Laura Vanderkam, time management expert and author of 168 Hours, notes that, “your brain, like anything, can’t run on unlimited”

If you want to earn more, work less
AMBA, the London-based body, says this year record numbers of academic institutions are paying the £22,000 fee for membership and accreditation, with annual dues on top. Approval has been awarded to 244 schools, up from 199 just three years ago, across 70 countries

Accreditation inflation: business schools seek multiple approvals
'On day six, the kit helps you to request your personal data from data brokers, those companies that scoop up the information we scatter online and sell it to marketers. I learnt that the broker knew my birthday, salary range and how much I spent on clothing in a year' - Leslie Hook, FT columnist

Give your online personal data a detox
New Lab’s founders say they want their tenants to be able to take an idea from napkin sketch to workable prototype ready for manufacturing, while barely having to leave Building 128

Inside New Lab: the heart of Brooklyn’s tech revolution
Kendall Ostrow, digital and social media strategy agent at United Talent Agency, says: “As we saw with MySpace, TurntableFM and others, social media platforms come and go.” To be successful, users must develop “sophisticated strategies for building an audience across all platforms”

Death of Vine is a warning to social media stars and big brands
In an early indication of how November’s election result might play out for US business schools, the leaders of institutions outside the country have spoken of the “opportunities” that Mr Trump’s win provides to attract new students

Non-US MBA schools target students turned off by Donald Trump
“Many people say that I am a dealmaker, which is probably true,” says Mr Pessina. “But I am always very cold when I do a deal. A deal must have a strategic logic, and it must create value.”

Stefano Pessina, Walgreens Boots Alliance, on dealmaking
A graduate trainee's death in Japan has prompted employers, staff and politicians to examine long-held values such as intense productivity and always putting the customer first: [ Link ]

‘Death by overwork’ in Japan exposes dangers of overtime culture
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The shock of a graduate trainee being worked to death at one of Japan’s most prestigious companies has added to the pressure piling on prime minister Shinzo Abe for labour reform

‘Death by overwork’ in Japan exposes dangers of overtime culture
'Our approach has been to host activities and educate men across the broad spectrum of viewpoints that an MBA class can offer, ranging from folks that are disinterested to self-identified feminists' - Harish Patel, London Business School

Male MBA students aim to put an end to sexism at work
'Embrace your professors. You do not pay tuition just for the class material, you pay for the relationships with luminaries in their respective fields' - Wharton MBA student Ronald AngSiy

Writing about my MBA helped to add more insight
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'The students on this start-up boot camp were from a wide range of backgrounds, professions and nationalities, providing a lively mix of perspectives and experiences. Their ideas ranged from the commercial application of a breakthrough industrial coating to an Instagram-enabled travel app' - John Thornhill, FT Innovation Editor

Review – Stanford’s Ignite boot camp for entrepreneurs
“When I first got the call [to become chief executive] I almost said no,” says Mr Donald in a relaxed drawl. “It took two or three days before I called back.”

Arnold Donald, Carnival CEO — modernising the cruise industry
Panel members include Shakil Khan, the co-founder of, a university accommodation marketplace and Tristram and Rebecca Mayhew, the husband and wife team behind Go Ape, a treetop adventure business

Podcast: How to make your start-up idea a reality
Do you drop all of your personal plans to work late nights and weekends? (via BBC Capital)

Why you shouldn’t work at full capacity
Insights from an MBA student at Cambridge Judge Business School

How do you measure the benefits of a global MBA?
Do you need a literary agent? Is it worth self-publishing your book? How much does the working title matter? Our panel answers these questions and more

How to write a business book and be a published author
Research shows that only 8% of people who have made a New Year’s resolution were able to meet their goal (via BBC Capital)

Why your New Year’s resolutions often fail