Fans of the concept believe middle-aged women returning after a break make particularly good employees, because they bring a fresh perspective and reflect more diverse clients and customers

Women head back to work with ‘returnships’
'Just as there is [the concept of] the American dream, this is the Chinese dream'

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The MBA industry has already penetrated sectors from horseracing to football. Space is its next frontier

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'Reframe the problem and learn to be resilient'

An education in leadership from post-revolution Tunisia
'British companies should be helping their EU employees complete their arduous forms to remain in the UK' - Michael Skapinker, FT columnist

Workplaces can be islands of tolerance in unpleasant times
'The robocup, as I call it, works in place of human coffee makers and servers. It strikes at the heart of one of San Francisco’s prime directives: that we all must queue at artisanal coffee shops' - Tim Bradshaw, FT columnist

I, robot am serving your coffee
Why does a Michelin-starred chef choose to work in a private household? Watch the second episode of our video series to find out
While all can look rosy in your own filter bubble, it may be harder to make out how your message is received by the audience on the outside

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What Beyoncé and J-Lo’s Grammy speeches teach communicators
“The world is increasingly obsessed with the power of narrow, specialist expertise,” argues Lovegrove

Review — ‘The Mosaic Principle’
What does it feel like to work in domestic service? We went behind the scenes to discover how private staff define their roles
'Incorrect words and poor punctuation litter the final product' - Richard Waters, FT columnist

My everyday gripes with Google and Amazon voice assistants
Attention to detail includes running a CCTV recording of the kidnapping

How a hostage situation can hone management skills
'The workload for the course was heavy and the first semester was very intense' - Joy Asfar, Iese student

How an MBA made a student reboot her artistic plans
'It promises to boldly go where no gadget has gone before' - Jonathan Margolis, FT columnist

Language tool that can make you a citizen of the world
'This ban has robbed me of the experience I came here to have' - MBA student

International US business school students fear a travel ban
“My friends at Ford say ‘You’ve gone mad, it must be harder to make 2,000 cars a day than 20,” he says. “I promise you it isn’t.”

Mike Flewitt, McLaren Automotive, on revving up production
Business schools are embracing the mantra of “doing well by doing good”

MBA students help Ethiopia tackle the impact of urbanisation
'Instagram Stories lacks some of the most fun Snapchat features. For example, new lenses released every day allow you to play with selfies' - Hannah Kuchler, FT correspondent

Review — Instagram Stories v Snapchat
'What my mentor offers is twofold. Jeremy has helped me navigate London, its culture and working world' - Zach Satlin, Chicago Booth graduate

Why business school mentoring can work both ways
Data suggest part-time working, including job shares, is increasingly acceptable for managers

How to be a part-time high flyer