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You'd be surprised what you can learn from school records

5 Quick Tips to Get the Most Out of Education Records
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Are there any stately homes in your family's history?

Are you descended from aristocracy?
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Do you know how your ancestors earned their living? Here's how you can find out

9 Places to Find Your Ancestor's Occupation
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Are there any Gandy Dancers in your family tree?

10 Jobs That Don't Exist Anymore
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We've added over 60,000 new images to the Periodical Source Index (PERSI). Find out about them here!

PERSI update, February 2017
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Have you ever wondered? Here's how you can find out!

Are you related to royalty?
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This President's Day, we're looking at how past Presidents have described their time running the country, in their own words

Presidents in the Papers: Former Presidents in Their Own Words
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A wonderful story about the American Dream

From humble origins to the American Dream
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We recently announced the release of millions of never before published Catholic records. That means that this might come in handy

Common Latin Words for Genealogical Research
Doing some research today? This might come in handy

11 Tips For Reading Old Handwriting
The weekend's almost here, so you may need this

A guide to understanding Catholic records
This Findmypast Friday, we've added over 6.3 million new records for you to explore!

Findmypast Friday February 17th 2017
Here's one way you can trace your ancestors across the Atlantic using our records.

All in a Day’s Work: Tracing a Colonial Ancestor from the US to England in Occupation Records
Read a pro genealogist's tips for getting the most out of your research

5 ways to sharpen up your online search skills
We had an incredible time at RootsTech 2017, and you can find out about it here, as well as where you can watch the sessions that were recorded live at the show. Roll on 2018!

RootsTech Recap
This Valentines Day, discover the marriages that made America

What every genealogist needs to know about American marriage records
Our Catholic archive isn't our only big release this month!

26 Million Additional United States Marriages Go Online