With the rising cost of weddings—Americans shell out more than $31,000 on average—you may find yourself saying yes but thinking, Oh no!

3 Steps to Keep Your Wedding Costs From Getting Out of Control

Stephanie paid off $66,000 and is now DEBT FREE! Her debt free scream is so inspiring!
Get out of debt and make plan for your money in a local Financial Peace University class. Find one near you: [ Daveramsey.com Link ]
How has your own life changed for the better since you took control of your money with a budget?

4 Real Budgeters Share How Their Lives Have Changed

We know true, biblical stewardship can transform our nation. But the journey to transformation starts with you— volunteer Financial Peace University coordinators who are teaching stewardship to your community.
At the Stewardship Conference, coordinators will gain valuable insight from breakout sessions and will connect with other coordinators, meet their Stewardship Advisor, and attend focus...
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Stewardship Conference

Congrats to all of our recent FPU grads! We love how this class celebrated with a fun cake!
Can you make more on your home than you paid for it?

How to Be Sure You'll Make Money on Your Home Sale This Year

A life of true stewardship challenges us to work hard while also believing God will hear our prayers and provide.

Does God Bless the Diligent or the Faithful?

With a little planning and a more-than-average dose of motivation, nearly everyone can retire with at least enough money to cover their bills.

How to Save 15% for Retirement Without Cramping Your Style

For first-time budgeters, the task of creating an individual or family budget can be daunting.

How to Determine Budget Percentages

See if these six credits and deductions can help you save!

Have Kids? Save Money With These 6 Tax Breaks

If home ownership is in your future, know that saving for a down payment (or the full asking price!) has a place in the Baby Steps!

If You Want to Buy a Home, Then Baby Step 3b Is for You

What's the right balance between doing what you love and budgeting for your money goals?

How to Budget Without Sacrificing What You Enjoy

We’re called to put our faith not in the things that fill our garages and closets (or bank accounts), but in our Creator.

What Does the Bible Say About Minimalism?

If you’ve ever been curious about where your tax dollars go, check out these seven ways the government spends your tax money.

7 Ways the Government Spends Your Tax Money

Watch how Judy got plugged into Financial Peace University, stayed strong, and paid off her debt despite difficult circumstances.

Bullets Couldn't Keep Judy From Paying Off $58K

The sooner you start on your taxes, the more opportunity you have to make sure you’re claiming all the deductions you’re eligible for.

The 5 Huge Benefits of Filing Your Taxes Early

When it comes to knocking out debt, there’s no such thing as a quick fix.

Getting Out of Debt: The Truth About Debt Reduction

These five steps will help you file your taxes in no time.

5 Easy Steps for Filing Your Taxes