Austin Escaped Child Rapist has been captured at Warrnambool after escaping from “facility” in Fairfield because they took away his unescorted leave privileges.

We wish we were making these stories up but Chris Austin has been captured exactly where they knew he would be, in his home town of Warrnambool Victoria.

They knew he would go there, and yet it took them a week to find...
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The “Man” who raped the 5 year old girl in the toilet block at Orange was set free on bail 1 day before. The judge who gave him bail should be charged as an accessory to her rape !

Yes that might seem a bit extreme to some but we at FACAA are that fed up with judges letting these monsters walk our streets !

The judge who let him out on bail 1 day before he raped that innocent little girl,...
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Screaming in silence, a survivor's story written by FACAA legal reform campaigner GE t help inspire the oppressed and downtrodden everywhere !

We at FACAA are incredibly proud to announce the publishing of our first book Screaming in Silence by our incredible legal reform campaigner Genevieve Elliot (who you might know better as GE).

You may have noticed GE has taken a bit of a break from...
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Allan Brookes 55 Convicted child and animal Rapist, has been to prison many times for child rape.


On 28th September 2016, Allan Brookes was found guilty on 17 charges which include: 2 counts aggravated sexual assault of a child under 16, 6 counts indecent assault of a child under 16, 4 counts committing act of indecency on a child under 16, 5 ...
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Staff at the Fairfield sex offenders “rehabilitation”facility allowed convicted child rapist Christopher Austin into the community unsupervised !


During the investigation into the break out of convicted child rapist Christopher Austin it has been revealed that staff (believed to be guards) at the Fairfield sex offenders rehabilitation facility were letting...
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Paul Wilson Bond University “academic” and child rapist sympathiser has been given 6 months for raping 2 underage girls.

Judge Dick gave him 18 months behind bars for 4 charges of indecent treatment of a child under the age of 12 years old.

Entirely suspended after 6 months, no really.

This so called "academic" child rapist sympathiser was once the head of Bond Universities humanitarian...
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Mark Rust convicted murderer and rapist is struggling with life behind bars. An open letter to Mark and his raping murdering kin.

Feel free to share this open letter to show that you stand for the victims not the rapists !

::Trigger Warning::

Mark Rust,

Maybe you shouldn’t have raped and murdered if prison life didn’t suit you ?

Mark Rust, forgive me for showing you zero...
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QLD’s Free Pentecostal Church of Australia ran their daycare scheme 2 years after one of it’s officials was charged sexually abusing children in the church.

Former church treasurer Shartiel Nibigira was charged with 11 offences later that year for allegedly sexually abusing four girls involved in the church, aged between eight and 12 years, between 2011 and 2013.

The victims met at...
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This convicted child rapist is still on the loose, please keep sharing someone has to know something ! (A)
Ty Ranger pleaded guilty to stabbing a 5 year old girl and possessing child exploitation material.

In court on Monday, Ty Ranger pleaded guilty to intentionally causing serious injury to little Madison Hastings and possessing child exploitation material.

The court heard Madison was stabbed multiple times in her upper body and torso as she played at a park out the front of her unit in...
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Say NO to domestic violence !

We've said it for years, domestic violence is child abuse ! FACAA are here to end all child abuse once and for all.

If you abuse your spouse you ARE abusing your kids !

Simple stuff really.... (A)

#Facaa #ProudFacaa #DVIsChildAbuse #EndDV #EndingChildAbuse #RaisingAwareness #ChangingLaws #WeWillFight #StandUp #AllDv #DoesntMatterIfYourManOrWoman...
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A Families SA worker who was charged with sexually assaulting 2 children in his care has been set free on $1000 bail !

No really, charged with the sexual assault of 2 children in residential care facilities, the most vulnerable children in our society .... and gets to walk away on $1000 bail !

He smiled in the dock as he was released on $1000 bail, and ordered not to approach his alleged...
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