Man, another terrible musical loss.

"Jesus Christ Pose" was a game changer for us - a new level of intensity, a new level of guitar riff.
And Temple of the

He leaves behind an incredible legacy of songs.
RIP Chris Cornell
Man another terrible musical loss Jesus Christ Pose was a game changer
Ahmed Kandil
Jason Lee Ray
Candi Richmond
An update of where we're at with new music...
Keep your hands and legs inside the video at all times.
Zach Moore
Michelle Watson DeBay
Starla Houck
Happy Cinco de Mayo, Detroit!
Finger Eleven (F11) 05/05/2017
Scott Cee
Christine Jarrett
Russell Jaylan Phoenix
Lori Craig
Amanda Smith
Evan Prowse
Well Burlington.... We're Comin Back! This time...we're stoked to announce we will be closing this year's Sound of Music Festival on June 18 along with all of these great artists! Check out the full line up.. Great start to summer! #SOM2017
Ann Ruppenstein
Michelle Hyatt
Adam Wright
Paul Shropshire
Amanda Bastura
Gloria Filoso
Thank you to All of you that were able to make it to Burlington, St Catharines or Toronto, and to those who have supported and commented on ideas for TIP20 in 2017. YOU have all inspired us and given us a ridiculous amount of energy and Love. Playing 3 Sold Out nights that celebrate the past, present and future together was an absolute triple.

Now we selfishly NEED to find a way to take...
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Thank you to All of you that were able to make it
Elizabeth Legault
Jeff Carrier
Nikki DiNardo
Mary Varsava
Mike Duyn
Ajay Narayan
SOLD OUT Show TONIGHT at The Phoenix! We're Stoked! Who's Coming?
SOLD OUT Show TONIGHT at The Phoenix We're Stoked Who's Coming
Ryan McNeil
Bryan Felber
Connor Brian William Burtonwood
Nichol K.
Paul Miller
Suzanne Dent Blumhagen
Tomorrow. 1:30pm EST. FB LIVE. It's going down
If we don't show up to the show tomorrow night... Mike Duyn did it
Greg Swindler
Paul Miller
Suzanne Dent Blumhagen
I'm seeing some of you real soon, aren't I? This is the big week! The one with the weekend of shows where we play the whole dang first record for you...and then some!
It's been a lot of fun breaking out these songs in rehearsals. This stuff brings back a lot of memories. I'm sure they do for you as well. I guess that's the point of the whole thing, huh? Let's all remember how we...
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Hey Im seeing some of you real soon arent I This is
Caliste Anthony
Kyla Bonham
Liane Toyota
A Glimpse into today's rehearsal
Dieter Beardy
Sascha Joseph
Matt Bdot
Check it out.
A tiny glimpse of our TIP20 rehearsals then a call to my buddy Jag Tanna ( I MOTHER EARTH).
Some COOL new developments for the The Phoenix Concert Theatre show on Mar 31.
Mike Sasloe
Rob Butterwick
Dave Poaps
Uhmmm.... We're speechless boys. oh and mesmerized.
Axel Vandermiege
Another great piece from the Keeper Of The Canon, Mike Duyn.
Another great piece from the Keeper Of The Canon Mike Duyn
Mike Duyn
Steve Popp
James Klym
Our lives were changed forever making TIP. It is really, truly a trip to find out that other people's lives were changed by it too.
Check it out. Our drummer Steve Molella's TIP story.

Share your own if you've got one.
Lodden Ashley Butler
Russell Jaylan Phoenix
Adam Wright
Tickets On Sale Now! Stoked to Celebrate 20 Years of TIP with all of you #TIP20
Grab your tickets here
[ Link ]
Tickets On Sale Now Stoked to Celebrate 20 Years of TIP with all of you TIP20
Marcio A Telles Ferraz
Niall Kotah
Connor Brian William Burtonwood
St Catharines Pre-sale is now SOLD OUT.

Also, since we are getting a lot of messages asking for the Password for the Toronto 94.9 The Rock Pre-Sale here is the link and password.

Still tickets available here [ Link ]

The Password is TIP (all caps)

Tickets for Finger Eleven - TIP 20 | The Phoenix Concert Theatre at TicketWeb
Alain Robichaud
Jenn Hebert
Jenn Lauren
Troy Bredow
Billy Peraza
Daphne Beardy