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What relation is your cousin's child to you (and other kinship conundrums explained).

Kinship Terminology Explained (or How to Know What to Call Distant Relatives)
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These two are getting genealogy all wrong!
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'The Electoral Registers are a special resource for family historians because you can discover your ancestors in an exact location between the census years.' - Have they proved useful for you?

Getting the Most From Electoral Records
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Who said this, when, and why? For the love of fairness, a good old fashioned challenge, and all that's right in the world... NO GOOGLING!
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They also never seem to have that secret stash of untold wealth we hope they will!
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Have you discovered any love stories in your family history that made you reach for your handkerchief?

A Soldier's Proposal to His Sweetheart
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This offer is for new customers only (sorry!). Share with anyone you know who's shown an interest in genealogy but not made a start on it yet!

How to Get 2 Weeks FREE on Findmypast
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Genealogy can be tough enough as it is. Thank goodness none of us have clones to contend with!
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Have you got any mysterious ancestors you know very little about? Who Do You Think You Are? consultant genealogist, Laura Berry, could help you shine a light on them!

7 Ways to Get to Know Your Ancestors Better
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Like and share if you've found some ancestors this applies to!
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Everything you need to know to start tracing your family history. Have you got a question that wasn't asked/answered? Let us know and we will pass onto Alex, Estelle and Paul for you.

Start Your Family History Journey

Join three of Findmypast's in-house experts: Paul Nixon, Estelle Calfe and Alex Cox, as they introduce you to the fascinating, sometimes maddening, but alway...

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On this day in 1945. Such an iconic shot. Have you got a favourite historic photograph from the 20th century? Please share in the comments - we would love to see it!
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Ah, BMDs, the records that reveal everything from bigamy to long lost siblings! What discoveries have you made with them?

Birth, Marriage and Death Records: A Beginners' Guide
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What did you think of last night's Who Do You Think You Are? We loved getting to join Sunetra on her trip to India!
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What similarities have you noticed between your immediate family and your ancestors?
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Have you made any interesting discoveries while looking through old photos?

Revealing Secrets in Old Military Photographs
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Even we haven't managed to get this far back! Can you see any family resemblance?

Your Family Tree Begins With This Ugly, Wrinkled Sea Sack
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Our Catholic Heritage Archive is a ground breaking project that will eventually see as many as 100 million Catholic records published online, for the first time ever. Have you searched them yet? If so, what have you found?

Understanding Catholic Records
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L❤VE this from writer Alex Haley. What's your favourite genealogy quote?