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"There's an extraordinary love story hidden in the pages of one of our new Irish record sets, the Dublin Registers and Records collection. A story about passion, loyalty and patriotic sacrifice for one of Ireland's most memorable heroes."

The United Irishmen: A tragic love story
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Discover your Irish military ancestors with our help

How to Find Your Irish Military Ancestor
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Finding photos of your ancestors can be an incredible feeling. Here's how to boost your chances

A face to the name: How to find photos of your ancestors
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Looking to hone your research skills this weekend? Let the Society of Genealogists' Else Churchill show you how

5 ways to sharpen up your online search skills
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Here's a beautiful - and true - quote to carry you into the weekend. Hope everyone gets chance to do some research!
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"Meet John Morrissey, the Irish immigrant who stood up to Bill the Butcher, became a bear-knuckle boxing champion, took down Boss Tweed, founded the Saratoga Springs racetrack and served in the United States Congress.

His story, told partially through our own records, is a tour de force through 19th century American life."

From Gangs of New York to U.S. Congress: The wild rise of Irish Immigrant John Morrissey
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We've added 600,000 new records to our United States Marriages collection, as well as 802,000 images of original documents from Canadian estate files, application books and indexes. For a rundown of everything we added this Findmypast Friday, visit the blog!

Findmypast Friday March 24th 2017
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Here's how to use some of our older records to find your family's origins

Search guide: Parish records
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We love this seeing this 18th-century recipe brought to life! What's the oldest recipe handed down through your family?
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We asked pro genealogist Rich Venezia for his tips on taking Irish research further. Here's what he told us

Take your Irish research further
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Our Hints are bigger, better and faster than ever. Here's how to use them to your advantage

How to Use Census Hints Like a Pro
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"The two most terrifying words in the English language are 'John Smith'"

6 things every family historian knows
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"The petty sessions were an equivalent of the modern magistrates' court, where all minor disputes and infringements of the law were dealt with in front of a justice of the peace or magistrate. The detail included in these records makes them an invaluable resource for those with Irish roots."

Irish Petty Sessions added to
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Do you know about the National Archives' Citizen Archivist program? Visit their site to find out how you can play a part in documenting history

Citizen Archivist
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Stories of Welsh branches in your family tree, but not sure how to find out more? We're here to help

Unlocking your Welsh Family History
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Missed our free webinar on exploring your Irish family history last week? You can catch up at your leisure here

Secrets to Successful Irish Family Research
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Did you tune into the Dirty Dancing star's incredibly emotional episode last night?

Jennifer Grey stars on Who Do You Think You Are?
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