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"Who is the projectionist? Who runs the projector? Those guys who created the Constitution said that we the people run it. We have inalienable rights, and one of them is to run our own movie projector." For President's Day, filmmaker Noah Buschel considers the political power of the cinematic dream machine.

Catching Bullets in the Rye: On Movies, Dreams, Propaganda and Trump | Filmmaker Magazine
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Anne Hamilton's debut feature, "American Fable," opens today in NYC at the IFC Center. Here's a repost of our interview with Hamilton out of SXSW, where she premiered this dark thriller that mixes del Toro-esque fantasy with a tale of Reagan-era class warfare.

SXSW: Five Questions for American Fable Writer/Director Anne Hamilton | Filmmaker Magazine
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"We shoot sporadically throughout the year. We shot maybe forty days over the course of the year. We’ll do spurts of shooting, review the footage, and I’ll do sessions with Ajla and then a week later shoot another scene. That’s something we developed with the short films I made. We only had access to people at certain times and so we had to spread out the shooting. It’s something I’ve grown to...
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“I’ve Always Been Cautious of Measuring Success”: Kazik Radwanski on How Heavy This Hammer | Filmmaker Magazine
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In this week's home video column, Jim Hemphill finds Kubrick connections in "One Million Years B.C." and "Two for the Road." Plus, he recommends "Edge of Seventeen" and the Pure Cinema podcast.

Kubrick Connections in One Million Years B.C. and Two for the Road; Plus Edge of Seventeen and the Pure Cinema Podcast: Jim Hemphill’s Home Viewing Recommendations | Filmmaker Magazine
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From working with name talent to refining films in post-production to the current climate for intimate dramas, So Yong Kim discusses her latest feature, "Lovesong," opening today from Strand Releasing.

5 Questions for Lovesong Writer/Director So Yong Kim | Filmmaker Magazine
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From the Berlinale, Giovanni Marchini Camia has high praise for Thomas Arslan's "Bright Nights," which he finds to be the anti-"Manchester by the Sea," and some more qualified praise for Sebastián Lelio's "A Fantastic Women," which flubs some elements of its portrayal of a trans woman.

Berlin Critic’s Notebook 2: Bright Nights, A Fantastic Woman | Filmmaker Magazine
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Here's a new music video from Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn ("L for Leisure"), which doubles as a preview of sorts for their next feature.

Watch: Lev Kalman and Whitney Horn’s New Music Video | Filmmaker Magazine
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"It’s interesting to me to be able to see the Hollywood sign but never be able to make it to Hollywood. When you go to festivals in L.A., you meet these people who are basically all trust fund people. They come from money and they’re able to exist in this world even though none of them is actually making money from filmmaking. But they’re always at festivals for five days, staying at fancy...
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Trust Fund Kids in Hollywood: Mike Ott on California Dreams | Filmmaker Magazine
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“I didn’t really know how to talk about [the project] before, but after the Screen Forward Lab and then Film Week, I would say, ‘It’s like 'Sex and the City' for men, or 'Entourage' for women.’” Audrey Ewell took notes Monday night as three film directors and an episodic series producer shared their experiences going through IFP's labs.

Inside the IFP Labs: How to Claim Your Emerging Voice | Filmmaker Magazine
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Over the last ten years, red-band trailers have gone from novelty to standard web marketing tool. Stephen Garrett examines the wildly different green- and red-band trailers for the forthcoming cannibalism horror film "Raw."

When It Comes to Raw, Focus World Sees Red: On Red Band vs. Green Band Trailers | Filmmaker Magazine
In his first dispatch for us from Berlin, Giovanni Marchini Camia considers three films: "somniloquies," Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor’s follow-up to "Leviathan," "El mar la mar," another Harvard SEL-affiliated project, and Mike Ott's uneasy-making latest, "California Dreams."

Berlin Critic’s Notebook #1: somniloquies, El mar la mar, California Dreams | Filmmaker Magazine
For the excellent doc "Tower," receiving its broadcast premiere on PBS tomorrow night, director Keith Maitland and DP Sarah Wilson used a Canon C100, Maitland's backyard, and a team of 18 animators to recreate the 1966 University of Texas Tower shooting. Read how they did it.

Using Interviews and Animation to Bring the Sniper Documentary Tower to Life | Filmmaker Magazine
Director Mark Rappaport produced this video essay for The Talkhouse, meditating on the different functions the movie screen serves within movies. Titles considered include "The Purple Rose of Cairo," "Saboteur" and, of course, multiple Godard films. It’s mildly NSFW in terms of having ~3 seconds of female rear nudity.
"Did your short lead to other opportunities?" "Is there funding for shorts?" And, "How do you make relationships with festival programmers without seeming obnoxious or creepy?" While she finishes her own short, Meredith Alloway asks eight Sundance short filmmakers their secrets.

“What’s Your Secret?”: Eight Sundance Directors on Short Filmmaking and the Festival Circuit | Filmmaker Magazine
Filmmakers are taught to "show, don't tell." What will be the advice given to VR makers? "Immerse, don't show"? Lauren Wissot looks at work and attends panels at the aways engaging FilmGate Interactive Media Festival.

Tech Talks: The FilmGate Interactive Media Festival | Filmmaker Magazine
"Something Anything" director Paul Harrill is teaching a class at the Made in NY Media Center about microbudget filmmaking. The title is "The Business of Microbudget Filmmaking," and we start these five questions by asking him if, indeed, there is one. And, what's the most commonly underbudgeted line item in a microbudget film?

Why Make a Microbudget Film? Five Questions for Director Paul Harrill on the Virtues of Ultra-Low Budgets | Filmmaker Magazine
This week Jim Hemphill highlights new Blu-rays of Buster Keaton's "The General," the documentary "By Sidney Lumet" and the undervalued "Postcards from the Edge."

The General, By Sidney Lumet and Postcards From the Edge: Jim Hemphill’s Home Video Recommendations | Filmmaker Magazine
"Anybody that’s done a stair fall — not that a lot of people have (laughs) — but anybody who has done a stair fall knows that if you hold back you’re probably going to get injured. The best way to do it is just say 'Fuck it, we’re going to go big.'" "John Wick: Chapter 2" director Chad Stahelski walks Matt Mulcahey through the film's shoot and stunts.

“The Bike is Going to Hit the Camera!” Chad Stahelski on John Wick: Chapter 2, Stair Falls and Other Stunts | Filmmaker Magazine
Chris Kelly tells Matt Mulcahey about making his feature debut "Other People," taking his casting cues from television, and a tragic/funny story about Blockbuster Video.

“Drops of Jupiter,” Cancer and Blockbuster Video: Chris Kelly on Other People | Filmmaker Magazine
"Rise" and "Rumble" -- David Leitner looks at indigenous-made or themed television featured this year at the Sundance Film Festival.

Sundance Notes: RISE to RUMBLE, must-see TV… from Canada | Filmmaker Magazine