Finger Eleven (F11)
03/24/2017 at 17:41. Facebook
Finger Eleven (F11)
03/24/2017 at 02:48. Facebook
Tomorrow. 1:30pm EST. FB LIVE. It's going down
If we don't show up to the show tomorrow night... Mike Duyn did it
I'm seeing some of you real soon, aren't I? This is the big week! The one with the weekend of shows where we play the whole dang first record for you...and then some!
It's been a lot of fun breaking out these songs in rehearsals. This stuff brings back a lot of memories. I'm sure they do for you as well. I guess that's the point of the whole thing, huh? Let's all remember how we...
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A Glimpse into today's rehearsal
Check it out.
A tiny glimpse of our TIP20 rehearsals then a call to my buddy Jag Tanna ( I MOTHER EARTH).
Some COOL new developments for the The Phoenix Concert Theatre show on Mar 31.
Uhmmm.... We're speechless boys. oh and mesmerized.
Another great piece from the Keeper Of The Canon, Mike Duyn.
Our lives were changed forever making TIP. It is really, truly a trip to find out that other people's lives were changed by it too.
Check it out. Our drummer Steve Molella's TIP story.

Share your own if you've got one.
Tickets On Sale Now! Stoked to Celebrate 20 Years of TIP with all of you #TIP20
Grab your tickets here
[ Link ]
St Catharines Pre-sale is now SOLD OUT.

Also, since we are getting a lot of messages asking for the Password for the Toronto 94.9 The Rock Pre-Sale here is the link and password.

Still tickets available here [ Link ]

The Password is TIP (all caps)

Tickets for Finger Eleven - TIP 20 | The Phoenix Concert Theatre at TicketWeb
Well this is it! We're coming for you
Burlington - March 23
St Catharines - March 24
Toronto - March 31
94.9 The Rock and Live Nation Pre Sale tickets for the Toronto show On Sale tomorrow morning at 10am-10pm. Limited avail and only with the passwords TIP and SHOWTIME

[ Link ]
JUST ANNOUNCED: Finger Eleven (F11) TIP 20th Anniversary Show with Sam Coffey & The Iron Lungs at L3 Nightclub - Friday, March 24th. Tickets on sale tomorrow: [ Link ]
WOW... This has been an absolutely unreal response. 2 SOLD out Fan Presales in St Catharines and Burlington and it looks like the Toronto Presale is heading towards a sell out before the scheduled close of Friday at 10 PM

Sorry for those that couldn't get in on the Burlington or St Catharines I hope you can make it to Toronto instead

We have had a quite a few people saying the had some...
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Tickets for Finger Eleven - TIP 20 | The Phoenix Concert Theatre at TicketWeb
Alright, everyone: We're gonna do this. Live Shows! March 23 Burlington, March 24 St Catharines and March 31 Toronto.
These shows won’t be announced anywhere else or go on sale for another week BUT: we have arranged to set aside as many tickets as we can for our biggest supporters.
If you want in, just email:
Make sure to list the CITY in the SUBJECT LINE of your email...
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Ok, so....there's a lot of talk right now about new recordings. This is all well and good but you know as well as i do that we need to get back to playing live. Playing for YOU, my friends. you've given us some feedback lately that's been very encouraging. So lets really do this. For real. Really...
The thing is: it's not about waiting around for opportunities anymore. WE get to decide...
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Our friends in KINK helped us out HUGE with our website. In the process, they mentioned they were about to head into the studio....with Kellii Scott... one of our favorite drummers of all time. This guy played in Failure !!!! Fantastic Planet!!! One of our most favorite records...EVER!


Cool to see friends working with rock heroes. Check it out.
Thoughts of going back into the studio with Arnold Lanni....90% PURE EXCITEMENT and 10% TERROR.
Now that we've had a few days to reflect, I checked in with the guys to see where their heads are at and I was reminded of a yet to be credited member of Finger Eleven, DarkMan...Coming soon to a studio near us.
Wow. Thank you... Seriously we're overwhelmed with all the support and comments from our NYE post. I am blown away at how much amazing feedback and how many wicked ideas came forward. Our fans are the most creative record label/management company/agents ever! We've had some really cool conversations over the past week about how we can really celebrate the year. We are trying to figure out...
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Hello, survivors of 2016! We did it! There aren't many of us left after the past week. We even lost a legend of the screen who's last role was to literally hold a symbol of hope in her hands, so i'd say 2016 can just fuck off. I am greeting the new year with open arms. We've got an exciting year ahead as 2017 marks the 20th year since TIP's release and we want to do something to revisit the...
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