Finding Nemo
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Fish are friends, but what about final lines? See if you can reel in a perfect score.

Quiz: Guess the Pixar Movie From the Last Line of Dialogue
Finding Nemo
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Finding Nemo
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Somewhere beyond the sea lies the perfect date for you:

Quiz: Which Disney•Pixar Date Should You Go On?
Sink your teeth into this frighteningly good challenge.

Quiz: Can You Complete the Disney Quote?
"The human mouth is a disgusting place."
You have been called forth to the summit of Mount Wannahockaloogie to identify these extreme close-ups. Do you accept?

Quiz: Can You Name the Pixar Character From the Extreme Close-Up?
Accessorize your shell phone with these adoryble cases.

11 of the Best Disney Phone Cases
"Okay, now you really do sound sick."
This lunch bag art is making a splash! Dive into the adoryble designs:

Dad Creates Beautiful Disney-Inspired Lunch Bag Art
Feeling fishy.
Dive into discovery.
Choose between Pearl and Dory in this pink or blue poll:

Poll: Pink or Blue?
Tweet news! Piper is nominated for The Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film!
Just keep munching. Happy Popcorn Day!
Channel Bruce, Anchor and Chum with these frosty colors.

Winter Nail Polish Colors Inspired by Disney•Pixar Characters