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Be more creative with names and stop lying about your age are our top two. What do you wish you could tell your ancestors?

7 things we wish we could tell our ancestors
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The Presidential inauguration is just a day away. Here's how former Presidents spoke about their time running the country, taken directly from our newspaper collection

Presidents in the Papers: Former Presidents in Their Own Words
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Did your ancestors play a part in the American Revolution? Find out here

Search guide: American Revolution genealogy resources
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This fascinating interactive map shows the locations on which the Allies dropped bombs in World War II. Click the link to learn more

Allied World War II Bombings
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Last week, we joined volunteers at The New York Genealogical & Biographical Society to help index thousands of records to add to the society's online collection. Here's how the day went.

Findmypast at the New York Genealogical and Biographical Society
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How's your paleography? Buff up on your old handwriting with our top tips

11 Tips For Reading Old Handwriting
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This Friday sees the inauguration of the 45th President of the United States. Did your ancestors shape the world around them? Find out in our records.

9 Places to Find Your Ancestor's Occupation
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Available exclusively at Findmpast, PERSI is a great place to research your American ancestors

7 Tips to Help You Find Your American Ancestors in PERSI
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We've made 1.9 billion of our records FREE until Sunday

Find my ancestor – Free family records search| Findmypast
If you're of Irish heritage, understanding naming patterns is key to learning more about your family history

Traditional Irish naming patterns
We've made 1.9 billion records FREE until Sunday. Start searching today

Find my ancestor – Free family records search| Findmypast
Owing to unusual naming patterns, understanding your Welsh family history can be very hard. We're here to make it easier.

Unlocking your Welsh Family History
Do you have Scotch-Irish ancestry? If so, you have a lot to be proud of! Find out why

The Scotch-Irish in America
One of the hardest parts of tracing Scottish, Welsh and Irish ancestry is understanding traditional naming patterns. We're here to help

Traditional Scottish Naming Patterns
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