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While Aam Aadmis stand in queue....
"West Bengal BJP leader Manish Sharma arrested, Rs 2000 notes worth Rs 33 lakh seized"

West Bengal BJP leader Manish Sharma arrested, Rs 2000 notes worth Rs 33 lakh seized

It will be hilarious, if not this Tragic! Hope those who call death of poor citizens as "minor inconvenience" think twice!!
PM Narendra Modi, if you are sincere in curbing corruption, take action on land scam report by Ashok Khemka IAS. If not, it is clear that you are protecting the rich and powerful corrupt!
Well done PM Modi and Team !!
A fakir who wears 10 lakh suit!
"Nearly Rs 6 crore in new notes were found on 2 senior officials in Bengaluru" - how can few people get access to such huge amount of new notes?

Bengaluru Government Engineers Had 5.7 Crores In New Notes, Taxmen Investigate How

There were leaks about demonetization, confirms niti-ayog chief and Modi's economic advisor Arvind Panagariya!

Leaks Forced PM Modi’s Hand on Note Ban, Hints Arvind Panagariya

Another example of how rich and powerful having hoardes of new 2000 rupee notes!

"5 crores in cash - largely in the new notes introduced by the government just weeks ago - have been found after raids on two individuals in Bengaluru. The men are reported to be senior bureaucrats."

Bengaluru Raids Reveal 5 Crores, Mostly In New Notes. Also, A Lamborghini

All the knowledge that Modi ji gained from his "degree" (assuming he has one) didn't teach him enough about Economy.

Choking Money Supply Is Not the Way to Tackle the Black Economy

OROP के लिए 8K करोड़ नहीं मिल रहे थे साहेब को!

खुद के प्रचार के लिए देश की तिजोरी खाली कर रहे है!
यह भाजपाई पकड़े गये हैं।
इन पैसों की डिटेल्ज़ अमित शाह को देकर क्लीन चिट मिलेगी।
Rs 1100 crores.
Yes, that's the amout Modi ji spent in his ads.
While he makes the country wait for hours in a queue for Rs 2000.

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Joke of the Year!
It is only 2 years but Advertisement cost of Modi sarkar is already 1100 crores!

Modi's ads cost the taxpayer Rs 1100 crore. Twice as much as Mangalyaan

Must read and share-

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What a shame! BJP government arrests young activist for criticizing government. Is this freedom in "Digital India"?

Youtuber and RTI activist Abhishek Mishra was detained for criticising CM Shivraj Chauhan